Faith in a God You Don’t Trust

A nice day around here, sunny and in the seventies. No mud to speak of, (see how I can take dust and think positive), and this afternoon we cut up five cord of wood and maybe split around two cord, red oak. Tad bit tired out tonight from that, plus I over did it again with the coffee at church last night so I was counting sheep I don’t have till the wee hours of the morning. Got a small farmer’s nap in at noon and completed the rest of the day without being to tired. Church went great last night and we had the Children’s Church outside on a beautiful evening behind the church.

I was out back this evening mowing some grass, or should I say dandelions, and a thought came into my head and I even wrote it down! It goes like this; “Its hard, (impossible), to have faith in a God you don’t trust!”

Hmm! See why I wrote it down? As I’ve written these past few weeks, faith is a main subject of mine. Because without it its impossible to please God, simple. But every day I am ashamed of my lack of faith in just about every matter. Now if I had mountain moving faith I’d be just going all the time witnessing and doing the Lord’s work. But what is it that holds a fella back? Well, that word that came to me a little while ago says allot about that.

Do I trust God? Of course the standard answer is yes. In church, the answer is always yes, cause no one in their right mind would say otherwise in church or amongst a group of Christians. (Just being honest here.) A couple of posts ago I was getting started on this subject, a subject that totally interests me and I do believe I’ll be speaking about it shortly. Faith, the knowledge of God. If a person knows who God is, that’s where faith comes from. I don’t know if anyone ever heard it put like that before but on we go. And to go along with it it doesn’t hurt to have a little knowledge of ourselves too. In that post a couple of posts ago I wrote who the Bible says is the author of evil, and that includes “every” bad thing that happens on this world. Quite simply, God did not create a bad world. In the first few pages of the Bible the whole works is explained, how man gave up dominion over this earth, then a paradise, and sold out his rights of dominion to the devil. Some still say that man has dominion over the earth, but they aren’t talking scripture. They are maybe taking select verses about it, but ignoring the selling out to the devil part. There are many verses that show that the devil is the ruler of this earth until Jesus returns and the devil even offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the earth if He would worship the devil. Now how could the devil give Jesus something he didn’t have. The old snake is in control of the “world”, until Christ’s return.

As a Blood bought believer in Jesus we are not of this world anymore! Simple! We’re in it, but not of it. We are not under the devil’s authority! In 1 John 4:4 it says: “because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” Now, getting back to the word I received mowing those dandelions, when we understand that God is for us, not trying to trip us up every way we turn, faith builds. Because how could anyone have mountain moving faith in a God they don’t trust or are gunshy of, always waiting for Him to knock him or her down and show them who’s boss. No, it don’t work that way. When the bad things happen its because we are in a world still ruled by darkness. Death still reigns, accidents happen, wars, disease, disasters. Everything that came into place at the fall of man. The difference now is that a Blood bought believer has authority over the devil. Because if God dwells inside of us, and He is greater than he who is in the world, we are not subject to the devils authority. We carry the light of the world in a world of darkness.

Can a person get over the religious hump that’s so deeply ingrained into many of us, of a mad God that wants to throw lightening bolts at us dirty no good scoundrels? For myself this has been the greatest roadblock to building mountain moving faith. But as I read the Word, as I pray to an Almighty and loving God, as I just simply listen at times to what He has to say, I see a God that loves us more than any human could even begin to imagine! A God that gave His only Son to bring us back to Him after us folks losing it all so long ago. This I’m beginning to understand is my God! This is a God a simple dirt farming fella like me can have faith in! This is a God that can fix anything in a creation so broke, so beat up from the temporary god of this world, the devil.

This is a God that wants His Blood bought children to take a stand, a stand of faith, to draw the line and say “devil, I’m walking in the authority of the one true God!”  Disease, sickness, accidents, disasters are not from my God! Jesus healed em all, the Bible says! If sickness was from God Jesus would’a been sinning going against the will of God the Father!

When a person can trust God what ever the world can throw at a person doesn’t have the affect it once would have. The prince of this world hates a blood bought believer, more than we can imagine. Will it be all nice and comfy after being born again? No, because I have found out that’s when all hell breaks loose! Now though, instead of gloom and doom and a life without any hope at all, a person is assured the victory is already won! That wonderful, awesome God living inside of us is going to get the Glory when we trust Him in faith!

Besides me loving this subject, I hope folks can put up with this , I’m writing to get this more and more down pat for a speaking engagement in the very near future. God Bless!

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  1. wonderful, deep ,meat not milk, Holy Spirit inspired!

  2. Hi Patti,
    There’s more to come. I hope to really mix this up with farming, which by the way has to take more faith than many jobs out there 🙂

    No time to write this evening, gotta do some reading in a bit. I started a new page series over on the side bar with a daily farm journal in case anyone is ever interested.

    God Bless!

  3. I love this new blog. I used to enjoy your previous one but this blog is really ministering to me. Recently I received a scary medical diagnosis. The first time I got on the computer after seeing the dr. I found this blog and the first entry I saw was the “He is more than able” one. The Lord’s words through you are such an encouragement to be strong and fight. I look forward to more. Thank you for sharing your wisdom here.

    Lord bless you and your family.

  4. This reminds me of something I really liked that I heard on Family Life Today recently… Said by Bill Bright:

    “The average person has a superficial view of God. And you can’t love someone you don’t know, you can’t trust someone you don’t know, you can’t obey someone you don’t know. So the most important thing is to find out who God is. Discover his character. And just love, trust, and obey Him.”

    Cool blog, keep up the Good Work.

  5. Hi Lorie,
    Your words are such an encouragement to me to keep on, I thank you so much! I just pray that the words are not mine but the Holy Spirits. God is so great and so wonderful! The more and more I come to understand this and believe it the stronger my faith gets. The old self sure does like to buck and say no to it, but the old self has to be put under!
    I think the simplest thing for me to keep in mind, or should I say the way I look at it is, if Jesus was in the flesh right in front of me, ….would He refuse to heal me? The answer is no! Would He refuse to help out our families, our farms, our lives, again the answer is no. Simple. He would grab on and take care of our every need as we follow Him! This is the Gospel, not only eternal life with our Lord, but life now too! Eternity with God began the moment we accepted Christ as Saviour!
    You’ll be in our prayers here at the farm and in some reader’s prayers I’m sure! Again thanks, you’ve encouraged me so much!

    God Bless!

    Hi Brad,
    I should say Brad #2, cause on this blog Brad #1 is kinda like a deacon around here 🙂 We go way back 🙂
    These words you wrote here are exactly in line with what I wrote and I thank you for them! Boy, I could go on for years writing on this very subject! And in all the years I would be seeking His face more and more and always discovering new things, great things!
    Our God is an awesome God! I pray that this blog can be considered worthy to represent Him.
    This has been quite a day, most Saturdays are kinda dull in blog land. This sure ain’t dull!!
    Again, thanks and God Bless!

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