Faith Like Potatoes

Last evening upon arrival at church I talked with our Pastor and was informed about a movie. A different kind of movie. Folks like me sometimes miss what’s going on out there and I’m greatful that I was informed about this one. I plan on renting it sometimes very soon and also puchasing a couple copies, one to have around here and one to borrow out. I like doing that when a movie can be a life changer. As I said, I haven’t seen it yet but I did find the trailer today and it affects me deeply. The movie is called “Faith Like Potatoes” and to see the trailer, click here.

Its not every day when there’s a movie about farmers, let alone a farmer/preacher, and even though its about a farmer/preacher on the other side of the world there’s just something of a bond between us, because that’s the way it is with farmers. The true story takes place in South Africa and just watching the trailer makes me wish I could farm there. At least they don’t have thirty below zero month after month! But the message of faith that comes from that farmer/preacher is life changing in itself. I know it really gives me a boost. In a day and age when religion in America and the Western World is basically an extension of a materialistic culture its refreshing to come across real faith and in farming real faith is badly needed in order to even survive in this day and age.  One quote from the trailer. “Where there is faith, there is growth”, speaks volumes! The opposite is where there is no faith there is no growth and that should speak to a person just as well. Farming runs on faith! Many parables in the Gospels are about faith and most are related to a farming story, that should say something!

So to a dirt farmer and cattle man such as myself this is great news that there’s a movie out there about the two things I love, farming and faith, (of course this isn’t saying I’m leaving out family cause I figure they’re in both of those categories).


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  1. let me know what ya think of it, i was thinking about watching it,

    well take care , and have a good weekend!

  2. Morning Jan!

    I’ll let you know, soon!

    Same to you down your way! Have a Blessed Weekend!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Tom. It sounds like a great movie to watch & to keep on hand at home. When you get the chance to watch it, and then have time to comment, we certainly would like to hear your thoughts, too.

    We, as ‘dirt farmers’ [wink] do walk by faith, especially in the beginning, when we did not have alot of knowledge about… well…the dirt. [smile]

    Take Care,
    Have a great day!

  4. Heyas Tom,

    Just saw the trailer you posted, looks to be an inspiring movie, definately good to see one as they are few and far between. Will have to see it soon.

    Thanks for the link to it.

    God bless.


  5. Hi Kris!

    Well, my better half was able to rent the movie yesterday so last evening this old farmer sat down and had a watch. Of course I totally loved it! So much of the stuff being the same as our lives. Much of the stuff I’ll be dwelling on for a long, long time!
    God Bless!

    Hey William!

    Yup, I liked that movie! In fact today I think we’ll get the ground ready for potatoes when the cattle work is done 🙂 I know I’ll buy a couple copies of that movie to have around and share.
    God Bless!

  6. Hey Tom,
    I was feeling pretty good about my ‘adequate’ faith until Honey & I watched “Faith Like Potatoes” a few days ago. That sent me right back to the Bible hungry for MORE. I want that kind of faith! Funny that you were pointed in the direction of this movie, because I thought of you and your wife when I watched it.

    May the Lord bless you both.

  7. Hi Lee Ann!

    Last evening I watched it for the second time, the first night with a rented movie and yesterday with our own copy. I really identify with this movie and its so good to see something that makes sense to me. One of these days I might be able to get on the computer in the evening and write about some of the stuff that affected me with all of this. Right now I have stiff computer competition in this house with school work and such for the girls.

    So, Sunday morning and I’m getting ready to head on outside and do some feeding. Only a few days left of that and the cowherd will be in green grass! Then head on off to church with a little luck and after that, this afternoon, well, gotta get the ground worked up for potatoes 🙂

    And before I go out, here’s a little quote from the movie.
    “When God’s creation is broke,He’s more than able to fix it!”

    God Bless!

  8. Hi Tom! Its been busy on the farm here in Michigan so I missed reading your blog for a few days (I followed along on Northern Farmer), and I had a moment of panic thinking you were going to quit blogging!!! LOL…we sure are glad you haven’t ;D

    We really look forward to reading, and find ourselves nodding or smiling in agreement most times, and being blessed all the time!

    Glad you’re still here….

  9. NF,
    I can see why you like the movie, it is you and your family!

  10. Good Morning

    Y’all might not remember me, but I’ve been away in a furn’ land… 🙂 Now I got to tell ya, that them furner’s are ok.

    Now Tom, this new blog is alright and all, but you brought back flashbacks of when my parents sent me to camp and sold the house…. When I got back they didn’t tell me where they moved to. Hmmmm… this is the second time something like this has happened…. a brighter feller might start to get a complex….. 🙂

    How’s everyone been here at this ol place. I thought I might come back and try to recuperate from all this travel, but cows had calfs and we’ve been having some rains, so it looks like mowin hay is in my future…. then after I’m through with the lawn, I’ll move on to mowin hay in the pastures… 🙂

    Europe was great, but TOOOOOOO many people. I realized that when I was standing out in Stonehenge and looked around at the 500 or so acres of grassland around it. I figger the guide was gettin upset at me because my back was too the rocks most of the time and I’m askin her what kind of sheep those were and if the grass could be grown in the warm climates of the southern US . She didn’t know the answer to any of them questions. Although she got on my bad side when she called the fields of yellow canola an “abomination” and that green was the proper color for farm land…. Oh well…

    Tom, I haven’t had a chance to look this place over yet, but hope to in the next couple of days when I get caught up. The one thing I did miss in Europe was the morning chats.

    Take care my friend,


  11. Morning All, (and Brad 🙂 )

    I’m really rushed here this morning, good weather and all transilates to busy Monday morning! I’ll catch up this evening with a little luck here on this blog, until then just hold tight!

    That goes for you too Brad! Finally really spring around here and its time to get to work! But I’ll catch up here soon, especially if the school work competition for this computer lessens a bit this week. Funny, everytime a feller has something inspirational to write I can’t get on the computer 🙂 Grrr! But such is life and all things pass!

    Hopefully get at least a third of the herd moved out today and then life starts getting a whole lot different when them critters are back on grass!

    So all, I will return! (Soon)

    God Bless!


  13. OK, I gotta catch up here a bit, tis the planting and everything else season around here and I apologize for not tending to things around here like I should!

    I’m really glad you followed me here and want to thank you personally! The way it looks many did and there’s many knew folks too! Its much easier for me to concentrate on one blog and to try and do a better job. In fact I just wrote a post with some of my feelings on that and promise not to write too much about that in the future, just had to get it out of my system after a couple of weeks here.

    I pray your spring work season is blessed!


    I was in a rush this morning when I came in and seen your comment and had to laugh all day about what you wrote about the move 🙂 That got me 🙂 Well, maybe we can get our morning coffee chat back on line here! That’s when this blog is “live” between 5 and 6 AM every morning, (Central Time) to those who aren’t in the know. Looking forward to getting back in line here 🙂
    God Bless!

    Hey Jan!

    Yup, he’s back! tell you the truth, that made my day! (Pardon me, …….YEE HAW!)

    God Bless!

  14. Good Morning Folks,

    Thanks Jan and Tom for the welcome back…. I’m so glad to be home…. What Tom??? No ranting??? 🙂 . Now don’t tell me your starting to mellow in your old…. ahem….. older than younger age 🙂 . No rants are fine with me. I do enjoy the perspective…. and the conversation….

    Seems like this ol jetlag is kickin my butt. I’m awake at 2am for the second time in two days. Gak !!

    This lack of sleep is really makin it hard to get through Chronicles. I’m sorry, but I just can’t get excited about the duties of the treasury and all… Oh well, I keep hopin I’m goin to get back into a book like Samuel or somethin…. Nonstop action 🙂

    Today doesn’t look like its goin to be too lucky. I woke up to a flat this morning. I know its one of the hazards of the pasture, but I’ve got to get a new way of pickin up them fence staples that go flyin…. Preventin hardware disease is gettin expensive!!

    One of the lawns is done. One tractor is home. The other one needs to be picked up. Lookin at the weather, hayin is still a little ways off. Believe it or not, we are two inches above the average in rain!! Thank God!! I do think this drought has been busted!!

    Well, I’d better git on. With any luck, I’ll be out mwin more this afternoon.

    Have a GREAT day,


  15. Morning Brad!

    I got the opposite of what you got, not jet lag, I’m trying to figure out a fancy name for it but just gotta say flat out tired 🙂 Wow, was that hard to get myself awake this morning, but it gets done no matter what. Must be all that “hot pursuit” of them cow calf pairs yesterday that wore me out. Hmm, and gotta do it all over again today. Hoping I can get those jobs behind me in the morning and then have a farmer’s holiday again this afternoon just hauling manure 🙂

    Now don’t think I’m getting soft with the lack of ranting, just that when a feller rants he usually finds out a few months later that he was off a bit and then it don’t feel so good. Ranting always did wonders for the “hits” on a blog but seeing that I’m not concerned about that so much I can just keep going steadily with what I do.

    My daily Bible readings have me in 2nd Samuel, chapter 20 tonight. Well, probably ch 20, 21, 22. Sure is action packed in that New Living Translation! Then in the New I’m in 1st Peter. It got me in a bunch of smaller books now that I finished two Gospels and the Book of Acts. That Peter had some pretty good common sense the way I figure it when reading this! Wish I had more time cause last night reading what he wrote sure got me going!

    So now to get out and start another day. This warmer weather sure does agree with me! After watching that movie this weekend I’ve been pondering the thought of farming where a feller can wear short sleeves year round, what a dream come true 🙂 But for now I’ll just enjoy the seasons that we have!

    Gotta git!

    God Bless!

  16. What type of hat is worn in the movie Faith Like Potatoes?

    • The hat is a Rogue from Rogue Hats in South Africa. The ones available at this time have narrower brims but as still nice. Wendy Gers at has some. I bought a khaki suede and a black waxed version.

      God Bless.

      • Our pastor was in South Africa last fall and picked me up a Rogue hat. I like it!!

  17. A stockman’s hat.

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