That Old Time Religion Still Works!

As I said in my last post yesterday evening, we are having us a different weekend around here. More like a vacation weekend. Of course when a feller is farming like this a vacation basically means doing something different than the normal routine. The chores still gotta get done and the home place needs taking care of. But with the girls off in Wisconsin and no church work to do at our church we decided to go and visit a small church around 20 miles away. It never hurts to get to know a few churches and the people, especially with the calling that we have.

So, chores really went good this morning. I had the longest sleep in years while on home vacation, got up at 5:45 and felt the day was half shot! The cows were all in their pastures, so no extra work there and nobody needed hay that were in the pens at home. So chores consisted of feeding the chickens and the four family hogs and that was about it. Come into the house and read the free newspaper, a whole county newspaper. No big news, just what’s happening around the county, plus a good farm section and want ads. That done I finally decided it would be a good day to stop by at the little church at the county seat and pay them a visit. An old fashioned Holy Ghost church. Well, we arrived about twenty minutes early and they had coffee and treats in the basement! That’s when I found out they always start their services twenty minutes late. The reason, the piano player does services in the local old folks home and thats when he gets back to church from there.

We finally went upstairs to the sanctuary and it got started. Now me and the wife sat in the back row, a safe place I figured to enjoy the service and also to observe. I always like to learn, especially when in the presence of an old time man of faith. The songs were much more old fashioned than what I’m used to. It took me back to how I imagined churches 50 or more years ago in Appalachia or down south. The Pastor was from Georgia and still talks like it.

I gotta backtrack here a little bit. When talking with the folks I came to realize a large amount were from one relation, cousins, uncles, and all the rest. It was almost the inside joke there today. But I didn’t realize that all these good old boys and their families weren’t really church going folks. They’d been coming here and there and more and more were coming till today when they had a good batch there. In many ways they were a little disruptive during the service, talking amongst themselves and such. The pastor, a man of wisdom changed his sermon that he was planning and turned up the “heat” so to speak. Now this is right up my alley and believe me, I was alert!

Galatians 5
16 I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. 17 For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary to one another, so that you do not do the things that you wish. 18 But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.
19 Now the works of the flesh are evident, which are: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness, 20 idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, 21 envy, murders, drunkenness, revelries, and the like; of which I tell you beforehand, just as I also told you in time past, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

I was having a good time listening to all of this. Its almost rare when a person hears the old hell fire and brimstone stuff any more! Preached in the old time way, arms waving, preaching with a shout. Almost stomp and snort, so as folks that know me well should know, I was at home with this! I did notice as it got farther and farther into the sermon the small disruptions were fewer and farther between! The Holy Ghost was striking deep into the hearts of the congregation today.

At the end of a sermon I’ll never forget the pastor had an altar call. Now I’ve seen many an altar call in my days but never one like this one. The kind I’m used to are usually slow to start, like a person gotta really plead to get them up there. In fact its been a while since I seen a real altar call. Mostly just calls for the church to get their weekly blessing,instead of the church members going out being a blessing in the world. Oh well, I’d better not get started with that or the internet won’t have enough room to contain it! But back to today. When that altar call was called the response was instant. I can safely say I never seen nothing like it.I’ve read about it in the old days while reading about the old circuit riders but this is the first time I ever seen it with my own eyes. This was an old fashioned altar call, you had to come to the front, not raise a hand or secretly fill out a card or something. You had to take a public stand for Jesus. Not hide it while everyone has their heads down so it can be a semi secret thing. I guess nowadays folks don’t want to publicly take a stand for Christ. But the Bible does say something about that, and it ain’t all that good. So I get allot more out of witnessing an altar call where people must march right up the aisle and publicly proclaim Christ!

I tell you, that altar was crowded, fast, with the folks I never thought were even listening to the sermon. Apparently they sure were! Then the pastor called to us in the back seat to get up there and help with praying over those folks. He said, “Tom, get up here!”, and we sure got up there fast! Didn’t expect that but was humbled to take a part in something so special! I never expected this day to be so rewarding when I woke up this morning, but God moves when His Word is preached with no shame. Many churches today wouldn’t allow the Gospel to be preached in such a manner, to their shame. There are times when truth must be poured out on the people. Mush preaching will send allot of folks to hell, as they sit comfortably in their pews week after week.Today hell lost its hold on allot of folks and I had the privilege to witness it and to learn a lesson that will forever stick with me! That Old Time Religion still works!

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  1. Amen to that. That is so awesome to hear that the strong word of God is being preached with no worries with it. My dad and I were just talking about how whimpy church’s are these days. More worried about pleasing others. Instead of pleasing God. We deffinetly need to get back to the old time Gospel. Nothing but the word of God. Not carrying if people get offended or not. Just preaching the good stuff. Better get used to what you saw today. More is on its way. It’s just the beginning. Next time it might be at a local supermarket or park. Expect the unexpected. When you least expect it. God is doing great things. Be blessed this week.

  2. I’m sure ready to hit the week around here after a day like we had yesterday! I wonder what would happen if days like yesterday became common place??? Like in the years gone bye??

    Yesterday being it was a free day we were deciding where to go to church. There’s sure allot of em out there and there’s some popular ones in the mix too. We decided to go to a very small old church and we ended up having a Sunday a feller will never forget! Now that breaks the rules of man, doesn’t it?? Where big and modern is always better. Makes a feller start seeing things the way God sees em!

    God Bless!

  3. Morning Tom,

    Well, I’m back from my two and a half weeks… I sure am glad to be too… I’m trying to get caught up around here… Looks like I got a bunch of posts to read…. You’ve been busy!! 🙂

    Just so I didn’t get out of practice, I helped my old brother in law’s hay Kathy’s Dad’s place. We did 600 squares one day last week. After that, I had to remind myself I was on a vacation and spent the next day under the shade tree watchin them…..

    Friend, I sure did miss our morning cups of coffee. I hope we get back in the routine again. This is one of the brightest spots of my day and it has been for a long time.

    Well, I’d better get going, this ain’t winter and taking vacations during the growin season will get a feller behind…..

    Have a GREAT day,


  4. Morning Brad!

    Well, it sure is good to have you back!! Sometimes its kinda lonely knowing that as I man the blog at 5 AM that there ain’t another soul around at the time! But I must say, this blog has been hopping somewhat and its been fun keeping up with it.

    I just came in to let my family know that we’ll have dinner at 11 AM and then I gotta get out and bale. Looks like some blessed rain heading our way from Dakota and I want to get that deep meadow done quick! As soon as the dew is off we gotta let er rip!!

    Good to have you back, and I gotta GIT!

    God Bless!

  5. Morning Sir,

    How are you this fine day. I finally got around to reading your post this morning. I’ll tell you, having been in the Catholic church the past 20 years, I guess I never knew what fire and brimstone was until I started going to this Baptist church near us. Now, I don’t know if it really is fire and brimstone, but to me it sure seems like it. Its different, but I’m getting used to it 🙂

    Well, things are happening around here like you wouldn’t believe. Soon, I’ll have a new house, new wife, new family, and a new purpose. We sure hit the ground running when we got back. The younger one goes to get registered in college this week, then its off to move him into an apartment. I’ll end up being by myself for about 3 weeks, then I’ll get a new bride and a couple of fine young men to look after. Whew!!!! oh yeah… then there is this raggely ol farm… 🙂

    Good thing the summer slump hit with this grass. I won’t get three cuttings this year, but I don’t need em…. I’ll have more than enough to feed this year. Thank the Lord. It sure is different than the past several….

    Last night, I started helping my brother move into that ol farmhouse I was fixin up. He’s going to keep working at it. Funny how one mans dream can become anothers in an instant. He wants to change a bunch of things I already have….. ahhh well…. its his place…..

    Alright friend, I’d better get going. I’m so bleary eyed, I can hardly stand it…. This datin scene don’t take kindly to a guy who’s used to goin to bed at 8pm….. Now, thats when I’m finishin up the chores before I go visit my beautiful bride to be… Ah well… I’ll sleep someday… 🙂

    Have a GREAT day,


  6. Morning Brad!

    I’m getting lazier with age and wisdom and sleeping a tad bit later some days 🙂 Plus its raining outside, and no rush going out and getting wet! Man, you must be one busy person! Talk about some huge life changes! And I think its a big deal when we moved our “evil” ducks in with the chickens! Little rascals had this strange attraction to the tar county road and musta figured on holding worship services in the middle of it with summer tourist traffic and all. So I reckoned a wise farmer would avoid sitting in court for a few years and lock them web footed pranksters up. Now can you see the difference in life styles between us?? 🙂 If I go on a trip its to the John Deere shop. Had to do that yesterday morning, (again), a heavy spring broke on the round baler. Plus the trip to the JD shop usually is equal in cost to some around the world trip so I guess things even out as far as life styles go!

    I’ve been picking up that old Peter Cartwright book the last few days and taking a gander at it every evening after Bible reading. Yup, that’s my kinda ministry! I sure do wish there’d be some kind of record of how those fellers preached. The word is they were really powerful and sometimes half nuts when they preached and the settlers loved it. They couldn’t stand regular old church during the circuit rider era. Now my favorite parts how them riders didn’t live and let live as we mostly do today. They’d take on anybody point blank. They’d take on anyone that was off course and tell em they were heading to hell. Maybe that’s why this past Sunday I perked up. I was seeing a small remnant of the glorious past in the preacher’s sermon. Take on a whole tribe, a whole relation and at the end the were almost running to the altar. Sounds like what I’ve been reading!

    Oh Glory, I have no idea what this day will bring. Keep on raining I say! Get er wet! Take the corn all the way. Keep those pastures going! Praise the Lord!

    I’d better finish up breakfast and coffee here and head my butt outside and get myself wet, (I hope).

    God Bless!

  7. Hi Tom, Praise the Lord that you and your wife were blessed and “fed” at this service!

  8. We got fed alright! And the daughters sure got fed in Wisconsin this weekend at church down there. There’s allot coming as time goes by around here, allot! And as it happens I’ll write about allot of it! Glory to God!

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