Beginning At Jerusalem

Luke 24

45Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures. 46He told them, “This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, 47and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

Acts 1

8 But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

A little something this evening as I just come into the house after a day’s work. My mind tends to skip around or at least it looks like it, but there’s always so much on my mind that its hard to peg stuff down day after day. I’ll resume shortly on the train of thought I’ve been writing about lately but am pulling a slight switch tonight. Last evening I was watching the extras on the Faith Like Potatoes DVD which I have at home again and the almost hour long extra with the real Angus Buchan really struck me. Now this guy is just as normal as a farmer type fella as it gets and it just amazed me what he is doing in the Lord’s service!

On this short post, a short one cause I just got in and there’s some stuff I want to do yet, a bit out of last nights viewing is still sticking in my mind. And this sure does have to do with rural farming and the way of life as I view it. I found two verses that go along with this and the second one I found, the one from the Book of Acts is the verse Angus uses in some sound advice. And he was addressing farmers with this. The advice was to start your ministry right where your at, in this case on the farm. That is our Jerusalem. Make the home farm a Godly place first before trying to save the world. What got me in all of this wasn’t something new, it was a confirmation of what I already knew! Amen! Then step over the border and keep expanding.

No matter what a person does, it all centers on the home farm. This is the center, this is where family is. And a farm has the ability to help and reach a tremendous amount of people. Plus room! Today I went a few places around the small towns within a few miles from here putting up fliers for the church event happening at our church starting this Sunday. This was still within the limits of our own “Jerusalem”. But there’s all of Judea, then there’s Samaria which I once read in a book called Soul Savers as being described as the shunned, the ones that society doesn’t want much to do with. Plenty of them around here, plenty of Samaritans.

Then there’s the world and we’re already involved in that! More on that coming up. But the main brunt for now and a long time will be right here in our own Jerusalem. This is our center. This is our living and life. Allot of farmers in this area, allot of agriculture. And every one needing Jesus!


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  1. “Allot of farmers in this area, allot of agriculture. And every one needing Jesus!”

    Good Morning Tom,

    Our own Jerusalem…. you are so right!! I know we have had this discussion before. How do we get through?? How do we not here the click in a persons mind when they turn us off the minute we start talking about Jesus??

    I’m still trying to figure out that one buddy. It’s not their job to listen, its our job to get them to listen…. ahh well…. You do a good job of makin me listen… 🙂

    Finished up some cleanup work yesterday. Got some old working pens cleaned up and ready to get worked on. I’m moving some of the mama’s eventually and need to get some of the rotten wood replaced and get the head catch greezed up….. Its been on the chore list for a while… The chase the other day reminded me I’m not as young as I used to be and I had better start makin things easier on myself…

    Your Baching it huh?? If you ever need instruction on how to cook frozen food… I’m you man!! 🙂 . That and Campbells tomato soup Pretty much power this place.

    The lady I’m dating now’s sister and BIL are missionaries down in Uraguay. I have a feeling a South American trip is in my not to distant future…..

    Well, I had better git on. More bushhogging today and hopefully I start moving the haying caravan over to a pasture the cows are in now….

    Have a GREAT day,


  2. Morning Brad!

    There, just got through with answering e-mails this morning and now I’m sittin back in my own Jerusalem on the net 🙂 Funny how much sometimes gets done this early in the morning!

    Our job is to plant the seed and it ain’t our responsibility that the seed makes it. We don’t save anybody, the Lord does that, but we just gotta do what he commanded and speak out His Gospel. (Besides, it’d be to easy if everyone listened to a feller, eh :), might get a big head). One thing I learned these past few years and am still learning, its tough in American culture to witness. And not because so much that the people are so cool to the Gospel, but because as a witness I know I still have allot of the world in me and the trust factor in Jesus isn’t where I’d like it to be. Thus reading the Word daily, til there’s fire in my bones. If I’d stop that I’d probably backslide fast! Cause there is no standing still, either I’m moving foreword or I’m sliding back, fast! I gotta get so fed on the Word I don’t care what folks think or say. Just walk in total trust of the Word of an Almighty God!

    This next week there should be a stockpile of “Banquet” beef pot pies around here, that and allot of loaves of bread. That should do er! Any good microwaving tips from Bama??? 🙂 So at fifty cents a pot pie I should be living fairly cheap! But I’m trying to convince my better half to pick up some frozen “White Castle” hamburgers. I figure even a hog likes to eat manure once in a while cause the Lord knows there’s something in there that might keep you healthy, thus the same line of thought for myself 🙂 Plus the time tested method of showing up at friends and farms at mealtime! Yup, I should survive those long nine days 🙂

    Had a young lady here from Uruguay a few years back and learned those folks are from a “beef culture”. And they take making good beef seriously! So when you ever get down there you gotta try their beef that they barbecue. She sure was talking about their brisket recipe and I remember I even downloaded it on the computer back years ago. Never did get around to making it so I settled for pot pies but maybe someday. Beats rice and beans!

    Come on Tom, getting long fingered again this morning, fingers, all two of em are just ah smoking at the keyboard. Don’t know what I’ll do today, depends on the wind. Lots of nice jobs if the wind ain’t roaring. And your right, we ain’t as young as we used to be, time to be inventive!

    God Bless!

  3. morning all! 🙂

  4. Morning Jan!

    Would you believe its close to freezing here this morning? We’ll see how tough those tomato plants are now 🙂

    God Bless!

  5. we got a coldfront coming though too,

  6. Morning Jan… Morning Tom….

    Well 20 more acres of mowed hay in the books… Looks like I’ll only need 3 to 400 more bales come second cutting. Thats a relief for a change.

    How’s the rain up your way Tom?? Did the cold front bring ya any??

    Well, I’m doing the equipment shuffle today and hopefully everything will make it. The ol Rolobar is my biggest worry. I’m 60000 miles into those 20000 mile tires 🙂 . They are slick as a whistle. I oughta just go buy new ones…. I say that every year though… I guess I live for adventure.

    Well, guess I’d better git at it. Rain today… Thats the norm lately when I cut hay. The boys at the seed store are startin to call me “Rainmaker” 🙂

    HAve a GREAT day,


  7. Morning Jan and Brad!

    No rain. Just dust so far. Cool, very cool in the mornings. Checked the tomatoes yesterday afternoon and they survived the frost, must be from that Faith Like Tomatoes faith around here 🙂

    Cleaned up the silage pit yesterday, all the tires stacked up and plastic picked up and hauled out. looks different!

    Had church last evening, was outside with all the kids, pretty good group too, kept me busy! In summer it picks up a bit and i like that allot!

    Gotta start getting things in order here for the Father’s Day service in a few weeks where yours truly does the service. I’m looking foreword to it and have a plan figured out, kinda 🙂

    Don’t know what will be happening here today, but have faith that it’ll be good no matter what happens! Whew, kinda tired this morning, had too much coffee at church last evening and was counting sheep for half the night 🙂

    God Bless!

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