A Troubled Mind

A couple more days of being single and then life is back to normal!! Yee Haw! Getting quite a scrap iron pile in the kitchen with all the cans we went through this past week ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Rain in the forecast and we can always use a good shot of that in this area. I was going to start cutting our beef hay today but didn’t get to it, but no worries. Besides once everyone is back home then I can just put in huge amounts of time in the field and know that there’s some good food waiting at the end if the day. Just have to worry about showering up and reading the Word before bed and that’s good enough for me! All is going great in Honduras and the calls and e-mails are coming regular now. This family, with the help and prayers of our church has opened the doors for future works in the back ways of the mountains of Honduras. I get a funny feeling this is just the beginning of life long adventures for all of us here.

I was working in the corn fields today and of course then I can dwell on things, which is something I should be able to do allot of these next few weeks in the fields, tending corn and making hay. Also I just finished up a rough outline for Sunday’s service at church and of course that was following the thoughts from out in the fields. And to no ones surprise the subject is faith, I said no surprises. A picture is worth a thousand words or so they say, well, I got three clips from the movie “Faith Like Potatoes” chosen for Sunday’s service. What can I say, if a feller has to be up there for an hour or more you gotta use everything you can! That’s me up there for an hour or more, not the length of the service which is a whole lot longer than that!

But the thing I’m thinking about along the lines of faith talk are really working on me. Now some say in the books I read you must build up your faith so there ain’t a shred of doubt. Easier said than done in my humble opinion. On the three movie clips I have chosen to help me out this Sunday I have noticed one big important thing in this true story. The main character’s mind doubted. But he obeyed God. Now I have a confession to make, my mind doubts all the time, in fact when I take a step of faith in obedience to God’s Word my mind roars at me. But when I look at the Bible as it talks about mountain moving faith it always talks about faith that’s in the heart. Cause if I’d listen to my mind I’d never get anywhere and I do believe that confuses allot of folks in their faith walk. The Bible says to believe with your heart.

In the last scene of Faith Like Potatoes, Angus is basically telling his foreman he’s sorry for probably bringing the farm down planting those potatoes in the drought, even though God told Him to in his heart. But even with that doubt in his mind he remained faithful and obedient putting in that impossible crop. I kinda knew that, even mentioning it a long time back in a tithing message at church. When I really dig into this all of a sudden having real faith is not an impossibility for me when I strip away the religion surrounding it. Yes religion, modern day religion that says you can’t ever second guess it. Well, our minds will go crazy second guessing it if your heart is still beating and your still breathing.ย  But as our heads are screaming at us that its all crazy a person just has to go on as crazy as it seems. As impossible as it seems. In reality, that’s faith.

Because if we believed it totally in our heads that would mean it isn’t impossible, and if it isn’t impossible where’s the faith come in? (Just some farmer theology here). When we break away from the doubts that are yelling at us up between the ears and do it anyhow, now there’s faith! And in the three scenes from the movie I have selected, this happens every time! In the Bible, looking back at some of the greatest heroes of the faith, the same thing happens. Look at Moses, look at Abraham, look at a whole lot more! They were troubled with doubt all the time. But they obeyed and Abraham is even called the father of faith! That’s because he obeyed even when his mind told him otherwise!

In the modern day religion in America I do believe we have sometimes missed it. Faith teachings are geared to make a person believe they have to get pretty well durn near perfect in their thoughts to have faith work. For myself I know that’s more than difficult, its pert near impossible. And I could feel the yoke of religious bondage starting to burden me with these teachings. For me now it boils down to “God loves those who obey Him”, even when their mind don’t want too, especially when their mind doesn’t want to, but they still go ahead and obey God even through the burden of a mind screaming at them not to. That is taking up your cross and following Jesus!

Following the Lord, even when our mind is screaming against it, sets us free from the world’s curses. And every step we take in doing so is a step up, one step higher! God wants to take care of us allot better than the job we are doing on our own! When we put that trust in Him, that trust to obey Him come thick or thin then God can move in our lives!


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  1. Good Morning Tom,

    Sorry, I have been bad about getting in here and all. Big things happening here on the personal front that I will get into you with someday. I sure do hate to take away from this beautiful post with all that though…

    Now this post hits me right between the eyes. You and I think alot alike. Unlike you, I’m a little more simple minded, so I go back to that ol greatest commandmant about my faith with God.

    Now because that commandmant used the word love all the time, I started thinking about that a bunch. Love…. what is love…. How can I love God…. blah …blah… blah…. The answer was right in front of me in a spunky little spindly legged Michigan girl who I have loved for years.

    Did I second guess her?? You bet…. Did we argue?? Yep… Did I wonder if she and I were going down the right path?? … all the time….

    Would I ever leave her no matter what?? NO!! …and why was that?? Because I loved her. Same with God… You know he gives us a human way to worship him through the love of a spouse I do believe…. Love is love is love….. There is no quantity to it!!

    Well… anyway,one of the other things I found out about love is how painful broken love can be…. When Kathy left me, I didn’t want God to leave me too…. I guess thats when I knew How much I really did want him…. How much I needed him…. I guess I realized how much I LOVED him…..

    Alright… Now you’ve done it friend… You hit on THE subject I think about the most when mowing or fencing, or sittin under the shade tree when I’m supposed to be mowin and fencin…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So the beenie weenie cans are piling up eh?? I’m anxious to see the clean up scramble when your wife is about to show up!! I always tried to keep the place picked up, but I also found paint scrapers work pretty well on counter top food I neglected to wipe up over a two week period….. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a GREAT day my friend,


  2. Morning Brad!

    Would you believe its raining here?? I checked the pastures and the south pasture had an inch and a quarter so far! Bring er on I say! I haven’t cut any hay yet but our grass mix is growing so in many fields it’ll be hard to see the tractor and haybine when I’m cutting the stuff! God is good!

    Now that’s what I like about blogging like this, your input and the input of others! I limit myself to around a thousand words per post and just cover one aspect of a subject, and very little on that in reality. Your words just add on and compliment the thought! The husband and wife thingy sure does fit in perfectly! Maybe I’ll will this blog to you in case God takes me home one of these days ๐Ÿ™‚

    To love Him is to obey Him. Yup, they say its a relationship and if it is then we as humans can sure blunder and screw things up, but God is always there waiting to give us a hand and take us back, to lift us up out of the hog pen we got ourselves into.

    Second guessing God, yup, I do it all the time, to my misfortune. Argue with God, hmm, yes I do it all the time. Do I wonder if I’m going down the right path?? Yup, all the time. Folks could call that lack of faith, I just call it….me. But even when I do all those things I come back to Him, sometimes pretty beat up, and He takes me back. How can I not serve a God like that! God is love!

    And He patently watches over us blunder and keeps on leading the way. There’s so many changes in our life here right now I couldn’t begin to list them, but I know God is on the move with this family and farm!

    By the way, start saving up some money Brad. I got an unction this morning, that little whisper in the heart that said, “Prepare Brad for the farmer/preacher campaign in a year or so in Honduras!” Don’t look at me, I just relay the message ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll hook up with you in Houston ๐Ÿ™‚

    I reckon besides providing a blessed rain for our crops God figured I needed a slower day to straighten up around here today. I don’t know if a paint scraper will do it but us Minnesotans have heavy artillery, we have ice chisels ๐Ÿ™‚ Then tomorrow evening head down to the airport at the Twin Cities and join up with the better half and daughter #1!!

    I’d better wash the car windows too before heading into civilization. Weeks of dust, inside and out, I can barely focus driving. Good thing the car is like a faithful horse and knows the roads around here, but I’d better prepare for the cities ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well, gotta go and get some mud on my boots, ah what a feeling!

    God Bless!

  3. I think that grace is needed prior to faith. That grace is defined as the desire and power that God gives to do His will. Otherwise, faith only becomes a gospel of works.

  4. Ephesians 2:8 (New International Version)

    “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faithโ€”and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of Godโ€””

    Grace was needed prior to the greatest miracle, the new birth! Grace is needed with everything! Our faith is the switch that accepts the grace the Lord is pouring out on us.

    Grace is poured out on the unbelievers also, but getting rejected.

    I have seen where faith has become a gospel of works and I do not like it! Amazing how humanity can take something as simple as the gospel and make it hard! Thanks Clarence for the comment. It was needed in this thread!

    God Bless!

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