A Short One

Another Saturday evening, the week coming to a close and as usual I’m a tad bit tired. Got all the work that I wanted done this week done so I sure can’t complain. We have an empty nest here this weekend with both girls visiting down in southern Wisconsin. Kinda peaceful around here in fact! Tomorrow being Sunday, and the fact that we have an empty nest, we were figuring on visiting a different church for once. With our schedules always busy at our church its almost impossible to get away ever, there’s always someone in the family that is signed up to work at some job or another in church. But it seems like the stars and moon and all the other stuff in the sky must be in the right alignment, plus the hogs tipped over the slop trough, so away we go for once! Now knowing me it won’t be to some modern day fun church, no, I think we’ll go “old school” tomorrow. Probably to a preachers church that I know. An old timer in the faith. It doesn’t hurt to get some wisdom from someone who’s been involved in real revivals in the past. Its very rare to find a preacher that has ever been part of a real move of God. And being that we have one within twenty five miles, what the hey, might just as well go and get fed on the Word from a senior member of the faith!

Old school, kinda up my alley. Last winter I sat listening for hours to the preacher mentioned above, and I hardly ever talked. Why screw up a good thing I figured. Listening to the stories of faith from years gone by. Sitting on a couch with a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter night being filled with experiences that are very rare and unusual in this day and age. Funny how people sometimes meet. Who would have ever thought that I’d meet someone like that around this area? But as usual God brings people across our paths that one would think are impossible to meet around here.

I’ll just take it easy tonight writing, kick back a bit. Not worry about all to much before bed. There’s enough worries for tomorrow, why bother today.

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  1. Hi Tom!

    It’s bee a while since I’ve been able to come for a visit here. I have enjoyed reading your last few post.

    You and your family have been on my mind, and we have kept you all in prayer.

    Glad to see your keeping up and doing well.

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Hi Kris!

    I was looking at your blog and I gotta tell you, the corn looks good! Its pretty good around these parts too, could use a drink, but we aren’t having any blasting heat so its doing OK.
    I always think of you folks over your way. Funny how that goes in blog land. The people I keep track of and fellowship with on the blog would more than fill our little country church, I can tell you that!
    We’ll keep sending prayers out your way too!

    God Bless!

  3. Southern Wisconsin? I’m jealous (in a good way) for the girls! I pray they are blessed! My heart is in southeast Wisconsin for sure! I am blessed by you & your family! Keep pray’n for me & I for you guys!

    Just got my devotional today by Angus Buchan…and I mean TIMELY! Been really really attacked by the enemy lately & was wondering if I really am hearing God right & then my dog starts barking & I go to the door to see what she’s fussing about & there’s my book delivery on the doorstep! Now, UPS doesn’t deliver on Sunday! At 7 pm! But there it was! I was almost laughing/crying when I opened it & I opened it to where the ribbon bookmark was…and whaddya know? It was stuck in August 21 (my birthday!) & the devotional that day by Angus was about OBEDIENCE!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    God is good!

  4. Morning Nina Ruth!

    Well, it looks like the girls are back home. Funny I didn’t hear em come in. I guess they arrived at 4 AM, safe and sound, praise God!

    Now that’s quite the testimony about that devotional! And I do believe it!! God works so His Glory is seen by those who love Him! Enjoy the book, cause I sure do and it’ll be my daily reading for a long, long time! Angus sure does put forth things plain and simple, something I can understand!

    God Bless!

  5. Hi Tom, have you read the Farm Sermons by C.H. Spurgeon? I’ll bet you would enjoy them and they are available to read on line if you don’t already have them at:
    (hope the link works) I love to read Charles Spurgeon and was delighted to discover these works.

    Have a blessed day…the sun is shining and it is cool here in mid-Michigan and we are getting ready to clean barn – my dad always said that is one of those “character building jobs” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Morning Cary!

    Ah, its raining here fairly good right now and I’m a tad bit wet as I come in after first round of morning chores! Your comment reminds me, ….. I should clean the hog pen and after its cleaned up get them hogs butchered! Maybe this afternoon!

    Yup, I’ve read some of them, I have a link to it on the old Northern Farmer Blog. I’m a bit behind here linking to all the things I want to link to, forgive me for that. I’ve got a few of his books for study and I do recommend reading the farm sermons!

    Thanks and God Bless!

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