A Late August Sunday’s Recollections

Tired out  tonight and it ain’t from work. Its from good times the way I figure it. A great Sunday out in the countryside for sure. Had us the fish fry and corn boil this afternoon after church and I would have to say that its about the highlight of the church year in my book! So this evening I’m still a tad bit stuffed, and I guess that’s the country way to be!

Today at the church service I had a small part in it, but it was interesting even if it was small. A couple of posts ago I included the first verses of Psalm 103 in it. I had the unction to read that same psalm at the end of praise and worship today. So I put it on the pulpit for when I got up there later. When the praise team started the praise team leader read that same psalm. And not off of my paper either. Now I knew this was a God thing! Then the last song they sang was one of my favorites that’s called something like, “He Sent Forth His Word and Healed Me”. I was in heaven today I tell you.

When I got to the pulpit I reread Psalm 103’s first five verses and then commenced to talk about a person I had met that was praising up a storm a couple of weeks ago even after finding out he had terminal cancer that very day. After that a quick over view of the church announcements and then its time for the tithes and offerings. When I do this it can be simple teaching, or testimonies or a mixture of both.Today was a mixture of both type of day. I talked about opening the doors and windows of heaven so the blessings of God could be rained upon us. All very biblical with verses to back everything up. Then after getting through that I go back into farmer/preacher mode and talked about pleading the blood of Jesus over field after field and pasture after pasture on this old farm. And the unbelievable results that have happened this year. This was a very compacted teaching and testimony type of thing, very limited time, not the hour or more sermons of the past. Funny how a shorter talk is almost harder than a long one.

All went well enough I do suppose, I only felt like a small fool after the talking which is a huge improvement over feeling like a big fool I can sure tell you. The rest of the service went well with myself just taking in the preaching and teaching, looking forward to the vittles coming up after the service! The service finished up about right on time, only about ten minutes late, and I figured on wolfing down one cup of coffee before heading out into the countryside to the fish fry to husk the sweet corn we brought there the evening before. As I made my way to the coffee pot in the back of church, (stand to the side when I’m zeroing in on that thing),  a person in the service cornered me and said the things I talked about really spoke to him. I haven’t gotten used to that yet, and hope I never will. When I talk I am very humble, and I ain’t kidding on this, cause I have never, ever spoke in front of folks in my entire life till this last year in particular and I always feel like I’m at the bottom of the heap when it comes to these type of things. For about fifteen minutes we talked more deeply about pleading the Blood over our fields and critters. To allow God to bless them!

Strange, strange that a person such as myself talking in church had moved someone to follow the Lord more intensly. As I said, its hard to get used to. To do a short little preaching and someone is effected deeply by it! Its a whole different world standing in front of people and declaring the Word of God. There are sometimes voices whispering to a person saying, “they ain’t interested in any of this stuff”. I sit down and almost want to curl up into a ball when its all said and done, then a short while later someone will come up, so excited, something changed in their life from some simple words, and I know its a God thing.

I wrote this so folks can understand some of the feelings that go with some of these things. Its not at all something I want to do under my own power, which ain’t much, believe me! I am learning that the farmer/preacher thing is very, very possible though. There’s getting to be less and less preaching like someone else would preach, just start talking like if I was talking to a bunch of farmers and I must say, I can sense things perk up in the pews when that farmer mode kicks in. Then it gets easier and easier! That’s when it relates to many, even when they ain’t farmers. The fella that cornered me today wasn’t a farmer, but a local businessman. Same thing in many ways. And it touched him deep down!

Where will this all go? I have no idea. But I know that no matter what I’ll be a farmer. This farm will not suffer because of the Lord’s service. If anything it will thrive more and more because of following the Lord of heaven and earth and not following the normal path. And the more and more I look around the internet and research farmer/preachers I know I’m not alone in this. There were many years ago and there still is a fair number here and there through out the south and mid-west. I just wanted to record these thoughts tonight, for myself mainly. I can’t wait to keep writing in the vein that I’ve been writing in lately. Tonight was just for recording some simple thoughts, and any reader can just glance over them for now. Coming up will be some interesting stuff here. Going after God like David did, that’s what I want to do! And the funny thing is, a whole bunch of info landed in my lap the last couple of days to really get me going on this. And being David was just a simple country boy there’s some good things in this for country folks!

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  1. When those little voices start going, you just have to keep the faith and keep pushing onward. All you can ever do is do the best you can and hope it reaches someone. Never give up on the lords work my friend. 🙂

  2. Hey William!

    I know I couldn’t run away from all of this no matter how hard I tried! A feller just keeps getting snapped right back 🙂 We serve an awesome God, (forever), and its unthinkable to want to wander off away from Him!
    Here’s hoping all is moving along just fine down your way!

    God Bless!

  3. Good Morning Sir,

    I sure am glad your gettin used to that preachin. You know, our preacher is always talks about our fruit and how we’ll see that in how many people we helped get to heaven… Now I know you ain’t an orchardist, but I have a feelin your fruit is goin to be lookin like your corn does now!! 🙂

    Well Tom, things are going a mile a minute here. This week is the last before the big day next Monday (Gulp…….). I am so looking forward to a beautiful life with the Lord in the forefront again. He always has been, but nothing like a good hearted woman, to make sure he stays there…. Sometimes us men ain’t too bright when it comes to that 🙂

    I finished up alot of little things on the house including wiring in that 220 circuit. I do believe that the inventor of cellulose insulation is the devil reincarnated!! Put a 47 y/o man who sweats like a pig in an attic for an hour in 100 degree Alabama heat and let him crawl to the other end of the house through that blown in insulation stuff…. I’ll tell you, that will test your Christianity!! 🙂 The other thing that will test it is climb down out of the attic lookin like frosty the snowman and have your beautiful bride to be tellin you you that you sure are makin a mess of the new house……

    Well that was only some of the adventures of this weekend. I’m looking forward to the end of next week when I can get back to things I know how to do… cows and hay!! This other stuff has got me near bumfuzzled!!

    I’d better get another cup of go juice and think about todays disasters…. I mean home improvements 🙂

    Have a GREAT day,


  4. Evening Brad!

    Well, you weren’t to late this morning, I was 🙂 Durn, over slept and had to put the rush on! Cut 16 acres of hay this afternoon and hope to bale er up Thursday!

    I’m satisfied this evening, with church this past Sunday that is. I’m learning how the Word and testimony reaches into people’s heart, even when we’re nervous or thinking that they are bored. Just learning is what I’m doing!

    Hey, I know one time you said that you had a hard time with blogger, so I used WordPress instead so you could get on here easy. I’ve been tinkering with WordPress and have a hard time with things such as music, podcasts and stuff like that so I figured being that I have a blog on blogger with the same name as this one I’ll use that for the high tech stuff 🙂 Here’s the address:


    I figure I’ll just use it as an extension of this one for those things that I have a hard time doing here. This will be exactly the same as now. Now, I ain’t figuring on having two blogs, just using the ease of blogger to compliment this one so I won’t over extend myself as far as I can tell. I’ll link to it soon on the top over the sidebar here and mention it when ever I add something there. I’m playing with music there now, got some favorite songs there now.

    Next Monday eh! I’ll be thinking of you all! So I figure there’ll be a dead time here for a bit after the ceremony. Oh well, tis for the best but you get back here as soon as you can, I can’t run this thing without you 🙂

    Yup, attic work will do that to a feller, especially in the summertime! I don’t want to talk about it anymore 🙂

    So here’s a blessing over the happy couple down there in Alabama!! (Why does this make me so excited?) Hmm, we’ve been through some times together eh!! Its good to see something really good happening!!

    God Bless!

  5. howdy NF, and Brady

    Congrats Brad !
    as NF, said many blessings 😉

  6. Howdy Jan!

    And many blessings to you and yours too! 🙂

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