On Fire!

A wonderful Sunday, its been raining lightly since around noon and this evening it still is gently falling. The land is turning such a deep green, something I haven’t seen this good in many a year that all I can do is praise the Lord! From fields of yellowish struggling oats to dead even fields of deep blue green oats that’s starting to head out, the blessings are becoming more and more apparent! God is on the move! This past spring I finally came to the conclusion that a man farming had better get right with God. The Lord wants to bless us but for some reason I always refused it. Thinking a fella just had to bull down and take what ever comes. Lack of understanding and lack of faith is all. This year enough is enough and its time to claim God’s blessings that He wants to bestow, while stubborn me has always refused them. In many fields the impossible is happening as I write, weeds are dying where its impossible for them to die. Pastures are bursting grass faster than the cattle can mow it down! God heals the land!

Today’s church service went good. I ain’t thinking about jumping off a cliff so that’s a good indication that I didn’t screw it up to bad! Funny thing, I had figured I didn’t have enough to fill an hour’s worth of preaching, but when it was done I still had over half of my notes left! Just a simple basic outline is all I go by, but I couldn’t believe how that time just raced by, almost wanted to slow the clock down. I know God’s hand was in it all, cause I had wanted to play three film segments of the movie, “Faith Like Potatoes”, and the sound system worked! Now that don’t happen all to often! The clips would come on the moment I gave the nod, it went so smooth that I was just in a dream world with that part. In my opinion, which doesn’t count for much, those three segments were about as good as it gets for getting a real faith message across! I even cut things short because I felt anything I would try to add to it would probably cut down on the impartation that came out of the film clips. The support from the Praise Team blew me away! They had me smiling during worship and that really broke up any nervousness that I carried into church! Bless them!

So now the Honduras trip pressures are a thing of the past, the Sunday service is behind a fella, and now I can get back to simple farming and doing what we do around here without my mind racing at break neck speed. Ah, farming, cutting hay, baling hay, moving it home, cultivating corn, working the pastures, life is good! I know though that God will come up with something even if we don’t so I ain’t getting all too comfy as I sit here tonight. The Christian life is an adventure, a grand adventure, that’s for sure!

For a farmer, being able to just get out there and do the work is all the vacation we need most of the time. I’m not that keen on vacations cause I know I’m not getting much accomplished and someone else sure ain’t going to do it. If I have a “vacation” let it be in the service of the Kingdom. It can’t get more satisfying than that for me. Life is a vapor and in this short time we have here the only reason we’re here is to do the will of the King. And I believe with all my heart that any thing a person does will be rewarded in the here and now, and afterwords also.

I’m just on fire tonight, on fire for the Lord! Farming for the Lord! I said, “Lord, if you want us to do Kingdom work this farm will have to pay for it, this farm will have to thrive because there won’t be any asking for handouts to finance it. This farm will have to prosper!”  In the past I’ve seen many a folk getting a “call” from God and then the farm goes down the tubes and I truly wonder if it was a “call” or just trying to get out of work. Well, the bible says we are supposed to work! And the way I read it, it says that we are supposed to work to support ourselves so we can spread the Gospel. Old Paul, he worked to support himself in a ministry that turned the world upside down!

Now when a fella starts thinking like this, things move! The farm isn’t put on the back burner cause its the fuel for the fire! A Holy fire! Farming for God, farming God’s land, raising God’s cattle and I do believe God will not short change His hired hands! Modern prosperity preaching? Not a chance! This is putting the true priorities in order! What would happen if this would spread across farm country, what would happen if more and more farms were turned over in faith to God? He owns them anyhow! The cattle are His, He sends the rain which is the most important fertilizer a farmer can get! Try farming without it and see how important man’s inputs are in comparison to His!

This evening is finally an evening of rest! What tomorrow brings is no worry of mine. God is in control! If we work till we drop we’ll be praising the Lord on our way down! Honest labor for a Holy God! Amen!


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  1. Good Morning Tom,

    Buddy, I’m glad your service went well. I’m also glad your stress time is ending. I know what you mean about the big relief when its all over and you can get back to normal. I expect you’ll have a hitch in your giddyup this morning….

    Now you hit the nail on the head about the bible saying your supposed to work. I too have seen people sit back and just say the lord will provide and not work near hard enough to keep the farm going. One of my favorite versus is from First Thessolonians… it says:

    “Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands, just as we instructed you before. Then people who are not Christians will respect the way you live, and you will not need to depend on others.”

    uhhh… I guess thats ol God telling us to work our backsides off huh?? and don’t complain about it…. and be a good Christian example… and watch the people fall in behind you…. Its kid of the way I like to live…. 🙂

    On the personal front, I have “popped” the question to one of the most wonderful ladies you will ever meet. A real good Christian woman who I want to spend the rest of my life with. This means that life is about to go crazy!! We’re in the process of buying a bigger house, and selling mine. trying to figure out how to get two families together etc…. Talk about stress!! ugh!! 🙂

    On top of that, I guess my work is getting some kind of rewards for international travel or something. I’m heading off to Austria Thursday and won’t be back until July 12th. Now… I didn’t even have a passport before a few months ago… Now I’m off and running… GAK!!

    Well, anyway, thats been my weekend. Looks like your windin down and I’m about to wind up. It should be an interestin couple of months though….

    Well, my mouth is runnin and I ought to be workin….

    Have a GREAT day,


  2. Morning Brad!

    Yup, all is well over this way! Oh well, you’ll be gone here for a while, just in time for hay season for me. As usual I’ll miss the morning comments but that’s OK. Something always comes up.

    Don’t know what my work will be today around here, its foggy as I write. But whatever! Maybe I’ll move a herd of cattle to lush grass on the south pasture. After 30 seconds of that I’ll have to figure out what else to do. Might be to wet to do anything out in the fields so I reckon I could really take it easy and mow lawn around here. That’s just like field work, only a whole lot lesser scale. Sit on my butt on the JD rider and enjoy life.

    Well congratulations down there!! Now I hope this lady ain’t planning on having a heavy foot and taking away your time on this old, (or newer), blog 🙂 Son of a gun, how things go as time marches on, eh! Now I’ll have a extra jump to my walk today. When other folks are happy, I’m happy!

    Yup, things are on the move! Good things. Like I wrote a while back and also mentioned in church yesterday…..”When God’s creation is broke, He’s more than able to fix it!” Amen!!

    God Bless!

  3. Morning Tom,

    Yep!! I’m happy…. I’ll tell ya, this ol marriage thing has got me as excited as when I did it the first time. The whole thing is like a big ol adventure. New house, new family, new life…. This time, just like last, we’ll have God in it to help get us through… Who can ask for anything more than that!! 🙂

    Well, my fencer seems to have given up the ghost. Seems the longhorn has figured out how to take it off the post and give it a ride. I’ve got a temporary one I’m putting up here today intil the other one gets fixed….. Just another thing to take care of before I leave…..

    Buddy, things are flying around here. I’ll need some prayers sent my way just to have me stay sane if ya would. I keep telling myself “Give it all to God… Give it all to God…..” Whew… I’m trying, but as you know living a faithful life and sayin your living a faithful life are two totally different things. 🙂

    I am thankful though for friends like you, who can take this ol mixed up head of mine and screw it on right whenever I need it…… I need it a bunch 🙂

    Well, better git on. Who knows what today will bring….

    Have a GREAT day,


  4. Morning Brad!

    We musta had one of the Alabama nights here. Hot and muggy :)Don’t have the air conditioner in yet, figured if I’d stall off a few days we’d have snow, but such is not the case. Old fashioned summer weather here. Hoping to bales some hay today when things dry up in a few hours. Lots to bale and then tomorrow or so get back to cutting.

    This having a clean slate as far as church stuff sure is different. I ain’t spending all my time dwelling on what to say for a service. Ah to kick back and just be a farmer 🙂

    But that kicking back a a farmer was short lived as I think about it. Gotta really scramble today and get things going around here. Been held back so much by the weather, (and I ain’t complaining here), things are a tad bit behind. As we were saying, a fella just doesn’t sit back and praise the Lord cause there’s nothing to do! We gotta praise Him when our needs are supplied and sometimes that transilates into praising Him when we’re working like crazy trying to keep up with the blessings that are being heaped on us! Back during the droughts work was easier. It never rained and a person could plan his day in the dust. Now the hay is thick, tall and lush. The corn is growing by leaps and bounds. This old farmer looks at the work load and gets a little green in the face. And I ain’t complaining!!

    I don’t know about me helping screwing on a head straight 🙂 Quite a few might end up at some crazy angles 🙂 But we try around here to just live the simple Gospel and show that we’re a far way from being some perfect, got it all together type of folks. And I guess I’ll never really try to have it all together, just follow Jesus and be happy, even in the tough times and times a person wonders what the heck is going on!

    Durn, I’d better get a move on here, I wonder if I can have time to get the air conditioner in the window before it dries up enough for working in the fields?? We’ll see.

    God Bless!

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