The Harvest Meal

Windy, really windy out. Was planting corn all afternoon into evening. Got one field done, so that’s a start anyhow! Looks like some rain in the Dakotas that could be heading this way and I’m hoping it’ll hold together and make its way here. Nothing is stressed yet as far as dryness but I’m a tad bit gunshy from these last few years. I’m looking forward with faith that we’re going to have us a good crop year and an even better winter with plenty for the cows to eat and stay fat!

And when a feller is out there planting there’s always the vision of a plentiful harvest! I mean who in their right mind would plant expecting a disaster, no, there’s always that hope and faith that things will grow and produce abundantly. Expecting a good harvest, planting the seed, tending the crop. And then the harvest. I remember years ago, and in reality it wasn’t that many years ago when neighbors would help each other in many of the harvest whether it was grains, corn for both grain or silage, and bailing and putting away hay in those large old haybarns on hot summer days. When the harvest was ready everyone worked hard getting it done. Sometimes in fairly sizable crews. And one thing a person always remembers is the big meals that would go with all of that! Work hard and when it came to meal time, eat big! And the food was so good! Especially when a person had worked hard and was really hungry. The table would be surrounded by the workers and those that had prepared the meal really made sure that you got your fill. The fellowship was great and everyone knew that they gave their best and had worked hard as the talk was going on around the table. And many harvests went on day after day, hard work and big meals. The main one being supper, many times well after dark when a person couldn’t work anymore.

My Bible says there’s a harvest of souls out in the fields too! And I was thinking, (as always), how similar farm life is to some parables that were spoken around two thousand years ago. A farmer can understand those Gospel parables pretty good in my opinion! The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. How familiar! Familiar right here on the farm!  Now when a person is born again and filled with the Holy Spirit they become a new creature, and that new creature is a harvest worker for the Lord that saved them. The number one proof of a born again Spirit filled believer is a desire to be the feet of Jesus, to walk like He walked and to do as He did. To go out, to spread the Gospel with the same love He did. To give hope to the hopeless.

Now if Jesus could talk in farm parables I guess I can too if that’s the case. Now what does a person think would happen if all those farm workers, those harvest time workers would stay around the table and just pray that the harvest would come in by itself?  Well there sure wouldn’t be much of a harvest, that’s for sure. When I was working on crews like that the food and fellowship was something to be remembered, but the reason for it was to feed the harvest workers so the job could get done, either that same day or the next and next. Its the same with church, that’s just like those harvest time meals, the gathering of the workers to relax, get fed, fellowship and basically get recharged to continue the important work. In church its to get recharged for the real reason a person is a Christian, for the harvest. To get fed on the Word, to get uplifted by the testimonies of other believers. The local church is the harvest workers table!

I don’t know about anyone else, but when its put this way it sure is easy for a dirt farmer and cattle man to understand. Makes perfect sense! That must be why the Son of God spoke so many things in such a way, because they are timeless and the simple can understand it, which by the way includes me.

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  1. Good Morning Tom….

    Ahhh haa,, Well you got me there buddy. So the church is the harvest time table. I get it. I sit at that table all the time and have to agree with you.

    Now about the workers being few… I’m feelin that now… The workers are getting fewer and fewer and I’m stubborn as an old goat about changin my ways. These ol Square bales are about to do me in… but I sure do like em… Hardly any waste, and on this raggely ol place I can’t afford mush waste.

    But the workers are getting fewer and fewer. The boys have their own lives to worry about. Every once and a while I can get em. I have my 71 year old dad to drive the tractor while I’m loading in the spring… That leaves me hoistin bales… Fine work for someone in his 20’s and 30’s, but as I’m gettin near 50 my back starts complainin as much as my mouth does…. I’ll tell you, 20 years ago I’d of laughed when I said I was going to take a hot bath…. Now I look forward to em!! 🙂

    I was lookin out at a buddys field the other day and I gotta tell you this. His corn was knee high already. I told him about the ol Michigan sayin and he couldn’t believe it. Now he did plant his early and the rain has been good to him…. Plus he plants that GMO corn… but I thought it was still pretty impressive.

    Speakin of rain…. It hasn’t failed me much, but the ol Bachelor rain making machine is back in business. Cut hay… let it dry a day…. then let it rain on it for a couple more…. Oh well…. them cows will still like it better than the briars and all they’ve been eatin the last few drought years 🙂 ……

    Alright friend…. I’d better let you finish off that pork sausage and coffee….. I’m fixin to have another wood chip and sawdust bar ….. 😦

    Have a GREAT day,


  2. Morning Brad!

    I’m a bit staggery this morning, that old wind sure took a tole on me yesterday and now to do it all over again. I just am hoping the wind cuts down to gale force today, yesterday was, well, rough.

    Don’t know if I’ll make it to the table tonight at church, but then again I don’t sit and get fed on Wednesday evenings, I’m a feeder 🙂 (Durn, getting light outside and the trees are blowing in the wind). But being a feeder has its advantages too, like staying in shape 🙂 No wonder I can have bacon and sausage and a red hot burrito and a hot cup of coffee to go with my toast and eggs this morning 🙂

    No rain here, this whole system did the split again as they have done for the last few years, but no worries at this moment yet. Akk is well. Maybe the Lord is giving me more time to get the corn in before we get a wet spell. Just waiting for ol’ Tom to get the corn in 🙂 Seen that happen before….

    Good thing is I don’t have to get equipment ready today cause it already is. Just spend another day figuring out what to do to work up an appetite for the harvest table 🙂

    Gotta git!

    God Bless!

  3. morning all!

    it’s windy here too!

    have a good day!

  4. Morning Jan!

    Windy there too? At least it ain’t cold outside so I can’t complain around here 🙂

    God Bless!

  5. Working so hard that a body is aching and exhausted when it falls into bed. Earning our sleep. That’s the best way to end the day. I wonder if we can apply that to the soul harvest?


  6. Morning Faith!

    Well,I’d bet a person can apply that to the soul harvesting job! Just thinking about old Paul, he’d just keep on going no matter where he was. And thinking about the Gospels, Jesus would get away from the crowds but it wasn’t to play horseshoes, it was to feed on a relationship with the Father in prayer. I think about Jesus sleeping in the boat during the storm, He musta been plum tired!

    Thanks for giving me food for thought this morning!

    God Bless!

  7. Morning Morning,

    Hows the planting going?? I sure know what its like to be beat up by the wind. Ugh… Them prarie winds probably pack a little more punch than down here.

    Looks like our year for the rain. Those isolated thunderstorms seem to have isolated themselves right over the top of my mown hay. Still not complainin….. alright… I’m complainin, but just a little. Too many dusty days have past through these past couple of years for me to complain too much.

    I hope your just getting a break for planting and whats happining up there isn’t becoming a pattern. Otherwise, it looks like we’ll have to change your name to farmer Charlie…. 🙂

    I’m headlong into that Cartwright book again. I’m hoping to finish up by summer anyway and then send it your way along with another book you might like. Pure fiction, but written about a country preacher in the 1800’s by a country preacher in the 1800’s. It was kind of a relaxing book to read. Sometimes a man needs a break from the heavy stuff for something like that.

    Well…. I’d better get on. With any luck, I’ll catch a break in the weather and rake today and bale tomorrow. Until then I’m going to be headlong into a farmers best friend…. GREASE!! 🙂

    Have a GREAT day,


  8. Morning Brad!

    Day three of strong winds and like day one these winds pack a punch. From the northwest and cooler too. I could hear those winds all night even in my sleep, thus not the best sleep. Strange weather lately with so much wind never stopping.

    Planting is moving right along and I sure can’t complain. We’ll just keep going until we’re either done or …rained out. Lookin like we should get done by early next week.

    That book sounds interesting, perked me up this morning better than coffee 🙂 Lookin forward to it!

    Had church last evening and I must admit I can see retirement as a children’s church teacher looming on the horizon. I get tired nowadays doing it and I think I’ll have to move on in the near future.

    Well, I better get ready to become a human sail in a bit here. Keep on keeping on you know 🙂

    God Bless!

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