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A Saturday evening and the week is winding down. With yesterday’s rain there’s a much brighter outlook around here to say the least. Hard not to be happy! Now as this blog is very slowly taking shape I have added and updated somethings and will continue to do so as time permits. In farming ministry we’re somewhat like the old Methodist circuit riders, we’re bad weather preachers. by that I mean it reminds me of the saying I had on the old Healing Waters Blog, “nothing out but crows and Methodist preachers”. An old American saying that meant everyone was hunkered down because of the weather except for the crows moving about and the endless wanderings of the circuit riders. In this ministry its the bad weather days when a feller has time to go on the computer or make a visit. Not only from my perspective but also being that the local farmers are probably holed up and not out working in the weather on major jobs. Just some common sense I figure. Its different than a suburban ministry that prays for nice days so they can enjoy the weather in a relaxed environment. Anyway, checkΒ  the side bar on this site, I’ve updated the “About” page and also added a Calendar page where I’ll be posting happenings in this immediate region and soon to start posting a personal schedule when we are personally involved in events, meetings, whatever!

I don’t know if this will come to pass, but another thing that’s been on my heart is to make some videos here. We have the ability to make em and post em and I’ll see what we can come up with in the very near future once all this planting and calving calms down somewhat. There’s always work to do, but this has been on my heart recently. Just some farm talking, talkin farming and faith, simple and direct. Won’t ever make TBN but that’s probably good!

So this is just a small update post and I’m all tired out tonight, its been a hard but good week.

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  1. I like the calendar… and I look forward to the videos πŸ™‚

  2. Morning There Sir..

    Things are going 100 miles per hour around here. One hay field done and two more to go. Besides the usual breakdowns, things are coming along nicely. I gotta tell you though.. one thing about the breakdowns… my cattlemans tongue has been replaced by the cattleman’s yell…. It seems to work alot better for me. I’m not scaring off kids on 4 wheelers anymore!! πŸ™‚

    Unlike you who got some rain, we got a break from it. Looks like we’ll have it for most of the week, so between church and farming and the youngest boy’s graduation, I’ll be in and out of here all week. Things don’t look like they’ll slow down here until the second cutting and then we start all over again… πŸ™‚

    Alright, I’ll let you get at it… I’ve got a bunch of stuff to tell ya on the church front, but I”d probably better get another cup of coffee instead, or I might fall asleep at this ol keyboard.

    Have a GREAT day,


  3. Morning!

    The videos might be a while, not because we can’t but just from the work load is all. But I think they’ll be coming! Then again, things usually go the opposite of what I figure so who knows πŸ™‚ Could be soon. I’ll be adding to the calendar as things pop into my head, kinda scrambled lately with the spring rush. Thanks!

    Morning there Brad!

    I forgot, you have a graduation this year! Give my congrats to the proud graduate for me! Ours is next year. Boy did time fly!

    I figure that corn planting will get finished up either today or tomorrow here. Just wrapping up is all. Plowed a hay field yesterday at the neighbors. He “gave” me a field for corn, ( for nothing), I just have to work it up so this old boy sure didn’t pass that one up! Hauling the last two or three loads of manure this morning on another little field that’ll get corn planted on it too. Then finish up getting the cattle straightened out on pastures later this week and then I figure I can book a round the world cruise for a month or two πŸ™‚ Well, not really, the work will be stacked up higher then the neighbor’s silo πŸ™‚

    That makes two of us wanting to tell about the church front. Change is in the air on this old farmer’s church activities. Moving to the next step and the trouble with that is that a feller can trip going up them stairs and get it square in the face πŸ™‚ Although in reality serving in the Kingdom usually don’t mean climbing the stairs, it means going down them into the cellar.

    Oh, Jan, if your out there, when I get the DVD back of Faith Like Potatoes I’ll be sure to check the whole thing out like you said. For now I watch clips of it on You Tube.

    I reckon I should get out there, a full work load with just a small percentage of the pressure I had the last few weeks.

    God’s Blessings To All!

  4. Good Morning ……

    30 acres are thru!! 20 more to go. I’ll sure tell you, there is nothing prettier than a field that has all the hay cleaned off it. It just looks like a big ol yard!!

    Well. tonight is greezin up everything to get ready to go again tomorrow. Sane people take vacation days and go to Tahiti or something like that…. I chase around grass cubes… πŸ˜€

    Looks like I’ll end up with enough to make it through the winter after the first cutting I think this year… Amazing what a little rain will do….

    Tom, I forgot to tell you I saw that movie last weekend. I was a good one. I was all ready to take it back then Jan said I missed the best part…. I guess I’ll look at that this weekend.

    Alright, I’d better get another cup of coffee and git at it….

    Have a GREAT day,


  5. Afternoon Brad!

    Didn’t catch me this morning, I was already out the door working. Hey, its 91 degrees here with a stiff south wind! Either its freezing or boiling πŸ™‚ Got all the corn planted yesterday and now its the final cattle work, opening up permanent pastures and stuff. Almost like a vacation!

    So now maybe things will not be so super rushed around here! Got er all done. Huge amounts of manure hauled for three weeks straight, cattle out on pastures, oats and corn planted, whew!

    Oh Lord, I only ask for a good year, not a disaster year as so many have been. Maybe now I can think about the garden, haven’t touched it yet except for plowing, but first things first! Well, I do have a big batch of sweet corn planted for ourselves and hopefully for the big fish fry in August or so where we supply the sweet corn! That’s a church folk thingy! And one of my favorite things too!

    Church tonight and I think I’ll go, get to sit in the regular service as far as I know, so that’ll be a change! Lots of stuff going on in ministry, rural stuff, the way I like it.

    I should be able to post more and more I’m hoping now that the extreme pressure is off my back, whew (again).

    No coffee now, but gotta do a couple of afternoon chores, eat some supper and more than likely go off to the little country church in the hills!

    God Bless!

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