Over The Corral Fence

The sun shone for the first time really since this past Tuesday today. Kinda wet around the farm so I was playing around fixing up the silage chopper. I figure that its better to fix it now then wait for silage time and be in a rush. Tomorrow who knows, maybe cut some hay or something on the high grounds. In reality it ain’t so wet that I’d be scared to cut anywhere except the deep meadows. There was a good drying wind today from the northwest and I even wore a long sleeved denim shirt today, my favorite kind, Wrangle pearl snap shirts. Those are about the only shirts I ever wear because I’m so comfortable with them, plus they are very rugged! But seeing I ain’t getting paid by Wrangler for advertising I’ll keep going on to something else!

I’m looking forward to this weekend. I’ll work all day tomorrow and then in the evening go and pick a huge bunch of sweet corn for the third anual fish fry and corn boil some of us do from church. Everyone from church is invited plus anyone alse interested in hanging around us church folk too! The sweet corn is just right and I’m happier than a hog in mud! Then after church Sunday early afternoon drive a few miles from church and get to husking that sweet corn and have some of the folks boil er up while the fish are frying out in the garage. A great time of fellowship and all. My kind of stuff. Then next week if the weather forecast holds out,keep making hay in field after field.

In the comments on the last post I made it known that I can send out little mini booklets to anyone in need of one. This next week I’ll make a side page if there’s a little time so folks can see what booklets that I have available.They’re good ones, simple,written in a country way,or at least I sure can relate to them. As time goes on I’ll get a bigger selection for folks in need of them. A small thing, but every once in a while a life changer!

I always figure this blog is like talking at the loading dock at the feed mill or at a corral fence, leaning on the fence just shooting the breeze with faith the main subject.  Give it a good mix of cattle talk, crops, horses, whatever, and there still ain’t no way to escape God in the talk cause that’s the most important thing in the whole mix. Two of my most memorable moments in spreading the Word of God have happened at a corral fence.Must be something about it. Maybe that’s where I belong witnessing, declaring the love of God, and how Jesus is the only way. Something about a corral fence, outside like that, a good smattering of cattle manure to add to the atmosphere and I’m in my cathedral! In my pulpit! I hope it carries over to the internet too. It gets written the same way I talk it, I can tell you that!

So this evening I’ll just leave er at that. The days are getting shorter so in a while more time can be spent here in the evenings. More things can be done to spread God’s Word and promises to any and all who are interested. We serve a good God and I’m more than happy to do my share.


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