Walking the Fields

A beautiful Sunday here in the farm lands of the upper midwest! This morning while checking pasture before 8 AM I realized this was the first truly summer type morning this year doing that job. No jacket, no long underwear, just short sleeves and summer wear, praise God! The sun was already warm out there and there was no wind at all. The grass was brilliant green out there, the hay crops and oats fields were a healthy color also! The birds were singing in every direction, turkeys gobbling, pheasants cackling, and sandhill cranes making it sound like somewhere in Africa! Just a wonderful morning to be alive and doing what God wants me to do, to farm. The cows were content, laying around already at that time in the morning, already had their early morning fill because of the still lush grass.

The last couple of evenings I’ve been working getting things together for next Sunday’s church service. Never done a Sunday service before and I truly am looking forward to it! Gonna talk about faith, simple eh! Faith from a farmer’s view of it. This won’t be any high class seminary stuff, just real life from someone who knows what it takes in the faith department because believe me, farming takes faith! Meanwhile during all of this I wait for the short phone calls from Honduras. Last evening I received one and the news was out of this world! All the Bibles that were taken down there were given away to people that are truly hungry for them! Receiving the Bible for these people is precious! My wife and daughter are going house to house, farm to farm bringing food, Bibles and the Good News. They’re praying over the sick, they are bringing God into homes that have never had God before! Without truly planning it, our family and probably our church has a brand new mission field now! Our family’s farm ministry does for sure! I never would have dreamed that we would have any effect on the world, let alone international, but God sees things different than man does and He sets it up, He paves the way, and all we have to do is follow! When this is wrapped up in a few days I’m sure I’ll have allot more to report in that department, so I’ll lay low for now.

Around here in farm land there’s been allot of action going on too, witnessing action and also putting faith on display with God backing it up. The local farm ministry is the dearest to my heart even though the other aspects of our trust in God take us well beyond our region. I was just browsing on the internet last evening looking up some stuff for next Sunday’s service and I came across a quote from a South African farmer/preacher who’s name I won’t mention, “When you speak from the heart, life listens!”  Simple. And I have sure found that to be true. People listen when what a person has to say about the Lord comes from the heart!

This weekend I was talking with a farmer who is in rough times. Other preachers have tried unsuccessfully to get him to become a church goer. Tried to make him like them. Doesn’t work to put it bluntly. Trouble is the preachers that half heartedly tried don’t know squat about farming, don’t know squat about how folks like that think. Now this ain’t nothing against the preachers that tried to bring this feller into the American religion, but to put it bluntly, it don’t work! Its hard for a hard working, crusty farmer to take interest in something a person that has hardly ever got their hands dirty has to say, has never lost a crop due to hail or drought, has never had sick animals and dead animals to take care of, has never been seriously hurt or sick and had to keep working through it all in order for the farm to survive. And has never had to stay home because he couldn’t afford a vacation to recharge, has never had to do without in order to pay the property taxes, has never had the little savings they had wiped out at the John Deere parts counter. No, its hard to listen.

But have a farmer talk about what Jesus has done. Have a farmer talk about crops, animals, taxes, the high cost of production and all of a sudden doors are kicked down, fast. The human spirit is hungry for God, but the average farmer like I’ve written about has very little trust in churches. Most were brought up in religion, dry religion, and they want very little to do with it. I used to be in the exact same boots! But give a person God! Then things happen! Have God given to them from someone like themselves!

Oh Glory! Gotta finish putting together next Sunday’s service later. Like I say, I’m looking forward to it. But I truly look forward more to what we have been called to do outside the walls of the church! That’s when a person comes alive!

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  1. glad ya had a good day,
    and hope ya have a good week!

  2. Morning Jan!

    Hey, same to you and yours!

    Here it finally is acting somewhat like summer time. And there’s even rain in the forecast several days this week, and we’ll take er!

    God Bless!

  3. it’s summer here, with storms to go with it.

    still got it 😕

  4. Morning Jan!

    Would you believe its raining here, a steady rain for hours!!! Praise the Lord! Now I wonder what I can do today, not used to wetness 🙂

    God Bless!

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