Run Back To God!

Its so nice around here I hardly know how to act!! The weather is so perfect it can make me look like a liar! Cutting hay this afternoon, baling yesterday. I baled a small field yesterday and had figured that there’s be around twelve round bales off that stuff, but Glory! There ended up being 27 bales off that smaller patch! Now, I know hay, I make enough of it, and for me to be that far off has me wondering, kinda like the loaves of bread and the fish miracle! The hay just filled that baler up over and over and for the life of me I don’t know how!

Sometimes a person just gotta accept these things with joy and praise! I see the hand of God on so many things here that I almost am scared to mention many of them because they’ll probably make me seem like some sort of nut! The calf crop is almost perfect this year, the calves are healthy and growing good out in those green pastures! Now getting back to my last post, I’ve had a couple of days to dwell on that, it sure does seem when a person just lays out those personal testimonies that it always seems to affect one or more people deep. A person sometimes doesn’t find out till later, sometimes after the service or sometimes much later.

Same here in writing, you never know what will happen, but something usually does, either on the blog or by e-mail. Anyone that has ever read  a bit of my writings knows I’m not an “in the ditch” prosperity preacher, no I ain’t. But at the same time I ain’t going to grab the wheel and hit the other ditch! There is a middle and its called God’s Word!  We were discussing this a couple of days ago under a shade tree after filling up on fish, sweet corn and a host of other great vittles. One thing came up, “when folks ask us what kinda Christians we are, what do we say?”

Well, I ain’t a Baptist, I ain’t of any Pentecostal denomination or anything like that. Heck, I have no idea what I am in the eyes of man! In many ways that gives a person the freedom to only follow the Word, not some man made thinking. It also gets a feller in trouble sometimes with the religious who say their church is the only way, or the true church. The one rule to this for me is that when ever anyone says this I know they are following man more than the Word. Is there anything wrong with being in any denominations? Heck no!! I’ll say it again, Heck NO!

The last few years blogging I really ran into some strange beliefs. Mostly in the Christian Agrarian crowd. And about all I can say to many of those is that they should accept  Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, because its apparent that they are following man and not God. As far as myself goes I have turned away from this religious crowd, a man made religion, where hate really will show its ugly head to anyone that doesn’t accept these perverted teachings.

As of late I’ve written about going after God with all of our hearts. To strip away anything holding us back. To confess any sin and get on with following God that very instant. Cause God forgot it the moment a person confessed it and to put any burdens on ourselves or others is what religion does to a person. And after the last few years being somewhat involved in the religious crowd on the internet this past spring I broke away and just follow God! The rantings are fewer and farther between, but there’s no time for that when a person is chasing a mighty God. Let Him judge, I don’t have time for that anymore. Am I liberal?? NO! Do I have a political agenda? NO! Do I have a way of life I want others to follow? A way of life that says we gotta live out on the land in order to live Godly? NO!

I’m a farmer, a cattleman and I don’t expect anyone that reads this to do the same. First of all, its tough! Either you gotta be tough or else flat out stupid to live like this, but either way that’s what I do! And I love it! But living like this don’t make me one bit better in God’s eyes. No different in His eyes than an office worker, or what ever else a person does, country or city. I ain’t one lick better in God’s eyes than a street prostitute in Bombay, India! God wants that street prostitute as much as He wants me! I call Jesus Lord, the same as millions and millions of poor folk in Africa and around the world. And He loves them just the same.

You ain’t going to get religion here I can tell you! Your going to get some hunger for God coming through these writings. Young David, that sheep herder, changed a nation! He went after God with everything he had! Durn, I was going to write about those years when he was king. Already to long of a post!  Incredible! And as I staighted in previous posts, a very fumbling man he was. He got himself into more deep trouble than I can imagine. But he ran back to God, every time! The funny thing is, and here’s where it differs from so much religion, God always welcomed him back! I gotta get that into my very bones! Never to sit around in unrepentant sin, but run back to God that very instant! He will take a person back on the spot! My Bible says so!

At our church a few weeks ago, on a Wednesday evening, this was the subject that was preached, and still is up to this time. About running back to God, always! And religion will always rear its ugly head up,making us think that this is not right, that we have to live in misery for our failings. Well, failings, sin, sure aren’t good, in fact there’s nothing worse, but we gotta do like David and run back to God! Sure a person feels like a fool! We are! That’s why God sent His Son! We can’t do it! We just can’t do it by will power, by our own works. We gotta run back to God, sorry for our failings, and then get right back up and joyfully follow God!

Its so simple we miss it most of the time! So unbelievably simple!

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  1. Morning Tom!! Morning Jan!!,

    Thank you for the congratulations.

    Tom, you are right, it is so amazingly simple!! One of my tractor thoughts all the time is how God couldn’t have made it that hard. I think I’ve talked about the parables before where Jesus just started telling bedtime stories to an uneducated crowd…. Simple stories, that are now being taken apart word for word and used in religious agendas…. (argggghhh I probably shouldn’t get started). Now, being a simple person, I like simple stories. I think ol Jesus had it right!!

    I’ll bet its beautiful weather up there right now for cutting hay, Someday soon, I have to get back on that… Probably the week after labor day now…. grrrr…. So your banr is going to be full this winter huh??

    I’m hoping this winter to get some projects done that I’ve been putting off… Fencing new pastures for the cattle, getting a small plot ready for some OP seed corn varieties… Things are really starting to look up!!

    Alright, better hit the ground running… Too much to do and not near enough time to do it. I’m taking the ol trombone on the road tonight cause our praise band is playing at another church. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to learn the music, so its a good thing I grew up in the era of the air guitar….. I fake stuff real well!! 🙂

    Have a GREAT day,


  2. Morning Brad!

    Yup, simple. How many times have we wrote about that? And we have to remind ourselves of it every day! With the world, or the religious trying to complicate it every day so we get thrown off track we have to remind ourselves daily that its simple! That simple faith that a shepherd boy had that killed a giant that the religious were deadly afraid of! Yee Haw! What a way to start a day eh!!

    And I don’t know for sure what giants will get slain around here today, but what ever comes up it’ll be OK. Maybe cut another field of hay today,maybe haul some manure, I don’t know, we’ll see as the time moves on.

    I got church tonight too, and don’t have to teach children’s church as far as I know, get to be a butt sitter 🙂 Use some muscles that haven’t been used very often 🙂 Hope I don’t strain em 🙂

    In a little over a week this old farmer heads for the big city, (over night), and I’m strangely looking forward to it. Dead center of the big city, where the skyscrapers roam. Gotta wedding we were invited to and we’re going too! I figure I’ll celebrate yours down there while I’m there 🙂

    So same here, gotta get running and get stuff done and head off to our little country church this evening!

    God Bless!

  3. Morning Tom,

    Hows those muscles this morning?? 🙂 . I had a great time last night!! The talk was on ol Martha and Mary…. What one was doing and what one was supposed to be doing…. Very good!! It was the third night of revival and the preacher was pretty fired up. (..the music wasn’t to bad either I might add…. 🙂 )

    I was listening to the sermon, but there was one lady in the back that was all fired up…. clapping at what the preacher had to say and yelling Amen…. I was thinkin that that was PC’s kind of person… The rest (me included) sat there queitly, but she was sure fired up…..

    Going to the big city huh?? Well, I hope you have a good time. I was suprised how much I actually liked New York, the 8 hours I was there…. If you’d of asked me before, I would have said I was goin to dread that place, but it wasn’t that bad……

    Well, I think just about everything is done ready for Monday. Except I can feel sickness creeping in… I woke up with a sore throat this morning…. Gak!! I hope its just a letdown from stressin out. We’ll see….

    This will be the last day I’ll get to talk to you while I’m a bachelor so…… wait a minute…. no its not….. This will be the last day I get to talk to you while I’m a single man so if you have any words of wisdom y’all better say em now 🙂 . I am really looking forward to this. All that I can say is that God is good!! I wasn’t prayin for another woman to come along, but she did and I couldn’t be happier!!

    Alright, I’d better stop gushin and all, y’all might think I’m gettin soft 🙂

    Take care my friend I will be back on Wednesday… God willing….

    Thank you for EVERYTHING!!


  4. morning NF, Brad

    Brad, I stated to say, how can your not bee a “BACHELOR” that is your last name 😉
    am really glad that ya are happy!

    have a great day , y’all 🙂

  5. Morning Jan,

    Thank you for everything too!!

  6. Morning, morning!

    OK, (cough), gotta get some practice in here, …….

    Dearly beloved, if anybody here got something against this here marriage comin up this here next Monday you’d better say your piece or forever shut yer trap. If’n not have at er Brad!! 🙂 By the way I have comment moderation so if there’s any trouble makers I’ll vaporize em 🙂

    Two weddings, one Monday and I can tell you I’ll be there in spirit, …. so if any local dogs start barking just smile, you know its me near by 🙂 Then that big city wedding on Friday which I’m really looking forward to! And that says allot considering the drive in down town Minneapolis!

    So until then this here place can just be on cruise. I wonder if Jan has any pretty flower pictures we could put up here for the blessed occasion?? 🙂

    Hoping to bale today before the weather heads south.Good looking field too! I call this kinda hay, cow candy, even I could slap some on a salad plate and have at er it looks so durn good!!

    Until next week my friend, may God richly bless your life and that of your new better half!!

    God Bless!

  7. see what i can do 🙂

  8. ok, I posted some flowers over at my place, for the occasion! 🙂

  9. Thank you Jan!! Don’t be surprised if I “steal” them in a couple of days for here, with your permission of course 🙂

    Anybody wants to take a gander at them pictures, here’s the link:

    The site has always been on the side bar here too called “My Place”.

    Thanks and God Bless!!

  10. go for it 🙂

  11. Say a big congradulations to the couple for us Tom. We’ll say something on her facebook page also. Sounds awesome on how God is blessing you on your farm. Can’t wait to hear more.

    Had fun today on my bus. I had a gentleman come up to me. He said he enjoyed the musice I was playing. That is was perfect for what he was going through. He then asked if I would pray for him sometime during the day. Said he was going through a fight with the devil.

    So I asked him what was going on so I would know what to pray for. So he told me what was going on. So this is the funny part. I looked at him while driving the bus of course. I said let’s pray right now. Ain’t worth wait’n. He almost fell down. He said sure with a big smile though. So we prayed right there. While people were getting on and off the bus. Nothing better than that.

    When he got off. He just had a big smile a calmness on him. God is great. Always looking, and seeking for the opprotunity serve God. Can’t wait for some more.

    Have a great weekend!!!! Only a few more weeks before I do a wedding!! Should be a fun time. Been praying for God to move in it. Chow.

  12. Hey Tom!

    I can always rest assured of what you have to say, seem to be about things that have been on my mind. Funny how that works! Thanks for writting!

    It has been a while since I’ve been able to come visit here. I’ve got alot of catch up reading to go back over here.

    I also wanted to tell you , the corn, MN13 & Whapsie Valley… they are over 12′ tall. I don’t have a photo up yet. I hope to soon. They are gorgeous! It’s gonna be a good year for corn here! PTL! [grin]

    I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ Tom! You have been a blessing to us in many ways.

    Oh, and Brad…Congratulations!

    Blessings to all!

  13. Morning RJ!

    I was figuring out down town Minneapolis on the computer and have it fairly memorized. I’m really looking forward to the wedding this next Friday. Most of our country church will be there to boot! Right smack dab in the heart of the city! 2nd ave. It doesn’t bother me much visiting the big city cause I do know that in a short while I’ll be back to where life makes sense, the countryside 🙂

    The farm is doing great. Funny thing is, its been a cooler than normal summer and the crops don’t seem to be suffering because of it, in fact they are great! I do believe there is allot of God in that mix!!

    I figure you should buy a bus and have church on wheels 🙂 Seems to work for you 🙂 That’s great hearing stuff like that!

    In a couple of years it looks like even I’ll be able to preform weddings. Of course who in their right mind would want a grizzled cattleman to get em hitched 🙂 Oh well, there’s always an overabundance of folks that are a half a bubble off and who knows 🙂

    God Bless!

    Hey Kris!

    I know what you mean about writing what’s been on your mind. You should’a seen this past Sunday in church. It literally floors me when I see this happen. The three parts of a service, the praise and worship, the tithes and offering plus announcements plus a small word, and the sermon. Three different people taking care of the three different parts. And then the fun begins. Choosing the same Bible verses without knowing that the other were doing the same ones. Hitting deep into the same subjects as the others, again without the slightest idea each of the others were on the same path! Wow, talk about a faith builder!!

    You can imagine how happy your corn report has made me!! Its kinda like a piece of me a thousand miles west of here 🙂 Plus now we do know that MN 13 and Whapsi Valley grow in the far west!

    Thanks for dropping by and also for the encouragement, it always helps allot!

    God Bless!

  14. “And after the last few years being somewhat involved in the religious crowd on the internet this past spring I broke away and just follow God! The rantings are fewer and farther between, but there’s no time for that when a person is chasing a mighty God.”…. Praise the Lord 🙂

  15. Hi Patti!

    Believe it or not, I wrote that for you cause I knew you’d know what I’m talking about! Thanks for sticking with me through the years even when you had no reason too!

    God Bless!

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