Trusting A Loving God

The evening after Memorial Day and it sure was a busy day around here. I won’t go through the list of jobs cause folks would think I’m a liar! Plus this evening we just got in from the big garden out back, this was the first time really working in it. Got the onion sets planted and also the potatoes. Late, later than most years by a long shot but we’ve been busy getting in the main crops. Today the last field work was done, planted some oats, not for harvesting but for grazing in summer. Planted it on the cattle lot, about two and a half acres and that thing is getting overloaded with weeds from feeding cows there winter after winter. So I figure on putting oats there for a few years and grazing it down, disking it up, planting again in later summer and graze er down again. Keep repeating the process for a long time and keep working them weed seeds into sprouting and then killing them before they go to major seed! What can I say, it works and it does give a little grazing here and there. Back to the garden, get most of the stuff planted in the next week or so and we’ll be right on time with the summer garden crops so no problem there. Chilly out today and this evening so I have no temptation to even think about putting out tomatoes or other plants like that.

The nice big rain system that came into Minnesota yesterday never found its way to our place. Kinda used to that happening the last few years. Last night before bed I checked the radar and durn near let out a whoop! I figured there was no way that the rain could miss us this time but upon waking up this morning the dust was still in control around here. I guess the nice rain clouds did the good old central Minnesota split that I have become so accustomed to. Life goes on though. In fact I was thinking while planting potatoes, thinking about where does a person put their faith, or what do we believe God should do in situations like I just mentioned. Now through the years I’ve come across folks that say that I should believe for rain, claim the rain in faith and it will come. But no matter how I look at it I can’t quite accept that way of thinking.

Looking back over the multi year droughts we had I can honestly say there was not one time where we were in “need”. Things were pretty short, but there was always enough to get through. Many lessons were learned and I do believe we’ve come out of this with allot more heaven sent wisdom. Not to mention how through these past few year how we’ve come along spiritually to the point of even being in ministry. Now I’ll go into this a bit more cause it does concern faith. I believe that God has taken care of us through all of this in ways that He gets the glory. Simple. I know some folks that get all proud when they attend a church service when there’s a dry spell, a church service that they pray for rain and then a rain comes in the next week or so. I get the whole 9 yards listening how God listened to “their” church concerning this. Then its back to normal, how they grow such good crops. How they did this and that. How they even prayed for rain. Not giving God the glory in any of it.

My Charismatic friends say that they claim it, and receive it because we have the authority. But a while ago when I was planting potatoes in the dust, (kinda like a movie I wrote about a couple weeks ago), I believe I heard God speak to my heart. It went something like, “I take care of all your needs so that I, (God), get the glory”. Now these last few years I kinda knew that in my simple way of knowing things but tonight it all came together. God took care of every need we had during the droughts, every one. Sure it took huge amounts of money buying hay, but the money was there, and that is even after tithing to our little church. Some folks see that as a waste, or as foolish, but God honors those that honor Him. During the droughts even when it looked bleak there were always beef customers calling at exactly the right time, always. Nothing that I did, nothing at all. Now if a simple feller like me could get going and believe and receive I know with everything I have that in a while I would start figuring I’m something special being able to do this. Now I believe in believe and receiving, cause the Bible says so. But what do I believe for?  Do I figure all my needs will be met if it rains at the times I desire it?  Will all my needs be met if all goes as I planned on the farm? Will God become a heavenly vending machine where I can just order anything I desire? I think it would end up that I’d be trying to take the glory instead of giving it to who rightly deserves it.

What I believe God showed me is that when a person has faith,  God moves and comes through like only He can do, and a feller like me just gets bewildered and can only give Him the glory! Cause I sure didn’t do it! And yes, I’ve seen miracles, many times over. God taking an impossible situation and turning it right around for His glory and if I don’t write about that it would be like turning my back on God! Faith that God will come through for us, simple faith, trusting a loving God that wants the best for His children. Might not be the best in our eyes at the time, cause we see things in a worldly way, through mortal eyes, but to put all our trust in Him, all our faith, there is no way a person can go wrong!

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  1. Morning Tom…

    Hmmm God as a human vending machine eh?? 🙂 That brought a picture to mind….. 🙂 Your right though again my friend to God goes the glory…

    Well, things around here are doing pretty good. Kind of a quiet week this week. The list is long, but I’m gettin this boy graduated, then the even longer list will be tackled again.

    I’m starting to clean out this house. Getting ready for life around here by myself… After the boy graduates He’s headed down the road like we all do I guess… Its amazing though how much junk one gets in 20 years….. I’m not even talking about the attic either… I’m talking about my workshop!!!

    Why I still need a belt pulley from a 1972 VW beetle, I’ll never know…. but I still got one …just in case…..

    Now I’m sorry to hear about that rain missing you. This year has been real good for us. The only problem has been getting into the field to take the hay off…. After years and years of brown grass, it sure is good to see green again…

    Things are lookin up though I think for you my friend. The weather man is predicting a wetter than normal month up that way…. and we all know how accurate they are…. 🙂

    Alright.. I’d better git. I’ve got apron duty again tonight as months of mold and mildew don’t come off with a quick swipe of the cloth… I gotta figure out how to harvest that stuff 🙂

    HAve a GREAT day,


  2. Morning Brad!

    The green around here is beautiful even if those rains did miss us! We ain’t suffering, just looking for a timely rain so things can keep going here the old normal way. Wetter than normal month?? Which month?? That woke me up!! 🙂

    Today I get to work on the house! Now that’s different! A friend from church is coming to put the entryway door unit in, that’s one of them combos where the door is already in a big frame with a side window and the works. Might make a difference next winter cause this old one we got here has snow blowing through it when there’s a east wind in winter 🙂 No kidding!

    Then tonight church and my one week retirement from children’s church is over with. Felt good to think I was retired. Kinda like a year old steer that got through the fence into the neighbors lush hay field. Just kicking my heals, but alas, they got me back in the fence again 🙂 Durn! Oh well, I love them kids and I guess I’m used to doing it so its not a bother.

    So I’d better get the few chores that I have done and get going around this place before it collapses 🙂 Typical farmer, do everything on the farm as best he can, but the house…..well……. I’ll get around to it someday 🙂

    God Bless!

  3. So true. He has always covered for us, no matter what.


  4. Thanks Faith!

    You took the whole thing with what I was trying to write and summed it up in a nutshell! How correct you are! We serve an awesome God!

    God Bless!

  5. Morning Morning,

    How’d the carpentry work go?? I know what you mean about the house vs the farm. My farm is raggely… but its 10 times better than the house!! Since I’m going to sell the place next spring, I’d better get busy on fixin up that place too… 🙂

    Kathy’s family is coming in today, so I’m in a cleaning frenzy…. A lot of dust accumulates in 9 months… My sister’s in laws are good folks, but they’ll be there with their white gloves I’m sure. I don’t know how they did it eith 9 kids runnin in and out on a dairy farm, but their ol homestead was always clean!! I have a feelin my spot dustin is going to get shot down in flames…. 🙂

    I’ve started going to a bible study on Wednesday nights. I really like it. This ol preacher reminds me alot of those circuit riders. A tireless passion for the Lord. In fact its so tireless, he’s in the hospital because he’s exhausted!! Hopefully he’ll be gettin out today. It kind of reminds me of ol Pete trying to make it to the next place when he was deathly sick…

    Well, better git on. My office is going to be filled with bodies until Sunday, so I probably won’t talk to you till after then….

    Have a GREAT day,


  6. Morning Brad!

    Well, I’ll put a dust rag in my back pocket today to remind me of your plight down there and to keep you continually in my thoughts 🙂 Who knows, other readers might do the same 🙂 The entry way door and window unit are in place and all went well doing that job! Just got to paint er yet one of these days and then its kinda done, (I think). So today back out on the land doing what I do! Although I have no idea what I’ll be doing today but my faith says that there’s no problem with that! The work will find me!

    Had church last night and was back with the kids. All was well in that department. Ah, the feeling I had last week when I thought i was retiring 🙂 Hmm, maybe that preacher of yours down there would want some r&r for a few months, he’s welcome to come to beautiful Minnesota and “relax” in Children’s Church for a while. I ain’t greedy, he could take over my spot without me being jealous 🙂

    After church last night I bought a book in the church store and it looks like a good one. Its a Bible college course or something and its about healing. Written simple so an old dirt farmer can make sense out of it too. More on that as time goes on!

    Well, good luck and congrats down your way this weekend! Praying for you all! My kinda folks!

    God Bless!

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