Back to the Countryside

Twenty acres down today, that old John Deere 700 swather held together today with much prayer. One of those deals where I rent the swather from a neighbor and its kinda rickety to say the least. Also an almost two mile drive to the oats field on a machine that I could walk faster eats up some time. I remember years ago, don’t know exactly when but I was out on the same land a couple miles south of here and I finished up a nice field and was on my way home, the slow, slow drive home and wouldn’t you know it, it broke down right in the middle of the gravel township road when I figured I had the day in! Memories eh! Tomorrow hit a ten acre field close to home and then in a few days combine that oats and get er in the bin, then bale the straw. The crop could be considered a bumper crop from the looks of it both in grain and in straw. Also I planted hay with the oats, a mixture of alfalfa, red clover, timothy, brome grass and orchard grass. And is it ever thick and lush after I cut the oats!

Even on that rickety old swather I had plenty of time to dwell on stuff today. Funny how much a person can think of as long as there ain’t a breakdown. I’ve always said that God speaks loud and clear when the engine is running at 2100 rpm! Well, yesterday I found out that I will be taking next week Wednesday’s service. No problem. Just gotta come up with something to keep me talking a minimum of one hour. I said yes yesterday because I figured with all this field work that I’d come up with something. Totally the opposite of what a person would figure I guess. I said I was going to be harvesting grain and was asked if I wanted to forget speaking, but I said that’s the best time in the world to get ready for speaking in church, when a person is out in the field for hours and hours! So I figure I’m going to talk about the subject of the anointing.  Lots of stuff to cover in that one, allot that I know that folks in our church never heard of, that’s the way I like it.

While thinking about that as I was sitting on that old machine, engine roaring right behind me, belts slapping, hands hanging on to the two steering levers, I thought about a book I was reading last night after the nightly Bible reading. Back in April or so I ordered a few books, well, mostly booklets and one book from an outfit in Texas. They’re on the internet, that’s where I ordered from. Didn’t order with a card of course cause us poor farmers don’t do things like that. Or should I say, what looks like poor farmers, but in fact the money stays home much easier when a person does stuff the old fashioned way and doesn’t get involved with a plastic society. OK, I’m a relic, what can I say. But I can personally tesify that it sure is nice not to have hardly any monthly bills at all, except for the true basics. But I don’t want to get into that. People look at me like, “how can you live without a card?” Well I say a heck of allot better than living with one! Green’s my color and serves me well.

Getting back to where I was going, whew, can I side track! I ordered those four books and booklets a couple months or more ago and last evening I was reading one called, “Apostle Cowboy Style” and I must say its a good read! Just click on the title and it’ll take you to the site. I like reading regular stuff like this, not some big fancy multi million dollar ministry with everyone having the title Dr in front of their name. I always figured a doctor was where I went when things were going a little goofy with my body, not to hear a doctor preach. A while back I posted about signs and wonders following those who preach the Gospel and this book is loaded with that. Interestingly enough for me is all the things about healing animals. Sound different? Well, a couple years ago in church there was a testimony about a farmer having a down dairy cow and anyone that knows anything about this knows when a cow is down she more than likely isn’t getting back up! But this member of our church went and prayed over the down cow in the name of Jesus with the couple looking on that owned it and low and behold and Praise the Lord that down cow got right up and headed for the food after being down a few days. Right then she got up. So I know about healing animals and know its in God’s will, especially to show that God is in control and to show unbelievers that there is a God working through His believers here on earth.

In the book, Apostle Cowboy Style, the preacher, Glenn Smith was asked by cowboys on the rodeo circuit to heal their horses, some in very bad shape, heal their dogs, again in real bad shape, and he’d lay hands on them and pray and they’d get healed instantly. But the kicker is these healings were witnessed by unbelievers. Those who scoffed at the rodeo preacher before, just saying he was after their money all of a sudden got hit point blank with the reality of the Living God. I truly believe what Glenn wrote, quite simply because God uses healing like that to back up His ministers in an unbelieving crowd who’s whole life is centered on these animals. Rather simple really and it even makes sense! Signs and wonders to back up the preaching of the Gospel is a promise, an absolute promise from the Word of God. And in the cases mentioned above, hell lost a pretty sizable crowd!


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  1. Great post once again Tom. The truth is signs and wonders will follow when the true Gospel is preached. It’s sad to say sometimes, but sinners are more open minded sometimes about the true Gospel and signs and wonders. Than some Christians. Good luck on Wed. Can’t wait to hear how it went. God is truely amazing. Starts you off somewhere simple to get to were you are now.

    A cool thing happened on Sunday. Didn’t realize it until now. There’s been a stirring in my and Kari’s Spirit. About a change coming. Don’t know when, but we know it’s coming. Well on Sunday. Someone came up to me and gave me a piece of paper with a scripture on it. I said thanks and put it in the pocket to read later. Didn’t think of it until this evening. I opened up the piece of paper. It said you must read this. Now for a person out of the blue to do this. Is kind of strange for some, but when a person is expecting God to do something it’s not. So the scripture is Isaiah 43: 18-19. This is the Message Bible version.

    Forget about what’s happened,
    don’t keep going over old history.

    Be alert, be present, I’m about to do
    something brand-new. It’s bursting out!
    Don’t you see it? There it is! I’m making
    a road through the desert and rivers in the badlands.

    That scripture is awesome. It just goes with all what Kari and I are feeling. God is so awesome. He’s about to do something brand-new. GLORY BE TO GOD!!!!!! Great things are coming. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Hi Tom & Rev. Josh, God has been stirring in my spirit the same thing & about 6 months ago He gave me Isaiah 43, especially verses 1-3 & 17-18 & confirmed it many times…!

    He is not only a great way-maker, He’s the Way!!!

  3. Hey RJ!

    Just got in from swathing oats, got er done. Now to get ready for combining in a few days. The small book I was writing about is sure full of signs and wonders! And what makes it much more interesting its all out here in the heartland. These are my kind of books let me tell you, regular people spreading the Gospel to the kind of people I am around. Country folk. Years ago,(and I know I’ve written about this here and there), I would sit in church and hear the things in the Bible, about signs and wonders, and wonder how come it only happened back then. I mean there was no such thing as even the slightest sign or wonder in all those years of dead religion. But once we stumbled into the little church we go to now things took off right fast! And now a feller knows that God will back up His Gospel! Durn,I’m getting all excited just writing this comment 🙂

    I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you and your family! That was something else what happened to you!! God is good and will always lead us the right way if we will only follow!
    God Bless!

    Hi Nina Ruth!
    Excellent point! He is the Way is right!
    Thanks and God Bless!

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