Plow Ahead!

Luke 9:62

But Jesus said to him, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”

I don’t know why, but lately I’ve had a few conversations about plowing. And of course I’ve done quite a bit of that job through my lifetime so I can talk about it with some experience. I remember when I first learned how to plow. I was maybe ten years old. Being that plowing is usually done in the north land during the spring or fall I can remember plowing all day on Saturdays. We had an old John Deere “B”, that was before we got the newer JD B. The old one pulled two 14s, an old trip plow, no hydraulics. When starting out a person had to pull a rope that was tied to the tractor seat and the plow would go into the plowing position and when at the other end of the field, again, pull the rope and the plow would raise up as the tractor drove and was about to turn. A few years later we got us a modern B that had hydraulics! This B was a tad bit souped up with over sized pistons and had some snort compared to the old B. It could pull three 14s!  I remember plowing all day long, morning and a long afternoon and barely getting anything done in a field. Especially if the field was a quarter mile long, nothing seemed to get done. As the years went by the tractors got a little bigger and so did the plows. On our farm we don’t have huge equipment, just what nowadays would be considered mid-sized. The plows are used for turning over old hay fields mostly and every year there are some that get plowed in our rotation of crops.

Now that verse above, well, I’ve come across it over the years here and there and there is some sense to it. Or should I say allot of sense especially if the Son of God said it! Many times field work is considered a no brainer and I must admit that I can relax doing it somewhat compared to other labors. In the Bible it was a labor intensive job plowing, no tractors back then. A person had to pay attention to the job. In the modern job of plowing the most important time is the beginning. The turning of the soil on the first pass. The first pass has to be straight on a normal field. The thing about on a tractor when a person is plowing is, if I look back whether I want it to or not the tractor will wander off course and that first pass will be crooked. Then the following passes will get worse and worse as more is plowed. Another area in farming where its important not to look back is cultivating the corn. I tell you when I look back its amazing how fast I’ll be off course and destroying young corn plants!

Although we don’t plow with draft animals and have to hang on to the plow handles, that verse still holds allot of meaning to a farmer. Don’t be looking back all the time because when your looking back you don’t see where your going! The Bible is my farmer’s manual, there’s so much in there that a farmer can relate to. The Bible tells us to look straight ahead like when we are plowing that first pass. Focus on something at the other end of the field and don’t lose focus. Tractors sometimes have a thing on the front of the hood that I just call a “sight”, like a gun site. I site in on that, aiming at some landmark far on the other end.

It kinda gets to me, how Jesus could give such a simple but accurate example! Don’t look back, focus on the job ahead! The evil one constantly tries to remind us of all our past failings. Even yesterday’s failings. But we have to put them at the foot of the cross and have them washed clean by the Blood and forget them, cause God forgot them. Focus on the field ahead,  plow straight!

I’m totally amazed at this verse as I keep writing! One verse that a farmer can understand. Don’t get distracted by what’s going on all around, plow ahead! Don’t look back!


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  1. Forgetting that which is behind..We press forward..amen

  2. Well Tom…. another great example and post….except for one thing… You don’t have my raggely ol 2-14 trip plow!! If I ain’t lookin back everyonce in a while to make sure the tripper tripped or that the tripper tripped then decided to untrip… I’d be in a world of hurt… 🙂

    I know what you were saying though friend and you are right on!!

    Last week was a dawn to dusk busy one… but I got everything done. I found out last minute that I had to be in DC this week, so I had to get the hay in before I planned. First cutting is done though…. I’m ready for a break!!

    Speaking of the John Deere B. Those farmers that ran them were a special breed. I’m not sure if I admire em or pity them…. My 1010 decided it didn’t want to rake, so I had to pull out the ol hard seated B… With no springs that thing will sure beat you up… I think your ol 50 is hard seated if I remember right…. no wonder you only use that for sawing wood….. I think its gonna take a month to work all these kinks outta my neck……

    If I remember right, your on the farm alone this week aren’t ya?? Hows that going?? Have the microwave working overtime do ya?? 🙂

    Alright, I’d better git… I’ll be catching up on your posts here soon…

    Have a GREAT day,


  3. Thanks Patti! God Bless!

    Morning Brad!

    Yep, I’m single this week and part of next 🙂 Of course breakfast I always make myself anyhow so no big deal there, but the rest of life…… Yesterday at this time I was almost getting home from the Twin Cities, from the airport. Then in the afternoon we got the call here that wife and daughter were in the mountains of Honduras safe and well! Then every evening we’re in church too with some meetings we’re doing and tonight is the last night of that. Boy, it was hard getting up out of bed this morning 🙂 No sleep yesterday, but life should get back to the normal pace, (except me cooking and washing clothes).

    Plus I plan on getting back on here very soon! Oh man, so much to do in every direction!

    That “50” is a back breaker if’n a fella ain’t used to it, that’s for sure. Plus a shoulder breaker just trying to steer the thing! Today with luck I can fool around on the 2520, a wonderful tractor to operate!

    I’m so full of stuff to write I’m ready to burst 🙂 New books all arrived, even from as far away as England! All farmer/preacher books. I’m loaded for bear now 🙂

    I had better get for the moment, much to catch up on around here.

    God Bless!

  4. I never really understood what that Scripture meant until now. Thanks Tom. God uses your insight in really neat ways. I needed to hear this today.

    May the Lord bless you.

  5. Off topic:

    I am trying to send you an email and it keeps bouncing back. Do you have a different email addy?


  6. Hi Lee Ann!

    Well, tonight I’m home which is the first time in a while! I hope to get caught up around here soon, (of course I always say that).

    I’m glad that you caught on to what I was trying to write! There’s more coming as time goes on and I can get a chance to sit here a few minutes!

    God Bless!

    Hey Christina!

    My e-mail has been bucking these last couple of days, don’t know why but I do know its the providers problem and not here. All I can say is keep trying, some get through once in a while. I shot you an e-mail and that sent, or so it says.

    God Bless!

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