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Sunday morning around the farm and its sunny out with the promise of being a beautiful day. I just wanted to put this quick post up this morning before getting ready for church. I’ll write more about it later when there’s a little more time. Its been put on my heart to post a video this morning, a video about a ministry that I respect more than most.  A ministry that gets things done and every dollar spent supporting a child, feeding a child goes to help that child. Take a look at the video if you are able. I personally know these folks and I will say right here and now, if every church, if every true believer followed Jesus Christ like this couple does the Lord would return this year without a doubt for the great commission being fulfilled!

Some of the scenes in this video were taken where my wife and daughter were in Honduras a few weeks ago when they visited Tom’s orphanage down there.  I must get those photos up and running soon! More coming up when time permits.

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  1. I will totally agree with you Tom. This couple is amazing on how strong there heart is for the missions. It’s hard to find ministers where they put 100% of donations into the mission fields. I know that the money they get does go to change people’s lives. We’ve given money to them and still will give them money.

    For me I still can’t get El Savador out of my mind. I still think that I could have done more to save the lost there. Even though we did a lot in a short time. It just wasn’t enough for me. Hope that someday Kari and I can go back and change more peoples lives. Enjoy this beautiful day. Chow.

  2. Hey RJ!

    This blog will gradually have everything that we do or support on it. I’m getting more and more careful as time goes on, live and learn in the college of hard knocks you know 🙂 Impact Ministries is a good’un! That I know for a fact!

    Pray, pray, pray! The world is huge, it doesn’t seem like we can do much, but we can! Its been bothering me, been on my heart, even our immediate area, to bring back Christ, not church as we know it, but Christianity. This blog is just a little overflow from what’s been going on around here and what will come.

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