Weekend Update

Just winding down here on a Sunday evening.Beautiful summer weather today, low eighties and partly cloudy, light wind, doesn’t get much better than that. Last evening we went over to the county seat and had us some Southern Gospel music, from Georgia to boot. We had the privilege to listen, clap and shout to the group named The Keffers. Just click on their name here and it’ll take you to their site. I was about to do back flips and just go basically out of my mind when they hit the fast stuff! Good evening, praising and shouting.

Today after morning chores we headed about 25 miles west of here to a baptism service put on by our country church. Perfect day, down by the river! Private land, park like spot, mowed grass, clean river banks, doesn’t get much better than that! Now us country folk are a different breed I guess. Anyway that’s what some of the folks attending told us later in the day. Folks that were used to big city life. Just before the service was to begin in that beautiful spot there was a single gunshot a couple hundred yards away to the northwest, and of course country folk don’t give it a second thought, of course us folk probably don’t know the fear that might send down a city slicks spine! And in a minute or so we had us the answer of what the gunshot was meant for cause the whole area smelled of fresh sprayed skunk! Durn, talk about bullfrog luck! But the Lord in His tender mercies only allowed the smell to settle in for a couple minutes and all of a sudden there was no more smell so I ain’t complaining about that at all!

Well, the folks needing the dunking in the river got dunked and after that we hit the pot luck meal which was about as good as it gets! Amen!

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  1. Good Morning Young Feller!!

    How are you this morning?? I’m not doing bad…..

    I know what you mean about the gunshots there. Its pretty funny around here, There is a guy across the street from the school that likes to do target practice. I figure he must work during the night because he’s always shooting during the day. I was wonderin how folks in a more populated area would react to a fella firing his rifle 50 yards from the school…. We’re just used to it I guess…

    Well my weekend was pretty good. I’m a painting fool…. alright maybe I’m just a fool that paints, but we finished up 3 rooms. It didn’t quite meet up to the inspectors requirements though (sigh……), so the next few evenings will be finishing up some touchup.

    Saturday evening we went to a benefit concert that my future stepson was playing in. We saw three Christian bands. It was a nice evening for sitting around and listening I’ll tell you.

    Sunday was a good message. I sure do like this preacher I’m going to now. Him and I don’t always see eye to eye on things, but his conviction is there and he does challenge me. He believes strongly in everything he says and thats not all bad. He’s probably as bullheaded as I am 🙂

    Alright, I guess I’d better get at it. I’m trying to figure out how to cut in baseboards this morning. I sure do wish they would make a magic tool that would do it for me…… 🙂

    Have a GREAT day,


  2. Morning Brad!

    Hmm, looks like it rained a bit last night, oh well, I figure I’ll be able to cut some hay this afternoon. Switch a pasture this morning before the cows decide to switch without me and now you know my day basically!

    Yup, was a good weekend and I’m ready for the week now! In a few more days the first sweet corn should be getting ready, ah, hillbilly heaven for sure!

    I know, a fella just wonders sometimes what other more sophisticated folks think the way we live out here and take things for normal that would make CNN if the same thing happened in a modern suburb or something 🙂 But this is the way we are and that’s that for that 🙂

    Well, with a little luck I can post a bit this week in the evenings. I’m kinda on fire after Saturday evening’s Gospel concert. Now that brought the back country boy out in me! Amen! Plus dozens of other adventures that have me dwelling.

    I’d better git, start the week off right and get something done!

    God Bless!

  3. Good Morning Sir,

    How are you this fine tuesday!! Whew… I’m needin some sleep right now. I got into ol PC’s run in with ol Joe Smith last night. I couldn’t put it down!! Now Tom, believe it or not, I think that book should be coming back to you this fall. That and a couple of other Circuit riding books I don’t think you’ve read. I sure hope you like those kind of books still!! I’ve had em a while!! 🙂

    I figure I’m increasin the R value of the insulation with my redneck painting of the house. I keep making mistakes and all….. I guess after every twenty coats, the insulating doubles….. I’m a headin that way 🙂

    My daily readings are going well. We’re in (oh Lord please help me with this spelling….) Jerimiah (ugh…. not even close… 🙂 ) . Jerusalem has a fallen and the Babylonians are full of themselves, but I think they are about to get their’s…. I guess thats kind of like us when we get full of ourselves eh?? Ol God feels the need to put us back in our place…. I’ll tell you, humility I do believe is one of the hardest things a man can try to practice. Its ol human nature to get to thinkin one is all important and all…..

    Another hard thing to do is choke down these sawdust bars everyday !! 🙂 but I guess if I can handle this humility thing, health food should be a breeze!! 🙂 Alright young man… Its time for another cup of coffee……

    Have a GREAT day,


  4. Morning Brad!

    Got 15 acres down yesterday of second crop hay, not bad, and hope to do it all again today. No problems at all with any of it!

    That book gives a person an inside look at Joe Smith eh! From someone who was there! No hurry with the book, I don’t care if it permanently resides in Alabama 🙂

    Ol’ Jeremiah is kinda my hero! Take on everyone, and isn’t really winning any popularity contests, that’s for sure.

    Well, looks clear outside, maybe a nice summer day again. Lets see, the two hay fields I want to cut today are both remote and nice. Ah, to just get out and not have a care 🙂 And maybe with a little luck I can get on this old computer this evening. Got a couple things to write if I get time.

    Keep painting down there, they’re talking a cold winter 🙂

    God Bless!

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