Starting With Faith

The corn is all in, the cattle are all on their permanent pastures and all is well. It feels kinda different having that huge spring load of work behind a person! I am more than a bit thankful. Now comes some straightening up around the place which in all reality shouldn’t take too much. I never was able to get around to things like that when winter ended and went straight into spring work. This late afternoon I even worked the garden. That’s about the latest that ever got done, but it shouldn’t matter a whole lot. Just will be getting the early garden crops in late and the late crops will be right on time. Hoping to start planting tomorrow evening if its agreeable outside.

Last evening I was in church, was really in the church for the first time in a long, long time. Wasn’t teaching Children’s Church and it was so very different to be able to sit in there and learn something. It was about the Book of Proverbs and I must admit it was really interesting! About Wisdom. I can’t wait to dig into that book here at home now that some things were explained to me. I gotta toss that around in my head a while in order to make it come out on the keyboard!

Now with things calming down here somewhat its time to get back to basics. I never fell out of step with the daily Bible readings but now there’s time to dig deeper before bed at night. The one thing that keeps gnawing at me is the word faith. I was thinking about that today while cutting the tall grass around the garden out back. Because when I think about what to say in front of a church or something about the only thing that comes to mind is faith, simple faith. My Bible says that a feller can’t please God without faith so I figure there must be something to faith!

The more and more I think of it the more I keep coming back to simple faith. Not some complicated thing that a person got to turn ten shades of purple trying to achieve, and more than likely never achieving it. Faith, trusting in God, knowing God. Trusting like a child, well, the Bible says that’s how we’re supposed to be! When doing stuff around the farm all day, (and sometimes night), when I just trust God it all goes so well. A person ain’t burdened, not like he’d be when taking on the job with their own will and power.

Faith that no matter how crazy this world is getting in the hands of man that God is still in control. God is watching out for His own children. He’s watching and helping a person, helping a person grow in faith. Helping a person shed the world’s problems like water off a ducks back.

This is the key to living out here on a farm. Wake up in the morning and dedicate the day to the Lord. Dedicate the work, the crops, the animals, the family, dedicate all to the Lord cause they are all His anyhow and I’m just a steward of it all. For years and years I went to church and never realized any of this. I was a standard Christian, going through the motions and it was only a few short years ago when I learned about faith, and the importance of it. This isn’t some modern teaching, this isn’t some church fad, this is biblical!

Now that the spring work is completed pretty much it is time to get back in the saddle here more often and go through some of these subjects from the perspective of a cattle and corn farmer. It might be a bit different than some, but it will be interesting.

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  1. moring all!
    glad to hear ya got thing undercontrol 😉

    didn’t put a graden out this year, have been trying to put a shop up,

    well y’all have a good and safe weekend!

  2. Morning Jan!

    Hopefully something can get planted in our garden this weekend! Cool spring though so I have no regrets about not getting to it yet.

    Putting up a shop! Hope all goes well with that!

    Well, I gotta git! See if the bulls I locked up have tore the farm down last night. They sure were bellering!

    God Bless!

  3. Interestingly I’ve been feeling like I need to spend time in Proverbs this summer…and the part on Faith?…AMEN!!

  4. Hi Patti!

    And Proverbs has 31 chapters so a person could make a daily devotional pretty easy out of that book!

    I’m brushing up on faith, for myself and so I can preach it too. Looks like I might be doing my first Sunday service next month so now’s the time to get going on that 🙂

    God Bless!

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