By Life or By Death!

Today was a different sort of day in these parts as far as July goes, we received rain! An inch and four tenths. I don’t know if its done or not at the moment cause things can form right out of nowhere today. An old fashioned summer here. I noticed it knocked a little bit of oats down but nothing that can’t be picked up by the swather in a week or two. I’ll take that situation any day compared to drought! Already the world is looking a bit different around here, although I must admit I never seen any grass burning up yet, the corn never stressed yet and the pastures were still going strong. This rain should extend that into August. The corn should make tassel without a problem and reach a good height with this rain and it looks like there will be no problem getting more than enough silage to see us through the winter comfortably. I’m so amazed at God’s goodness this evening that I’m a little bewildered on what to write. Durn hard to get all fired up with a hell fired and brimstone post when a person is practically on their knees rejoicing to the Lord for His goodness in making the land green this year. For healthy crops and fat cattle!

Isaiah 26:4Β (King James Version)

Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength

I realize I put that verse in a post a few days ago but the truth is that its eating away at my heart. I truly love the verse from the Bible, the everlasting Word of God. Trust God, trust Him with all of our hearts. I praise Him for the rain today like a little child,full of joy, simple joy, He did what I cannot do. He controls it, I don’t. I can do everything right on the farm and still it means absolutely nothing without God taking care of the whole works for me. I always say, the best fertilizer is God! Cause there’s nothing that will amount to anything without God tending it, nothing.

Maybe I’m a heretic in some church circles, because some say claim it and receive it. I don’t buy that at all. To me its a carnal religion, nothing more, nothing less. And I have noticed that many who follow this religion are fairly shallow in faith and the funny thing is, they seem to end up with more problems than someone who trusts God in every aspect of their lives. Now come to think of it, this just came to me, the Lord says we should become like little children, having that simple faith in Him to take care of us as only He knows best. Because to put it bluntly, if we are claiming our will we will end up in allot of trouble and more likely than not end up in hell to boot. When a little kid won’t shut up and keeps wanting this and that all the time all a person has with that kid is a brat, right? And that spoiled brat who only thinks of himself or herself gets anything they want any time they want it, (claim it), their future life won’t be worth a pluig nickel. It just doesn’t work, its not Biblical, its a religion, a modern day religion of carnal Christians who only think of themselves, even if they think they are following God’s will. Now I’ve heard the excuses that God will bless you abundantly when you claim it so therefore a person can support money wise, spreading the Gospel. And I pray that I’m not self centered on this or off on the wrong track, but when I see folks with allot, I mean really “blessed” they sure do have allot of toys that have nothing to do with the Gospel. They sure spend allot of time on vacations and other high cost things for themselves, not financing the Gospel.Β  I will say right here and now that I don’t believe in tithing, why, because its not enough! God wants it all! God wants all of us! The tithe was an Old Covenant works, the Christian in the New Covenant is in a much better covenant. One where they do not live by works but live by the Spirit. Where the old self is dead and crucified with Christ. I do believe there’s going to be an answering at Judgement concerning this western religion that says we are entitled to all this carnal living.

I heard a story today, and I thnk it will always stay with me in my heart. Things like this want to make me vomit when I hear the prosperity religion. It was about a preacher of the Gospel in some country where you are put in prison for believing in Jesus Christ. They were tortured as is so common and this preacher was in prison with many other believers. The terrible conditions that they endured, the tortures, just for following Jesus Christ. The preacher was almost ready to go insane from the tortures and he couldn’t take all the screaming and suffering around him in the adjoining cells.It was like hell on earth.He prayed for God to take him away for five minutes to be in His presence, to get away from the prison and the suffering and screaming. Suddenly he felt himself depart from his body and was being lifted away. The peace was beautiful as he drifted further and further away from the prison.Then the noises came back, all the terror and screams, louder and louder and he was in bewilderment. It was worse than anything he ever experienced in prison. He was at the Throne of God! This is what reached the Throne! And the Heavens were at attention! Every scream, every pain, every tear, everything that the saints suffer in His name are what are at the throne!

I am ashamed,very ashamed at myself. I am ashamed that I even mention any of “our problems”. Christianity is a far cry from this American religion. How will a person react at the throne, at the judgment, when these saints that gave everything are there and we come with such a weak kneed religion. More and more I’m seeing its not about our needs. Its about Him, nothing else. This is why in America, in the American religion there is little or no personal evangelism. Because its all about me. Not about Him.

If we realize its about His Kingdom, not ours, that we were created for Him, not Him for us, when we realize that if we choose to follow Him we will drink from the same cup. Can we be free from our own flesh and its lusts? Can we live for God? LifeΒ  as it is, is not worth living, but the cause is worth dying for. And if we live, we live for Jesus,we love people, we honor people, we’re respectful. But we do not bow down to the fear of man, we don’t bow down to the praise of men, we don’t live for a pay check, we don’t live for things and the want of them. We live to Glorify Jesus!

I will follow You by life or by death!

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  1. Good Morning Tom,

    Very good post this morning. You know, I am ashamed of myself too. I see things around that I could help with and don’t. It kind of eats at a man. Not necessarily money things, but thought things. An example of this is sometimes walking across the street to get away from someone who’s a little off or homeless or something, instead of going up and wishing him good morning. Or the first thought that runs through my head when I see someone like that may be very unchristian like. I feel bad afterwards and make up for it sometimes, but still them thoughts are there. It makes me wonder sometimes how far I really am from the Kingdom…..

    “Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength” Well now Brother….. You are preachin to the choir on this one. I get done with one thought sayin how far I am from the kingdom and then you whip out this verse and I realize how close I am too….. I am a poster child for giving it all to God, and I got to tell you that ol God works emotional miracles, with the help of some old northern farmers who can steer un rednecks in the right direction…. πŸ™‚

    Glad everything is looking good there. Things are rolling right along here too. We’re getting some summer rains and it looks like this might be the perfect weekend for finishin cleaning out the fence rows and burning Brush…. Compared to years past, this year has been about the easiest year I’ve had…. and yes, I’m lookin for some wood to knock on…. πŸ™‚

    Well, better get back to it. I need another cup of unleaded here before I head out….

    Have a GREAT day,


  2. Good morning and thankful for the rains you had. We had a friend in Minnesota, an elderly farmer, who often phoned us up after they had “weather” in their area to tell us it was on its way across the big lake to us πŸ˜‰ And it looks like we may get some of your rain today, too, and will be very thankful for it.

    As always, Tom, your post is good “meat and potatoes” to chew on for the day! I’ve always been turned off by the name it and claim it thought, and the prosperity preaching that seems so popular (how is that even Biblical? God may chose to bless in that way for a time, but for us to EXPECT that as Christians?!?) Now I have no doubt that our Great God can use even prosperity preachers and other popular churches of the day to draw a soul to Himself, but I know that kind of leadership leaves a person hungry for more. Thank you for “good preaching” this morning!

    Have a blessed day enjoying the refreshment our Father’s watering gave to your land!

  3. Morning Brad!

    A change to the post here, after I wrote the post last evening we received another 7/10s of an inch so that puts yesterday’s total to two and a tenth!! Won’t know how to act today!! Now allot of folks moan and groan around here saying it never rains in July. It kinda gets a person down. For myself though, I stayed with the faith, that God will take care of us, and He sure did!! Its so green here!!

    Now to use this abundance for Him. First to proclaim His goodness to any and all even if it makes a person look like a complete idiot in their eyes. Next, work like a bear so things will all get done around here this season. Next use every moment to do His work in the region, again, even if it makes a person look like a fool!

    Speaking of trusting in the Lord, tomorrow we catch, sort and move the bulls to pasture πŸ™‚

    I got up late this morning, its a rain thing πŸ™‚

    God Bless!

    Morning Cary!

    I tell you, it was like a tropical rain yesterday, three times! Straight down, couldn’t even see the neighbor’s place a quarter mile away! I am so thankful to our Lord!

    When ever I write like this post I get myself into a dangerous area. Because I am for prosperity, prosperity in doing God’s will. I really see so many preachers feeding on the carnal lusts of people, give em what they want. Where it becomes a religion of receiving. yes we receive, but that is way down the list in Kingdom priorities! A by product of the prime product! I also see, and I mean I really am starting to see this, where folks that were deep into the modern prosperity religion are being slowly drawn out of it by the Spirit of God working on their hearts. Where the emptiness of a me, me religion is being replaced by a hunger for God, a real hunger.

    I won’t talk about TV preachers here, just small town ones, and I see some slowly turning more and more to God and away from the very tight religion of speak it and receive it. Away from promising riches and more to chasing God. You see, when they promise and promise material riches for years to a rural congregation and in a few years everyone is probably in worse circumstances that before, the first thing that the hard line religious prosperity people will claim is that our faith isn’t strong enough, thus burdening the believers with a hell sent guilt trip. I’ve seen it!

    I’ve thought long and hard about this for years, I believe in Biblical prosperity, I really do. I don’t believe in prosperity that comes from a formula that follows our personal wants. A formula that is basically a work, a work of saying this a certain way and then things are released from the heavenly vending machine so that we may be served by God! You will notice how deep followers of this are to the point where God’s main purpose is to make us happy. So I say, what about the millions of believers in the world that live in persecution, some very terrible persecution, is their faith not strong enough?? One time I heard a preacher say locally here that God treats us differently in America, a higher level. God wants us to prosper financially, the other countries are different and treated differently in God’s eyes. My words to that preacher and to others like that is that they should seriously consider being “born again”!

    Gee, am I late this morning. Sorry about being long winded, you put the preach in me this morning πŸ™‚ Hmm, maybe someday I should consider really early morning services πŸ™‚

    Thanks Cary, and God Bless!

  4. Morning Tom,

    Whew!! We had a humdinger of a storm last night. Woke up to no power this morning. If you want to see something funny, watch me stumble out of bed a 4am…. If you want to see something REALLY funny, watch me stumble out of bed a 4am in complete darkness :). This morning wasn’t pretty, and I’ve got a bump from missin the door opening by about a foot… πŸ™‚

    Church was good last night. The preacher spoke on getting on fire for God. If I can get one thing out of a preachin I’m pretty fired up. Last light I got a couple, so it made my day!! As, you know, I’m not the get out there evangelist type… and he talked about that a little, so I got my feelings hurt too, but then he talked about other ways, the quiet could be helpful to God…. Pretty good stuff….

    I guess this ol farm is on cruise control. My electric fencer hasn’t let me down, my bull is doin what he’s supposed to and I’m just kind of going around and checking things off the list that have needed to be done thise past two years or so….. Kind of a nice time of year… The heat here has been pretty bad, but I haven’t remembered such a smooth year in a long time.

    Alright, I’d better get at it. I’m wonderin if your still enjoying those big ol breakfasts in the morning?? I’m back to sawdust bars and coffee thats about it….

    Have a GREAT day my friend…..


  5. Morning Brad!

    All is calm here and cool.The temp is 50 degrees and calm. Including a calm farmer before the storm of moving bulls πŸ™‚ Had church last evening and I must say I enjoyed that. Was never in the church, I was always outside, ah, reminds me of the old John Wesley thingy, “the world is my parish”. Of course I only had ten kids following me around last night but they were a pretty good parish!

    Yup, farm breakfast most of the time! A couple strips of home made bacon, a sausage patty, some hash browns, a couple pieces of toast, a couple farm fresh eggs. Some hot coffee! A normal thing around here. Then eat a big dinner at noon, then a big supper at around six this evening. Nothing much eaten in between those though so there’s a lack of calories in reality πŸ™‚

    So I had better get this gulped down and get into my day. I hope I can post tonight, there’s a few things on this little mind of mine. I tell you, I get charged up preaching like last evening. Was talking about David and Goliath and I had a captive audience! There’s allot to that story! A feller could go on for a long time. Of course I had no lesson to go by, just went with the Spirit and the moment!

    I gotta finish up this here huge breakfast and get my butt out there! The bulls are getting pretty restless and I figure today’s a good day to preform the sacred ceremony and get them fellers with those cows πŸ™‚

    God Bless!

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