Where Were You?

The day is a cool day, a northwest wind, sometimes almost at a roar. Mostly cloudy out. I even wore a jacket much of the day today. Its a good evening to stay in the house tonight. This morning we moved the bulls to all the different pastures and then in later morning selected 15 replacement heifers and penned them up with a bull in the cow shed and pen. This afternoon it was to durn cold out to go and cut hay on an open tractor and probably to wet yet anyhow, so we brought in the 71 round bales of meadow hay that I baled Monday afternoon, brought them to our hay storage area near home. So at the present time we’re caught up with that. After the noon hour today the youngest daughter and a friend that’s staying over went for a walk down our gravel road, called Dairy Road. When they came back around forty five minutes later they had two really good looking grey cats following them, about half grown. Earlier we seen a car driving slow and stopping so I figure they were dumped by some town folk, a rather common occurrence out here in farm land. The girls had been walking along a soybean field, talking and having fun and all of a sudden those two kittens musta heard them and they came running right out of the edge of the field and followed the girls home and they have really settled in outside of our front door of the house! Of course my trained eye sees potential in those two as mousers on the farm!

With this cooler than normal weather this summer is the thankfulness of having abundant moister. The total for Tuesday’s rain on this farm is two and two tenths of an inch. The green countryside almost staggers me after the drought years we went through. The hills are green, the fields green, the pastures green and the lawn is so nice I can hardly believe it! Instead of trying to survive with the cattle, this year they are in plenty, and plenty fat to boot! Last evening, after church, which by the way was really fun in Children’s Church and afterwards with friends too, during my nightly Bible readings I was finishing up the Book of Job. The last few chapters where God enters the scene have always got to me. Us people think the world revolves around us so much of the time that it just becomes a way of life in many cases. Many people today think that God’s purpose is to please us, which is definitely not the case.

We have a loving God, one who wishes for no one to perish, but He is an Almighty God! The verse that always stands out for me in Job is this one;

Job 38:4 (New King James Version)

“ Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?
Tell Me, if you have understanding.

Now, I’ve mentioned it a few times recently about how we don’t control much farming. We do the work of tilling the soil, planting the seed and what ever else is required but God is the one that makes the crop grow. Maybe these last few years around here were to teach people that lesson, and if they weren’t, well there was a lesson to learn from it regardless. We go through the motions, but the crop is entirely in God’s hands, entirely. When I came to realize that everything changed and I mean everything. I do my work for God’s glory, not mine. I thank our God all the time everyday for His blessings on us, and they are high in number. Now an unbeliever or a person of little faith could take that same day and have nothing but gloom and doom in their heart.

Where were we when He laid the foundation of the earth. Where were we these last few years, I can tell you we weren’t able to make it rain, not one drop. The other evening on the third nice rain of the day it was almost like a tropical rain, heavy, straight down, water running everywhere. I was guesstimating how many gallons fell on the farm and let me tell you, it was allot! But we can’t make it rain, we just don’t have it in us. In reality we can’t do a whole lot except get ourselves in trouble more often than not. The Bible says we can’t add one hair on our heads. Something that simple and we can’t do it.  Mankind keeps touting up their accomplishments, but in reality, what have we accomplished? More and more trouble, a world on the brink of destruction, yup, man’s wisdom is really doing the trick.

I think its time for folks to understand that we are not all that important. God is important, we are just sinners that deserve nothing, nothing at all. Do we even deserve to live? The answer is NO. But our Almighty loved such a people regardless. Undeserving sinners. No one was good, not a one. Where were we when He laid out the earth, when He laid out the universe?

This past spring when all looked bleak as far as the farming year here, the pastures were already drying up, the fields were dust, I knew that there was not one thing on earth I could do about it all, not one thing. I gave it all to God, the fields, the pastures, the crops. I plead the Blood over them all. I told people that I had faith that God would take care of us, saying it when it looked totally impossible to the human mind. God delivered on His promises! Our farms and homes should be dedicated to Him and Him alone. Because in all reality, what else is there?

God’s ways and thoughts are far beyond the comprehension of man, far beyond. I’ve come to thew conclusion that I’ll never know much, but have faith that He does. His ways are perfect, mine are not. His ways are written in the farmer’s handbook, the Bible, for us to know His ways. That’s why I read it every day, to think like He thinks, to get the Word in me so deep that the Word flows out of me, a simple farmer. Farming for God!

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  1. Very good post. Sure could use a warm up here. This is summer? Right? I did see a tree starting to turn colors today. Not a good sign. The cattle must love the cooler weather. Have a blessed weekend. Talk to you soon. Chow

  2. Tom,

    If I had known you need mousers, I would have sent some up your way. We have had a very productive mother cat.

    Yesterday I tried to get the AI tech out to service a couple of cows and he was too busy. As a result of the cool weather he had all sorts of farmers wanting cows bred.

    We’ve been missing the rain that you have gotten. It is getting dry down this way. Truly we are completely dependent on God and can change very little. We can’t make it rain, we can’t make the crops grow, and we can’t prevent the curse of physical death from coming on us and our loved ones.

    Jim V

  3. Hey RJ!

    Tad bit cool out today! I’ve seen that happen before and those years weren’t all that bad in the long run so that’s a hope! One thing, when I’m cutting hay this year I don’t see any grasshoppers, nadda! To me that’s a good sign if there ever was one 🙂 Besides if it was in the nineties every one would be complaining, right 🙂

    God Bless!

    Hey Jim!

    Hmm I haven’t kept track of anything that I cannot see so I didn’t know about your dry conditions down your way. Heck, within a half an hour of here there are places in the same boots. Half of our rains this summer have formed right over us, never came from anywhere, I’m not used to that, but sure am thankful!

    I never thought about the cows breeding. I’d bet the dairy guys are having an easier summer with very little extreme heat. I know the last few years around here have been hard on the dairies getting cows bred in summer, or even keeping them alive in the big dairies for that matter! Them cows can’t go under a shade tree or go stand in the pond like a small herd can to stay comfortable and healthy.

    This post was just something I felt like writing, how little man can do, and we think we are so wise. But we are foolish and that’s about it,compared to God’s wisdom. How little we know and how man can tout his or her wisdom, thinking they really are someone and somebody. But in the end they die. We all die.

    So I figure a fella might as well be on the winning side, with the One who is wise, above all men. Even writing here, sometimes I wonder, I could write about all sorts of stuff but instead opt for spreading the Word and making a fool out of myself to the world. Folks drop in here thinking there’ll be allot of farming stuff and such, but get the Gospel instead. Many never come back after reading this “religious” stuff 🙂 But such is life.

    Well, I gotta go to the co-op in a couple minutes and I had better pick up a sack of kitty food 🙂 Those two grey kittens are still here and seem to be settling in for life! These will be added to the “wildcats” we have around the farm, them kittens could outrun a bullet! I see glimpses of them every morning, early. But their mother is really teaching those cats how to hunts, I’d hate to be a mouse when that family is on the prowl 🙂

    God Bless!

  4. Thanks for the post, Tom, great reminder that God is in control!!!

    Praying for your weather, Rev. Josh & Jim, whereabouts are you? My friend is an AI tech in Walworth county, WI…

    never thought about the weather/cow breeding before, but then I’m a suburbanite convert to Jesus & to rural culture! 🙂

  5. Nina,

    I am in south central Minnesota. The rains keep going either to the north or to the south. I have been asking God to be gracious to us. The pastures aren’t growing much. I’ll be feeding hay exclusively very soon unless there is rain. As the corn is just about to tassel, there may be yield reductions if it does not rain soon. Fortunately the weather has been cool, so things have not burned up like it would if it was hot. This morning my wife was thinking about firing up our wood fireplace insert. I don’t think she actually started a fire, but she was definitely thinking about it.

    Jim V

  6. Nina,

    I’m right in the middle of Minesota. Or pretty close to it. Right in Granite country. Everywhere you dig. You’re going to strike rock and plenty of it.


    I sure wouldn’t be complaining for warmer weather. I guess from living most of my life in Oklahoma. I guy kinda gets used to have warm summers. Well I’m on vacation this week. My mom is coming from Florida. Should be fun. Have a wonderful week.

    Jim V,

    I wouldn’t blame your wife for doing it. Mornings are sure a little chilly in the house. A person really has to fight getting out of the warm bed.

  7. Evening RJ!

    Well, I survived on the open tractor today cutting thistles in the pastures with the gyro mower behind the JD 2520. Rumor has it that it’ll at least not be down right cold tomorrow! I was like Jim’s wife the last couple of days, getting tempted to start up the outdoor wood boiler! Never did it, I think July is the only month I’ve never started it and I didn’t want to break my perfect record 🙂

    I tell you, I got more stuff to write about than ever, just a severe lack of time! Maybe tomorrow,who knows. For now I gotta get ready for sleep, you know the saying, early to bed……. 4:30 in the morning comes quick 🙂

    God Bless!

  8. The sad thing about living in an apartment. They turn the heat off. So even if we wanted heat. We couldn’t get it. Yep 430 is pretty early. God has been doing great things around here. It’s tough sometimes because a person wants to tell everyone, but words just can’t do it justice. Well maybe someday. Have a wonderful Sunday. Let God move in ya like never before. Can’t wait to see the day you start dancing in church!!!

    One thing God did just do was heal our little girl. She woke up this week with a cold. Temp was in the 100’s and had no energy. No way we’ll stand for that in this house. She was healed that very day. Glory to God.

    I found my new favorite verse. It’s in Matt. The disciple couldn’t heal a boy. So the father went to Jesus. After Jesus healed the boy. He told his disciple o of little faith. Then he told him that if you have faith of a mustard seed you can say to a mountain move and it will move. Then it’s the best part of the verse. And nothing will be impossible for you. Amen to that. Nothing is impossible. My Holy Spirit is running with that one. Can’t let it go. Amen

  9. Praying for rain for all you Minnesotans! And a HUGE harvest (both physically & spiritually!)

    nina ruth 🙂

  10. We’re getting rain this evening so the first half has been answered! 🙂 And rest assured the second half is on the way!

    God Bless!

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