A Moment To Remember

Cutting hay, cattle moving, that just about wraps up the day around here. Just came in from gathering around 20 cow/calf pairs from a neighbor’s pasture that I rent. They have it pretty well eaten down and the calves are figuring that another neighbor’s corn field is the place to be.  So a little while ago the eldest daughter and myself gathered em up in the brush, and also did some spead running outside of the fence with the six calves that decided to make the outside of the pasture their home. Getting wild beef calves in is not foot work, its four wheeler work, and fast to boot. There’s no such thing as bringing them to a gate and running them through, first of all, all of the cows would run out of an open gate so that takes care of that idea. No, I just run em till they freak out and crash the fence back into the pasture. One thing always amazes me, how those calves have not the slightest problem getting out every day, but there sure does seem to be a big problem getting back into the pasture! Anyway, we got em locked up in the neighbor’s front pasture and tomorrow morning I’ll bring that herd home for a few weeks and let that brushy pasture they were on recover.

Cutting hay these past couple of days has me in awe! Its doing so well! How many years in a row we didn’t even get a second crop because of droughts and now its almost like payback time! So I’ll keep hammering away at those hay fields, plenty more to do this summer yet and I do believe it’ll take me till fall to get er done. But there won’t be much need about thinking about purchasing hay for this winter! And while cutting hay these last couple of days I have time to think, of course, to dwell on things. The biggest thing on my mind is an incident that happened this past weekend. Its really been in my thoughts. As mentioned in the previous post, we went to a Gospel concert, or what ever a person would want to call it this past Saturday evening. Details are in the previous post.  Now that kinda thing is right up my alley, so to speak. I was always much more comfortable in a praise and shout church than in a dead pan religious church, its just the way I am. One thing though, in church I’m usually fairly quiet, more like reserved. I shouldn’t be, but that’s the way its been.

At the Southern Gospel service I really had a great time! At this old school, praise and shout Church of God that we were visiting even I loosened up. I was clapping my hands till they were sore, I was shouting, at a fairly low level, “Amen”. OH I was having the time of my life. And some of the characters in that church we visited were shouting up a storm, let me tell you, which further helped to loosen me up more cause I’d have to be pretty loud to blend in! After a great hour and a half of old fashioned, foot stomping, hand clapping, praise shouting Southern Gospel music it finally came to an end. I just had to visit their table with CD’s and stuff, bought four of em, and soon it was time to meander out the door and down the steps, find our car, (which wasn’t that hard to do cause it was right over on the side of the church), and head home.

As we were leaving there were a couple of people at the bottom of the outside steps. One was the loudest person in the place shouting praises during the Gospel show. So I figured I’d say high and see you later. Just passing by type chit chat. You know how it is. Besides that guy shouting them praises and always raising his hands in the air in pure joy is the kind I want to spend a couple seconds with. I truly admire someone who lets loose for God. What he told me is something I’ll never forget as long as I live, and I mean it. He said hi and all that stuff and then when right into telling me about his day. He was told that very day that he would die from the cancer they had just discovered in him. I was totally speechless, couldn’t offer a prayer if I tried, couldn’t hardly say anything, and that’s rare!

He said that he was God’s, he was born again to the bone, he was had no fear of his standing with God, but the devil was making a full blown attack on the only thing that he could possibly hit, his body. As I said, I was speechless, and now I know why. A person could listen to hundreds of sermons, could read hundreds of books on faith but I witnessed a person with faith in God that literally shook me to the very marrow of my bones. That had never, ever happened before in my walk with God. Incredible faith, incredible love for God, to be able to praise and shout, to be clapping to the music, to stand with his hands in the air to our Saviour, after finding out what he found out that very day. Think about it, dwell on it, I sure am.  He wasn’t moping around, he was on an all out attack against the forces of hell. A testimony that is hard to top, letting loose for an hour and a half, I would have thought that he didn’t have a problem in the world! In fact that’s what I did think during the service!

Those that know me know that I like hanging around real folks, not phonies, not people that act all high and mighty, all dignified and that. No, I like the regular working class grunts, the farmers, the folks that are considered that low class by a world that’s spiralling to hell fast. That’s mostly what the crowd in that little, old fashioned Church of God were. Not wealthy, many just plain poor folk, but they had something that allot of dignified churches lack, they were happy, they were joyful in the Lord! I want what they got! As I wrote, this had more impact on me than hundred of books of faith, more than hundreds of sermons. A living testimony, a hand clapping, praise shouting, devil stomping man that has all of hell hitting him. A poor working class grunt that has more faith and love for God than most Christians I’ve ever met. I will never forget that moment as long as I live. In all my Christian walk, no moment has ever had more impact on me, no moment has changed the way I think and act more than that one. And I’m hanging onto it!

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  1. Morning Tom,

    You mean that man was giving it all to God???? Hmmmm…. seems I remember a Northern Farm feller telling me that one time. It was and still is the best advice I ever got!!

    Oh you had to mention that hay didn’t you. My cattle are going to need steak knives to cut mine when they eat this winter. I’m still a month away from cutting too. I could have got three cuttings this year. I will only get two and I’ll give a bunch away this year. So much different them from years past eh????

    Well, 19 days of bachelorhood left….. oh wait… I’ve got a few more years of bein a bachelor (God willing). I’m looking forward to it I’ll tell you. Not only will my meals not come from a can, but I can sure get alot more done when I can step inside the door to talk to my woman rather than have to go over to her house!!This ol raggely farm might just return to its old state of raggely……

    One more room to paint, then a little redneck wiring and the place should be ready. Its amazin how this stuff all creeps up on you…. Its also amazing how rednecks shouldn’t be allowed to work on really nice houses done by professionals. She looks at the job I’ve done painting and squinches up her eyes…. I tell her my painting just makes the place look lived in…… ugh…. 🙂

    Alright, 19 more days of sawdust bars…. Then I don’t have to fit in my suit pants anymore 🙂 . I’ll be fryin bacon right along with ya……

    Have a GREAT day,


  2. Evening Brad!

    Well, I guess I was outside this morning by the time you commented, no big deal though! A good day on the farm, warm and dry, got 37 big rounds of second crop alfalfa this afternoon baled up. Tomorrow do it all over again I’m hoping!

    Gotta head to church in a few minutes from now, all showered up and ready to go! Get to sit on my butt tonight for once!

    I’ll be thinking of you folks down there in 19 days 🙂 Wished I was there but such is not the case of course. Oh well, I got a humdinger of a wedding to go to in down town Minneapolis on the 4th of next month, will even stay over night in a big shot hotel 🙂 Who’da ever thunk! Minneapolis will never be the same. I kinda figure its becoming my adopted city being the daughter might be going to a Christian College there starting next fall. Might as well learn the ropes of big city driving now, eh!

    Durn,I had better get my butt in gear and get over to our little church! By the way, this past spring I wrote some about that movie and book, Faith Like Potatoes. Well, I’m going to bring it back somewhat here cause you would never believe the crops we have this year around this farm. And you don’t have to go very far at all in every direction for the crops to get poorer. I tell you my friend, this year is the best year I have ever seen around here! Anyway, I’ll write about that a bit coming up, (if I remember).

    God Bless!!

  3. Morning Tom,

    I know what you mean about the crops. Now since my only crop this year is grass, I guess I can’t talk much, but my buddies in the corn and bean business are smiling too. The cotton farmers are still wearin frowns, but their ain’t much of them around anymore… The prices just aren’t supporting production…

    Well, it was a great night in church last night. I sat in with the praise band. I haven’t played a horn in near 30 years, but decided to dust it off and give it a try. If you ever need me to round up your chickens, well I’m the man for it. I get to squeekin and squawkin and I think them hens think I’m a callin them in for some intentions other than just playin music 🙂 . Once we got all them barn animals out of the band room, practice went pretty good though 🙂

    I hate giving up my bible study on Wednesday, but I’ve been hearing alot of sermons lately on using our gifts for God. Right now, its like I’m gifting rocks, but I’m hopin a pearl develops out of all this :).

    Yep, you’d better fire up the ol car and get it used to that big city drivin if your daughter is headin to the city. You’ll probably be headin over there a bunch. Now lets see if she’ll let you use the ol cattle trailer to move her in, or if she’ll want you to use something else….. My boys were complainin and I got most of the manure out and everything… 🙂 Nothing gives a better first impression than pulling up to all them fancy uhauls and havin them people tying air fresheners to the trailer :).

    Alright, I’m rambling… I’m going to get another cup a go….and get started on another day…..

    Have a GREAT day,


  4. Morning Brad!

    Ah, I had a Wednesday evening at church where I sat on my butt and just got to listen! What a feeling! Pretty good too! Simple stuff, that a person forgets about through the years, hmm, I gotta write my version of all of this soon. Of course it’ll be a little different than the well polished stuff I get to hear, kinda will be Tom’s translation,but somehow the point might get across 🙂

    I’m running late this morning, either I’m getting older, or else lazier, or a combination of both 🙂 The days are a tad bit shorter than a few weeks ago so I figure I can wait till its nice and bright outside!

    Another day of moving cattle and then baling hay! Hot out around these parts, reminds me of that old song “Hot August Nights”. I was thinking when I was loafing outside of church for an hour yesterday evening, what a time for an old fashioned,traveling salvation show, just like in that song 🙂

    About the big city driving in the future, I don’t want to talk about it 🙂 The Bible says don’t worry your butt off about tomorrow, cause there’s enough problems today 🙂 Amen!

    God Bless!

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