The Key!

Glory to God this was a good day! Not to much work to do, the cattle were good and stayed n the fences, not a problem in the world that can’t wait till tomorrow! This evening is a time to reflect a bit at what has been done these last few months and what is to come. Things just take off when God is in command and a fella has a hard time keeping up especially when the flesh still wants to do things its own way. Last December I was reading a Christian magazine and it had a small article about the South African farmer/preacher Angus Buchan who’s character is portrayed on the movie “Faith Like Potatoes”. It caught my eye and I studied up a bit on his ministry but then had to pursue other things at the moment. This past spring I found out about the movie and rented it, then bought a copy and things have never been the same around here. After that I purchased three books written by Angus Buchan, one being a devotional written by a farmer for farmers. I love that book and plan on buying several more copies just to distribute to folks in need of such things. In his book “Faith Like Potatoes” which I purchased at the same time I learned things that settled my heart for a long time to come.

The biggest revelation I received from the book was on how they structure their ministry. Much differently than what we consider the norm in the American religion which I have some difficulty with. Now this ministry is not a church, its an evangelistic ministry. One thing stood out big to me that’s totally upside down from what we in America consider “normal”. They do not pass the collection plate. Also I looked on their ministry website, Shalom Ministries, which is near the bottom of the links on the sidebar. There is no plea for money, no paypal button, nothing. How radical can they get! Who ever heard of such a thing in America?? The ministry is supported by faith from the farm they farm! Now this is radical, very radical. But extremely biblical.

Also on the farm is a chapel for the immediate neighborhood. There are several other things the farm provides for the Lord’s work. They do receive donations here and there and doors are opened that normally would be impossible. But with 90% of all expenses paid by the farm this is still radically different than what is considered ministry in America. Now why does this strike me so? Why does this excite me so? Because they are relying on God to supply their needs to do His will! Simple and direct. Not relying on if the donations will be up for the month or year, but relying on Gods blessings and the sweat of their own brows. Is it only me or is this biblical? The freedom that this gives to do the Lord’s will is unmatched in anything the American religion has! The one thing that will send so many to hell is the fact that the American religion appears as a money hungry machine. And in many ways that’s all it has become, a far cry from the Book of Acts, a far cry from the letters of Paul.

Do we have faith to let God supply our needs, helping us with the work we do to make a living and further the Kingdom? This will take an extreme deprogramming from the American religion. I think the word that puts more fear in anyone is the word “work”. Heaven forbid that I should do something as demeaning as working a dirty job when I am serving the Lord. But work gives freedom, allot of freedom from the world’s structure that has infiltrated the church. Years ago in this country the denominations that exploded across America were ramrodded by preachers that hardly got payed at all. Evangelistic surges that changed the country’s landscape bigtime.

Evangelism therefore exploded when folks that weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty were released into the countryside, mostly at their own expense. What a concept! This should put me in the loony list even writing like this, trouble is that its true. Now when evangelism is mainly done with “paid” evangelists that travel from church to church for a set fee mostly, faith is on a severe decline. We call those folks evangelists but in all reality they are not because to put it bluntly what’s an evangelist doing in churches? Think about that for a moment. That’s the last place they should be! Was Phillip the evangelist preaching all the time in the church of Jerusalem? NO! He was out everywhere proclaiming the Word of God to the masses anywhere and everywhere! And its not that easy to convince the masses, the unsaved masses to give an offering.Its more important to proclaim the Word of God to them. Today the “evangelists” find it much more financially rewarding to “evangelize” in churches cause they do take up offerings. But the truth be told, very few people get saved in churches  in comparison to evangelizing out in the world.

So the question I ask myself is “is my faith strong enough to follow a vision like this?” Through the years I’ve seen people farming that supposedly had a call from God and they just let the farm go down the tubes. But what happens if the farm is the very bread and butter of the ministry? The farm thrives because its only purpose is to further the Kingdom of God. Its a family farm, not even a tax write off for some ministry belonging to the American religion. Instead of going down the tubes it expands to meet more needs. The cattle herds get bigger and better, the crops thrive more because of the extra care as they are being tended for the work of the Lord and supplying the needs of the Lord’s workers! Anybody getting this? As I type tonight I’m looking out the window on what looks like a fairly full moon rising over a field of 91 big round bales on the highest hill on the farm. A sight to behold! Blessings from God! This is not by any means modern prosperity preaching, this is biblical to the tee. I praise the Lord for finding these books that have confirmed so many things that were in my heart but so difficult to find in the modern day American religion based on money,money from others. I don’t believe I’m a heretic thinking this way and if I am, oh well. I’ve done worst in the past I guess! I believe I’ve found the key, the key to doing things as the Lord intends for us to do!


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  1. That was awesome. Couldn’t say it any better. Samethings have been surfacing in my mind also. I’ll have to get his book and read it. Something about that movie that won’t let me go. Tell ya. I was rejoicing one minute and crying the next. It sure opens the eyes up. Definetly have to get his book!! God Bless ya Tom. Thanks for the great post!!

  2. Morning RJ!

    The same happened to me, it won’t let me go! The way I found out about it is still a mystery, myself and Pastor A were discussing that yesterday,a strange story in itself. But its not mine to question,just to go on and obey the call!

    Like I wrote in the post, many things were confirmed in my heart after all of this,direction was given and I’m at peace with it all. The farm is different because of it. God is good!

    Well,a Monday morning here and time to start getting ready to work on that farm that will provide 🙂

    God Bless!

  3. I have a question for ya. Were did you buy his book. I went on his site and it was in rupels(?). Then I went to Barnes and Nobles and all they had was used ones.
    I will tell you. Our family isn’t the same either. There’s things falling together here also. God is awesome!

  4. You can get the book Faith Like Potatoes at CBD,(Christian Book Distributors). I got mine through I also got a book from them called “A Farmer’s Year” and I highly recommend that one too. I’m going to order a few copies just to give to farmers that I run into, a precious gift to some hurting farmers. Its a daily devotional written by Angus Buchan and a farmer,(or someone that would like to be a farmer), a farmer would understand it.It makes much more sense to a farmer than some preachers that never got their hands dirty, always had clean fingernails and never worked a day in their life by the sweat of their brow. If you have any trouble locating them just give me another holler and I will certainly help! Those books are well worth it, talk about inspiring!

    By the way, you owe me ten rupels for the advice 🙂

    God Bless!

  5. Hello my brother!!
    Long time no write!! 🙂

    Yes my friend, you have found the key, and the wonderful thing is the way events transpired:
    1) You had hidden these things within your heart(wonder who placed them there?)
    2) You meditated upon them, found references within His word to support these ideas, thoughts, ponderings
    3) Father used external events, conversations, media and relationships to give substance to the ideas
    4) These ideas are now concrete, adamant set in stone, the Chief Cornerstone!!! Allelujah!!

    If you even get a chance during a rainy day look for the autobiography of George Mueller. He ran several orphanages in Europe and NEVER asked for ANYTHING!! Very encouraging and a mighty testament to God’s faithfulness.

    Keep the Faith!! Keep sharing the ‘word of your testimony’!! Know that you are precious in His sight!

    Blessings to you my brother,

  6. YES and AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hello Brian!

    Long time but I have a feeling your around and believe it or not, I think of you every day while checking over the blog!

    I never read George Mueller’s autobiography but I’ve run into accounts of him. Mostly in books about faith. I’ll keep an eye out for the autobiography, I never knew there was one but do now!

    I’ll keep the faith Brian. Its been a journey with many ups and downs but going ahead regardless of the circumstances. The direction becomes clearer every day. There are some major changes in the works, good ones. All are pointing to the direction I’ve been writing about these last couple of years. Your four points have hit this right on. God is moving in ways that I never thought possible in this day and age! I’ll hit on that as time goes on around here. Just rest assured that things are happening here to enable the Kingdom to make major advances! God is on the move!

    Blessing to you also brother! Your words are always such an encouragement!

    Hi Patti!

    You are a blessing to this blog! And our prayers tonight will be for God to bless you with His grace abundantly!

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