Sifting The Wheat

We’ve had us a basically wet day today, rain this morning and now its misting or drizzling outside.We just got back from a close town, we went to the cafe there, my wife and myself, to celebrate the grain harvest being done. A ten minute drive, reasonable prices and food that’s just durn good! And being that it was a slow day around here that put me in a different mood of sorts, a relaxed mood, something rather rare in summer time. Oh, there’s still work out there to do, allot of work, and allot of hay making to do this month yet, but it looks like this winter the thought of buying feed and wondering how we’ll get through the winter won’t be crossing my mind all that much. On days like this when the noon nap is long and the work is lite, I get in that simple mood, the mood where much of my writings started with years ago, just down home simple!

Thinking about the old ways, thinking about that old time religion, thinking about the simple ways of living out here.Now we ain’t Amish or something like that, we have this computer, cars, truck, what have you, but its simple! And I was thinking about how over the years I’ve written about our little rural church and how over those years so many people would write and wish they could be having that experience too. The yearning for simplicity. This week when I preached on Wednesday evening I did an Alamo stand, or that’s what I call it anyhow. I spoke of how I drew a line in the sand and anyone that crossed it gave up any other fancy ideas about different ways or religion. I spoke how our family is dead loyal to our little country church, not looking to the right, now the left. And since this time a freedom has come over me that cannot be described!

I spoke about an area here where there is very little God in the equation. But there will be! A few years ago the very first vision I ever had in our little church was how it would send out! How it would reach into every nook and cranny in the region, setting a Holy Ghost fire in the countryside. I believe that vision will be coming to pass in the future! I think back to reading and reading about how the Holy Ghost fires spread across rural America years ago, the stories were almost unbelievable, and I know that this will happen again, only on a larger scale! Why do I believe this so? Well, if I was a regular person, (which believe me, folks say I’m not), I’d say that church has been at a basic standstill for quite some time. But recalling that vision from years back I can see God working in all of this. God has been sifting the wheat, shaking it back and forth, letting the weed seeds drop through the screen or get blown away by the wind!

Now, in farming when a fella is saving seeds to plant in the field you just don’t take some bin run grain,put it in the seeder and get out there and plant. Cause if you do that field will be choked out with weeds. You have to run that seed through a fanning mill. That separates the weed seeds from the good grain. Then you take the clean grain and fill up the seeder and go plant out in the field. In a sending out church, the operations of the church can be likened to the fanning mill, there’s screens shaking back and forth separating the weed seeds out, and any that survived that must go through the wind that the fanning mill makes in the final operation. That blows out the lite seeds at were the same size as the grain seeds and would have made it through the shaking process.

I believe in a church that God has His eyes on, that there’s a shaking going on and a good wind to top it off. By the end of the operation the planter is left with clean seed. And in our little church I think the fanning mill operation is just about wrapping up and its time to plant! Glory! Now getting back to simplicity, today I had this unction, get em every once in a while, that told me that there’s going to be a move of God out in the countryside and we’d best get ready. And I know the feeling when God is setting things up, setting people up, setting churches up. That shaking! When I look at it all from a farming perspective, (which by the way is extremely Biblical), I almost jump for joy when the realization hits! It soon time for the fields!

And I ain’t worried about some big sofisticated thing we have to do, no I ain’t! The biggest moves of God spread because of joy in the Lord, not some well executed plan! The one thing I know, it won’t be business as usual, no it won’t! Never was years ago either when the Holy Ghost swept the heartland! And, here’s something I believe is almost a rule, it happens when most say it can’t! Yup, when things look down right bleak, when it looks like nothing is getting anywhere, that’s when I get excited! Different huh? because God gets the Glory! Not a church or a group of people, it all God and He loves doing what people say is unlikely or impossible. He loves moving bigtime when others say He’s left! Oh Glory, I’m getting excited now I tell you!

So on this simple weekend, I figure on going to the county seat tomorrow evening to a Church of God, where we know some folks and the pastor and sit back and listen to some Southern Gospel music, all the way from Georgia, visit, snack, what ever! Then this Sunday we get to go to an outdoor service about twenty five miles away. Our church’s Baptismal service and its the real thing, you know, Shall We Gather At The River! Eat, fellowship and have us a good simple time! Getting the saints equipped, doing what we’re supposed to do! Lord, I’m ready! Ready for the move that’s coming! What a privilege to be born for a time such as this!

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  1. We got about 3 inches of rain over here. How about you? Had fun driving the bus through the flooded streets this morning. I feel sorry for anyone that might have had there car windows cracked when I went by. Good to here that you got all the early harvesting done. Might be a while before you can get to your hay with this last rain? Well better run here. Have fun at church tomorrow. Talk to you later.

  2. We only got about a half an inch with this system, seen it down your way this morning on the radar. So I guess we got about an inch and a half this last week total. Its down right tropical here! Gonna start some hay this week, looking forward to it! Its much easier making hay than harvesting grain so things should go well in that department! Gotta get myself ready now, driving up to Little Falls for some Southern Gospel music at a Church of God. We know some of the folks there and the pastor so I figure on paying a Saturday evening visit 🙂

    God Bless!

  3. Amen

  4. You said, “when things look down right bleak, when it looks like nothing is getting anywhere, that’s when I get excited! Different huh? because God gets the Glory! Not a church or a group of people, it all God and He loves doing what people say is unlikely or impossible. He loves moving bigtime when others say He’s left!”

    I say…AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Well Patti and Nina Ruth, I’ll answer this blogs faithful Amen’ers with a Glory to God shout and a huge God Bless! 🙂

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