Trust In The Lord Forever!

Isaiah 26:4

Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength

The 4th of July and I celebrated by baling 37 more big round bales, cleaning a cattle lot before the grass dried and a multitude of other things. Tired tonight, very tired. But it was a good week with allot getting accomplished. Tomorrow head to church and I know that unless a cattle herd gets loose I ain’t doing all too much! Now here I am complaining about being tired after I put a Bible verse up about God being our everlasting strength, hmm, sounds like a two face to me. But the strength I’m lacking is just from some old fashioned work all week and the Lord gave us the seventh day off and believe me I can see the wisdom in that tonight!

As the summer roles on the farm is getting blessed this year! When I come right down to it this has been the nicest summer in a long time. Not really too hot, plenty of moister and the days are just nice. Highs in the upper seventies with light winds. A feller couldn’t ask for much more than that! The weather for a farmer shows him pretty well how little control we have over the world around us. Tough times come and go, some days a person feels pretty good and the next pretty rough. But though it all we gotta trust the Lord. And trusting Him gives us the strength to keep going, to keep going even when it looks like there is no hope.

Many times folks paint too rosy of a picture of life in many Christian circles. My biggest bone to pick is those that say that everything will go smooth if you have enough faith. I think I even mentioned this when speaking in church a couple weeks ago. Funny, I don’t rightly know but I think I did. I never listen to the CDs, ever. Anyway, many times the complete opposite happens. That should get under the collar of some of those modern day prosperity preachers that promise nothing but good times and all. In fact about the only thing I can call them is liars. My Bible says when you have become a child of God the world will hate you. And believe me it does! The world hates you and the prince of darkness that rules over the world hates you.

Show me one Bible character that was a mover for God that didn’t go through very hard times! The modern religion seems to skip over this. When I look back at the folks that were Kingdom builders in the last few hundred years, every one had extreme hardships, many times very extreme. But they stayed on course, they kept their eyes on the Risen Saviour. They endured! They endured things that most people don’t even want to think about.

I pray and pray that there will never be a reader of this blog or any of my writings that thinks that I hold to the modern faith movement that says you can have it all, that you won’t have any problems if your faith is big enough. Again I say, this is not in the Bible. Its just selecting a few select verses and making a religion out of them, plus plenty of cash for the ones preaching this false Gospel to desperate people. When a person is not born again they are owned by the devil, he has the rights to them. But once a person is born again, watch out, all hell breaks loose! If anyone thinks that when your born again that the devil just gets out of the way and gives up and looks for better pickins they are badly mistaken. He hates you and me and every born again believer with a hate that a mere human can’t even imagine!

But we have our God, we have our Saviour! And He loves us with a love that again no human can even imagine. And when we trust in Him He notices! Imagine the love that God has when He hears His Blood bought people in every terrible circumstance imaginable praising Him through the terrible times! I think very few things catch heaven’s attention more than that and shake the gates of hell more violently. That is faith! Anyone can praise Him during good times, anyone can praise Him when the prayers are answered on the spot, but it takes faith to praise Him when all seems lost by worldly standards. It takes faith to praise Him when all looks bad as far as health. It takes faith to praise Him when there’s not a dollar left in the house and nothing coming that a person can foresee! And it takes faith to praise Him when the situation doesn’t seem to be changing.

I believe that God will give us everything we need. Even when it doesn’t look like it to us. In these latter days our vision is different than those that were strong in the faith years ago or those that are in the third world countries today. They thought eternally where as in America over the last thirty years its come down to where we want it all now. God knows what He has planned for us since before the earth began. Its so awesome that the human mind could never comprehend it! God is giving us everything we need for that crown He has planned for us. The oldtimers knew this, but its getting forgotten now. When we have bad health and are not getting the healings what is the reason for that? I have seen so many people healed that its amazing, but not all. Here’s where I go against Word of Faith doctrine. Its not because of lack of faith, its because God wants the believer to receive those crowns. Not from sickness or poverty, but by how they will respond. Boy, is this against modern teaching, but it sure is scriptural.

Trust in God, trust Him with your whole heart! Praise Him even when it makes no sense to our human senses. God loves us, so very much and when we finally start to realize it, even a little bit, faith grows and grows. I get so disillusioned when I see people give up because of the modern teachings. Where when things don’t go as they are told to claim they lose the faith that they had and just start giving up because they are told by other church goers or pastors its because they haven’t reached a certain level of faith. That’s a lie! Trust God, just simple trust, like a child. Think about when, if you are a parent, how your child trusted you when they were sick, or sad, or going through tough times, (kids do go through tough times). Think about the love as a parent we had for them when they were in those predicaments.  Oh how God loves us more than we can love as a parent.  Think of the faith the young child had in their parent that was comforting them! Trust in Him like a child! And keep running the race! Paul, who wrote almost two thirds of the New Testament surely agrees.

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  1. Truer words have never been spoken. Praising God in the hard times is an absolute must! First, the heart will change. It’ll get your mind off yourself and back on to God. There’s peace that comes with having a heart & mind focused on God.

    Then it seems the doors of heaven open and blessinging come down. Not always financial blessings – but blessings none the less. I have found the absolute biggest blessing is when God gives me peace & joy. How many people can honestly say they have peace in their spirit. When I look around me, I can tell you that peace and joy are extremely RARE things.

    Not trying to preach here, just testifying to your sermon Bro. Tom! :o)

    Have a great Lord’s day! and May the Lord continue to bless you.

  2. Amen, Brother Tom & Lee Ann! God has been convicting me more & more of the need of 2 things: 1. Child-like faith & 2. simple praise!

  3. Hi Lee Ann!

    Preach all you want to here! No problem with me!

    Today was a day of rest for once around here and I’m already looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

    I look around me and think about where God has put me and my family. I see opportunity to do God’s work every way I look from here, starting at ground zero. I see opportunity even when there’s a few minutes to come downstairs and get on the computer for a little bit. Problems, do we have them, more than enough as far as I’m concerned, but a person knows there’s a God that is on our side as we stumble and trip. His answers might not be what we demand from Him, only His answers are perfect for our eternal life! He knows where to place us, He knows that if we overcome some of these big things through His grace that we will be that much stronger in the faith, stronger in loving Him. And His peace becomes more and more dominant in our lives as we shed the world and its miseries.

    Well now, I’d better stop the preach tonight here 🙂

    God bless!

  4. Evening Nina Ruth!

    Yup, childlike faith and simple praise go a long ways in our journey serving the God of the universe! I love making it more simple rather than getting all technical. That’s when things happen!

    God Bless!

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