Finally Home

Back in the saddle here finally! This has been a busy week and as of tonight I’m home and things should get back to normal for a few days till next Wednesday evening when I again head to the Twin Cities to the airport. Since Sunday we’ve been in church every evening for special services, called end time services and I came out of that with allot more knowledge then when I went in! It’ll take a while for things like this to sink in all the way so I’ll leave it at that for now. Just had a call from my better half and my daughter also, a call coming from the country of Honduras. All is well down that way, except rumor has it that its a tad bit hot outside! Unlike here where it stays cool this year.

I now have three books by Angus Buchan, the South African evangelist, and I must say, they are great! These will remain in my personal library as long as I’m kicking on this old earth! In fact I’m going to order more for folks around this area and for who ever would benefit from them. And I do believe allot of folks could benefit from them!

I don’t know if I can get into a long post here tonight. Things to do around here after being away every evening for such a stretched out period of time. But the farm is doing well, I’m not behind with any jobs at the moment, but that’ll be changing as early as next week when I figure to start hay. Everything happens at once!

So as of tonight Bibles and other materials are being distributed in Central America by members of this family. This is not the common organized mission trip, its a private one. Just our family. An orphanage was visited yesterday too and my daughter has probably found her call in life! This is good, very good. I can only praise the Lord as I hold down the home fort. A rural campaign is forming in my heart for this area, time will tell. Every question I ever had about a farm ministry is being answered by the books I received this past week, every one. A common man can help make big changes in the world, this I’ve learned. After all these years writing about things like this its awesome to see things falling into place and God on the move!


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  1. howdy all,

    Hey NF, glad to hear all is going well, 🙂

    got some new babys, over on hillbilly road.

    sorry aint be around got a headcold 😕

    have a good weekend

  2. Hey Jan!

    Seen them new babies! Have fun!!

    And you get better, you hear??!!

    God bless!

  3. Awsome!

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