I Ain’t Worrying!

A very beautiful day here in the area where the great northwest begins! Clear out, cool, durn near had us a frost last night,but missed it by a couple of degrees. Church was very good today, but just before I was going to head out over that way the telephone rang and a neighbor a couple miles away, who borders one of our pastures down that way, called to tell me his two heifers jumped his fence and were in with our cowherd. He was wondering if I was upset. Nope, not if I don’t have to do anything about it today the way I figure it. I kinda owe them folks anyhow, over the drought years I’d have a dozen or more calves in their yard every day clipping their lawn, the only green thing around and them folks never complained, not once. So I figure its pay back time,their couple of heifers can do anything they want on our pastures! Nice to be neighborly I always figure! Kinda reminds me of a Bible verse.

Matthew 6

33. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. 34. Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day [is] the evil thereof.

Funny how a feller can come up with a verse like that just doing normal stuff around the farm. Now I know a lot of folks would get pretty upset with having their two heifers jump the fence and live at the neighbors but me and that neighbor ain’t going to get grey hairs over it. Live and let live I figure. Why worry about it today. Why stir up the herd of cattle out there when there is no need. This is definitely an advantage of getting along with your neighbor! Around here there’s plenty of worries, believe me. This place don’t really run that great by itself. Only thing is, it doesn’t pay to let the worries rule, or be the ruler. They sure can be if I’d let them. Huge jobs coming up, how will I ever get them done.Wondering what happens if there’s an expensive, time consuming breakdown, etc. Nope, it don’t pay to worry tonight cause it won’t change a single thing on this here earth except make me old before my time, cut apart the health I have, probably cause a lack of sleep and then less gets done the next day anyhow creating more worries heaped upon each other. So, in other words, I ain’t worrying about all them jobs,just do em when its time and get em over with.

Seek the Kingdom of God first in all things, yup, that’s what a person should do! Then it all comes out in the long run the right way. Take a moment here and there to enjoy the beauty of the countryside, our small family, our church family. Walk and talk with God all day.Oh, oh! I gotta mention,I was doing a search last evening for a post I was writing that never got written, and I came across some sites as I was doing a search on the Tabernacle of David. An interesting subject that I will try and do soon. But its amazing when doing a search when I hit a religious site or two how everything goes sour. Now I ain’t perfect, the farthest thing from it, but it never ceases to amaze me how folks can take something as simple as the Bible and twist it to their own personal agenda. In other words, hating almost everyone else except in their denomination. Sad really, but that’s the way it is.

I can’t get involved with such stuff, always looking down on others that believe in the Bible. My faith is simple, the Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it! The wise look at a person like me and figure they really have a country hick in their sights. I ain’t trying to twist the Word into something it ain’t. Nope, I am getting to the point that the Word is good enough for me and I don’t really rely on any other mans interpretation of it. Oh I read books on faith by the dozens, but the Bible is basically all I go by.

Simplify, simplify, a word that I gotta live by. Follow God without hesitation, even if it makes an utter fool out of me! An audience of One is what I have the way I figure it. A person can’t worry about what other folks say or think of me, just that One who is watching over me. Everything is in His hands and a person might just as well go with the Creator of everything there is than with anything else!

I like listening to some sermons I have that were put out by a country preacher from Kentucky. He talks about the old time folks in the country, their faith and all. I just love it! About praying through, about unwavering faith! I envy that! Its hard for me to get across on this blog, but this is what I love! To wake up in the morning knowing God loves a feller. To know what ever job there is to do on the farm, God is with me! Strange folk, some of old fashioned farmer folk! Walking around talking with God, a stranger sneaking up on a person would think we’re half nuts! Maybe we are! Then so be it!

I just love that old time real faith! The world can go buzzing by, politicians come and go, but life goes on following an awesome God! Folks can go nuts chasing the almighty dollar and never getting satisfaction, but I’ll chase my God! And when its all said and done and a person is on their death bed, it won’t be a scary thing.It’ll be something to look forward to! The crossing over of that ol’ River Jordan, crossing over to the other side where the saints are singing a new song! Where there ain’t no droughts, where there ain’t no sorrow! Where our new bodies will be disease free and have no pain, ever! Amen!

This old body of mine is starting to squeak a bit, starting to wear out and i can feel it daily. The evenings are a time where I’m much more tired than even a couple of years ago. Something like that would of had me worried a few short years ago. Now it doesn’t worry me at all. Cause I know the final outcome and its something that the world doesn’t have. My Bible tells me so. No I ain’t worrying about today and I ain’t worrying about tomorrow.

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  1. So true Tom, so true. No worries around here in this house either. It REALLY doesn’t pay. A person has to believe and should believe that God is always in control. God knew what was going to happen before we did. So why not go to God for the answers. I will tell you. I ain’t worried on what people think of me either. Becuase I’m serving God and not man. All I care about if I’m doing my Father’s business. Life is way to short to worry about things and not do things, because you are worried about what people might say. I look at it. The more they listen to me, and the more they make fun of me. The closer I’m getting to God. Since He said that we will be persecuted for His name sake. Have a wonderful day!!!Week!!!

  2. Morning RJ!

    Yep, it don’t pay to worry! Even the world who don’t believe in God and His Son Jesus knows that worry can bring you down, although their answer to the whole ball of wax is to give a feller so much more stress that a person just burns right out, plus then a person has to hire someone to “un-worry” them 🙂

    Well, today maybe bale some hay later,maybe cut some hay too. Rumor has it the ol’ Brad is getting hitched today down in Bama. Wish I was there, but at least I’m there in spirit 🙂

    So, I had better go start my day, (no worries). Oh, and speaking of less and less worries did I ever stumble onto something yesterday in computer land. I was checking the address of the hotel we’re staying at Friday night in downtown Minneapolis on google maps and I clicked on “street view” and low and behold I was on the street, able to look around every direction including up, (they got some huge buildings there), and got the whole area memorized on how it looks for easy finding the place!! Should be an easy drive the way it looks to me, being that I’ve been there already in a sense 🙂

    God Bless!

  3. Yepper, I had another great morning at work. Was able to pray with another person!! I sure could get used to this. Have a fun time bailing and cutting.

  4. oh, AMEN! water for my soul! Simple faith & praying through…yep!!!

  5. Hey Rj!

    Keep up the Lord’s work on them metro buses!

    Hi Nina!

    Simple faith and praying through are what I love!

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