Normal Days

With high humidity and temps well into the 90s this was about as summer time as it gets around here today! Baled hay later this afternoon after receiving a small rain around 2:30 in the afternoon. When the sun came back out, and the heat, well in less than an hour the hay was dry enough to rake and bale! The baler worked great and there was no fooling around at all. Tomorrow, Lord willing, I hit a bigger field, about three times bigger, with extremely thick hay on the neighbor’s farm. Get that baled up and Thursday and Friday cut, cut, cut! Licking at the chops just to be out there and work! Plus I’ll put the cultivator on the JD 4320 and see if I can knock off ten or fifteen acres of corn fields every morning before the hay dries off.

Today was great, I had a good sleep last night even though the house was like an oven, boy was it hot. This morning after chores the first job that got done was putting the window unit air conditioner in! Funny, it takes a super hot house before a fella gets the hint! Tonight everything is comfortable upstairs and should be a wonderful sleep. I reckon I should have a Bible verse or something for this post but being I just got in from baling a bit ago I’m not prepared at the moment. I’m just amazed at the turn around in the conditions here, I seem to mention it a bit lately.

God is Good! Had a feed man stop by this afternoon while I was staring at the cloulds, thunder was rumbling and then we had a short rain. Got the tar wet was all. The feed man had to laugh, he said it was many a year since he stopped in to someone’s place and seen them outside watching the clouds during hay time. Brought back memories! Yup, that’s the was it was years ago before drought after drought hit. Summer consisted of many days scrambling to get out of harms way when thunderstorms came crashing through in mid afternoon. During the droughts there was no such thing, just heat and dry. Never anything to interfere with the day except big grasshoppers jumping and sticking onto a person. This is much better!

I’ll probably be missing church tomorrow evening, the harvest has to be taken care of. I’m already covered and that sure is great! But when its time to make hay, we make hay! Can’t expect to many second chances on that! But as I wrote in a previous post, God is blessing this place and although its a harvest time now, when its done with we’ll get back to the soul harvest. But then again there might be a soul here and there that get touched even during the harvest. Amen! A fella always meets up with someone during the day, even if its only for a moment.

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