Old Treasures

A couple of weeks ago there were garage sales in the area, some at local churches. Now this is a garage sale family if ever there was one. Never know what treasures a person will come across and if something ends up to be junk, well, it didn’t cost an overly inflated arm and a leg to give me tears as I throw it out on the junk pile. Besides all the regular garage sale junk, I mean treasures,something different happened this time around.Now normally we have a family policy to buy any and all Bibles offered at garage sales. Some we do end up throwing away because they are some pretty strange ones from what I call “not Christian” groups. Mostly though a person comes across some really good one, in excellent shape too! The New Living Translation that I’m using in my daily readings is one of these treasures. It was purchased last year for twenty five cents, leather bound, perfect shape. This is my main reading Bible cause I can understand it so well. We’ve many more of just about every version imaginable. A couple weeks ago though we hit jackpot! I came home from doing what I do on the farm and lo and behold there was a large box full of Christian books. A couple of Bibles too. We’re talking a box full that could quite possibly knock a persons back out because of the weight! All for pennies on the dollar.

A special Bible I found out a few days later as I was paging through it was once a ministers Bible from a few decades ago in a local town. How we ended up with something like this I’ll probably never know, but it is something I believe to be very special. The ministers name is in it and what is amazing is all the underlining he did. When I page through I look for the underlining and it doesn’t take long to see this was truly a man of God. Old school stuff underlined. The lines ministers would have underlined for centuries. This will keep me busy for quite sometime, oh and its a study Bible too. As I said, many decades old and the study points are really informative. I was told this special treasure cost fifteen cents. I do believe I’ll keep this as one of my main Bibles from now on.

An interesting book that I dug out of the big box was a funeral book. At first I past it by looking at more interesting titles and things. A little while ago I picked it up and paged through it and if I ever had an experience, a Holy Ghost experience it was then. This book is almost 90 years old, in perfect shape, like new. Its black with red trimmed pages but what grasped me was the contents. They are simply beautiful! The book has the pastor’s name and date in it. I do believe he probably had died before I was ever born and I was born a long time ago. I held in my hands a treasure! The verses are all powerful and beautiful. The Psalms speak to a person differently than I ever seen them before.

There are more old books that I hardly have even gotten to yet. Treasures that found their way into this house while I was cutting hay or else baling one day. The books from the old school, before the church “modernized”. The power of God seems to radiate from them as I touch them. To put it bluntly, I was very emotional when paging through some of these. Its hard to explain,  don’t know if I can. But to hold in my hands books from God’s servants of yesteryear touched me deeply. The underlinings that spoke to pastors of yesteryear. The stories that can be told. The experiences they had while holding those books in their hands doing the Lord’s work years gone by. What others discarded as old religion, something that there’s very little time for nowadays, has found its way into the hands of someone who treasures them.Not for collector value or anything like that. But for the anointing that flowed through the men that held these books years ago in days gone by.

I thank God for this and also a garage sale loving family! I had been praying for things like this, but where does a person begin. But prayers have been answered, in a simple way, these old treasures have found someone who cherishes them and will put them to use.

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  1. Wow!! What a blessing Tom!!

    Just gonna share my $.02 for what it’s worth:
    Keep them books, even if you have an electronic copy, keep ’em. (I know you will, just a side note for others who perhaps may think we will have uninterrupted electricity during the next few years)

    I have purchased a few books and have been hindered from reading them but will not let them go away for that very reason…

    Blessings to you and yours this day!!


  2. Tom. I sure remember in a day when someone let you borrow some good old books. Now who was that? Well ya know. I bet that person might like to borrow one or two or three. Whenever you get done with them.

  3. Hey Brian!

    They will be saved around here! After reading so many more modern books I kinda know how King Josiah musta felt when they found the old scroll of the Law.
    Seems like I don’t get to read like I once did, but that changes when winter returns, the sun goes down at 4:30 in the afternoon, then there’s plenty of time to get immersed in some reading. There’s still quite a few books in the big box that I never even took a look at yet, who knows what awaits 🙂

    God Bless!

    Hey RJ!

    Seems like I remember some feller who borrowed me bags of books years ago, (and now I got someone to blame for all this mess I’m in 🙂 ). Besides that box remember I have a huge library now that has swelled through the years. Next time your in the area I’ll have to show you and your welcome to any and all!

    God Bless!

  4. I have my great grandpa’s Bible that no one in the family seemed to want. It’s written in German so I can’t read it but he had lots of little papers inserted – funeral and wedding announcements, poems, letters, etc. Even if I can’t read it, I can tell what the underlined verses are and have appreciated the incite into my great grandpa’s life who I never knew. Makes a person wonder what they’ll think someday when they look at our Bibles. Will they see our love for God in it’s pages? Sure hope so!

  5. Hi Camille!

    That sounds interesting! It pains me to see things like that discarded and am glad you got a hold of it. In our garage sale Bible collection from the last couple of years is a really old King James pocket Bible, and also a hundred and some year old Bible written in Swedish. And me not being Swedish or knowing any Swedish doesn’t help matters all to much 🙂

    I hadn’t ever thought of that before, about will the coming generations see our love for God in our old Bibles. Interesting food for thought! With the old Bibles the most interesting thing is the underlining, the writings of thoughts, all that kind of stuff. Like a testimony coming out of the past, still alive, the power of a person’s testimony!

    Thanks for sharing this!

    God Bless!

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