This afternoon we received a much needed rain in these parts. An even inch of that precious water! This evening even with a cool northwest wind blowing the land seems much, much healthier! The hay fields are greener, the oats fields have a much deeper green color. The ground isn’t like walking on cement anymore and the air has a much different smell to it, a beautiful smell! This morning while it was sunny out I finished planting the main acres of corn and only have around 15 acres left so I more or less consider ourselves pretty much done with that. Both small patches that are left are on high ground and they can be worked easily early next week.

After the rains this afternoon we decided to go to a small town a few miles away and have us a supper at the small town cafe and it was sure good. A person has that thankful attitude when everything works out just right and the majority of rural folks that came into the cafe were in the same mood as me, very thankful for the rains! There was even water in the road ditches on the way to town and also in the town! Water, its so precious especially when a person knows the affects of multiple droughts over the last few years. There’s a scene in the movie, Faith Like Potatoes where they have an out of control brush fire and when Angus prayed for rain, God delivered it in an hour to put the fire out. The part that affected me was his thankfulness standing in the rain. That’s the same for a drought farmer in North America too! Thankful! Praising the Lord!

With the field work getting more and more done, with a good God given rain to see the new plantings and hay fields along a person can only reflect on the wonders of a good God! Its been a few months since we have done anything extra in our little church but tomorrow afternoon we’re heading there for a leadership meeting and I know that Sunday after church we’re going to be visiting with a special lady from our church covering also. A little while ago at the small town cafe we had us a good conversation with the owner and in my humble opinion there’s really room for a rural ministry in these here parts. Besides one on one ministry there’s things pressing me about starting some good country Gospel meetings in this area. These would be with music and the works, country music, bluegrass music and the like. The thing that is amazing me is how God throws it right into a person’s lap. I’m finding out its not that difficult to find musicians that are willing to help out and play. So the main hurdle is looking a little small at the moment.

So now its just to get through this weekend and see what the Lord brings! Next week back to farming with a passion! All is well!

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  1. glad ya got some rain,

    after tonite I think we will get too have a dry spell!

    havea good weekend

  2. Evening Jan!

    Wind is howling outside as I write, cooling down, but the world is finally got a healthy green here! Praise the Lord!

    You and your hubby have a blessed weekend!

  3. Isn’t it amazing the roads the Lord leads us down when we just simply follow…..”I’ll fly away O Gloryy”

  4. Morning Folks,

    This rain you speak of has chased me inside for a little bit. I’m still thankful for it, but we’re gettin too much of it…. Like Jan said, after tomorrow, we are in for a dry spell…

    Looks like I’ll be takin off work to finish getting my hay in next week. My boy is home from college so there is some extra help there. Thats good. I’ve got a neighbor boy who helps too…. He’s a tractor driver, so I covet his job… He’s about a year away from being on the business end of the trailer.. 🙂

    Tom, that “Faith like Potatos’s movie is sitttin on my kitchen counter. I rented it for this weekend, but it will probably be next before I get to watch it… I’m looking forward to it!!

    Alright… Time for a ham sandwich and some tomato soup… Thats been my lunch hankerin lately….

    Have a GREAT day,


  5. Hi Patti!

    I just came across a quote by Angus Buchan, “If your vision doesn’t scare you, it is not big enough.”

    I just spent the afternoon at church at a leadership meeting about vision and the like, very good and interesting to say the least! And them roads the Lord leads us down might look daunting, or impossible. For us they basically are, but He will see us through and He gets all the Glory!

    God Bless!

    Afternoon Brad!

    That inch of rain puts a new slant on things here. today is basically cold and windy and I figure it should blow itself out in a day or two, then probably get nice outside. Corns almost done and things are going well. Boy, does that hay look better today with the water!

    I hope you get to see that movie! It ain’t for the faint hearted, a true story. I know that most farmers that love the Lord or who are searching for the Lord sure will find Him in that movie! Amazing they made a movie about a farmer! need more of em!

    I tell you, I got so much to write about I get “finger twisted” 🙂 Just can’t seem to get it out straight, but it will come in due time. That happens when a feller is in awe of a God that is so awesome and in control. All a person has to do is follow Him.

    I’ll use that quote again by that farmer/preacher, “If your vision doesn’t scare you, it is not big enough.” Hmm, this is a good one! Cause if it don’t scare a feller at least a little bit then that means that we can do it on our own and we are taking the glory, taking the glory from God who rightly deserves it! OK, I’m weak kneed and trembling much of the time as things keep progressing with all of this. I don’t need more and more reminders from God, like things always falling into place to help fulfill the vision I believe He has placed in my heart, the reminders are coming constant.

    The one thing I “must” remember is to never figure I was called to do something “churchy”. My heart is for taking the Gospel into the farms and ranches and everyone in between. And to set up events in the future to establish ministry in the areas where there are none.

    There might be towns plump full of churches but they sure aren’t reaching the entire population, more like a closed door policy. Expecting folks to come through the doors that wouldn’t be caught dead behind them doors. Ah, exciting yes, scary, more yes 🙂 This vision does scare me! I know its real!

    Anyway, more and more on this as time goes on! Keep on keepin on down there!

    God Bless!

  6. Brad, if ya watch movie,and if ya got time watch the special features, it’s just as good as the movie! 🙂

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