Some Country Chat

Sometimes I love coming across some good sayings. Such as, “Some minds are like concrete, thoroughly mixed up and permanently set.” Speaks volumes! Or, “Quit griping about your church, if it was perfect you couldn’t belong.” I like that one! Maybe that’s what I like about rural areas so much, the straight forward truthfulness of so many of its people. Not all, mind you, but a durn good share!

Life is a bull session out here, its different for sure and even I can figure that out! Pretty much no matter where a person goes, no matter what business establishment a person goes to out here, there’s a bull session. In fact there’s more news to be had from them than the internet as far as I’m concerned. Take today, drive over to the co-op a little after opening this morning to get a quarter mile of barb wire and a multitude of subjects got covered. Some even made sense! The weather of course, which mean people complain if there’s rain in the forecast and people complain if there ain’t. Bull security I tell you, there’ll be complaining no matter what to keep things going. Look over on the counter and there’s a stack of papers telling about that guy that figures he’s president of this country and how he wants to take away our right to bear arms. I’ve said this before on Northern Farmer blog, if the homeland security people would have the co-ops bugged around here the countryside would be pretty empty because we’d all be labeled as terrorists! We know we ain’t, we’re just Americans that still believe that this is a great country and believe in the way it was set up. Of course folks that are running things now don’t want it that way and they don’t like real Americans, its a big threat to them. But that’s OK with me. There’s allot of us out here in the countryside, in fact we’re the majority and a bigger thorn in the side to the corrupt thugs in DC is hard to find!

But where was I? Oh yes, country bull sessions no matter where a fella goes. Find out who got sick, find out who got hurt, find out about the recent fires in the area, you know, that kinda stuff. And I ain’t safe even hauling manure! No sir! Loading up the manure spredder from the huge pile that accumulated this winter and the feed man comes driving in. So that’s a twenty minute break but I don’t get political with him cause he’ll agree with anything just to sell me mineral. To the feed man a fella got to say how your going broke, the animals sure ain’t producing, (with his mineral I might add here), and just generally give him the sob story so he doesn’t try and sell to much stuff. So after that he waves good bye and says he’ll stop back in a couple of months. Then driving to the field which is a mile and a half away a feller just prays he don’t meet to much traffic cause there’s a good chance it’ll be some other farmer or someone that I know and on these gravel roads out here we could block the road and talk for hours without a car coming by. Lucked out today and didn’t have a bull session out there so I got a few more loads of manure hauled than I had planned!

Now I was just thinking, and as always when I write most things I have absolutely nothing planned, I just write. But I was thinking about in the few hundred words I just wrote how it could possible make me look like a unsaved heathen, certainly not like someone who is in ministry. Because when you read ministry stuff its always so nice or else as I have found on the internet over the years, it can be condemning! I won’t dive into that direction though, just thinking about how different a real country person is from, well say a regular person from society today. It is real, the difference. I’ve written and written over the past few years about it but have never hit it right on to my satisfaction. Maybe its because a real country person is involved with so much reality that they turn out that way. You have weather, animals and a multitude of things that in reality a person has very little control over and the big thing, nobody to back you up such as in what’s called regular society. There ain’t no unemployment, there ain’t someone putting money in a retirement account for you, there ain’t an employer that’s paying for medical insurance for you and your family,Β  there ain’t no government bailout when you have three disastrous drought years in a row and it ends with a flood! Nope, your kinda on your own!

There might be something to this thought, that in the countryside the folks living off the land might have a similar situation to folks in third world countries. In those counties folks can’t depend on society to help them out with much, thus the faith in God when they get saved is at a higher level than someone living in modern luxury. Makes sense to me. People “must” depend on God, there is no other choice. Same here, the odds are against a person and I can’t see how a person could live a joyful life without that simple faith in God because there really is not that false backing that comes with “normal” society. So, this might explain why the way a person looks at thing, the way a person talks or writes is a tad bit different than the norm. The way a person can joke around and have a good time no matter what the situation. The way a person can act like a kid and not seem serious as is expected by society. Yup, must be on to something tonight here!


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  1. yup much be πŸ˜‰

    Morning NF,

    have a good day! watch out 4 them bulls! πŸ˜‰

  2. Morning Jan!

    All is well this way! Keep on hauling manure today, …and tomorrow…..and the next day and next and next…. better not complain, all that fertilizer just for the hauling!

    So, calves keep getting born, the ducks are nesting all over our yard, in the woodpile, under a ladder I have leaning against the garage and who knows where else! Might have a duck population explosion here in a few weeks πŸ™‚ Oh well, times get tough there’s always some duck to eat πŸ™‚

    Have a Blessed Day!

  3. Tom,

    Congratulations on the new blog!

    You sure can gather a lot of good information in the bull sessions that happen in the country. Yesterday I had in mind to get a round bale of hay from the neighbor. Instead I talk to a seed salesman, learn about a dairy farmer that used a syringe of cream to make his milk look higher in butterfat, learn about this same dairy farmer’s marital problems, get a couple of trees to plant at home, learn how very small an alternator is for a huge John Deere tractor, help put a round bale in for some cattle, learn that I have an opportunity to get free wood (a downed tree) and free gates, and I get to discuss the current assaults on our freedoms. By the time this is all done, it was too late to haul hay with a tractor that has marginal lights.

    Then of course at home I discover that I need to make some more wires hot on my electric fence to contain wayward lambs. Around about 10:30pm chores finally get done.

    Funny how a “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

    Jim V

  4. Hey Jim!

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! Been a dead day around here, been raining since morning, nothing heavy just raining. So the outdoor bull sessions are minimal today πŸ™‚ Three calves born in the rain and doing fine outside. Got some church tonight and no competing work, yee haw!

    Interesting about adding the cream eh, and more interesting finding out about the marital problems. Hmm, I gotta do my post I’ve been thinking about about weeds being like sin, (and folks believe me, farming or ranching sure does make a person think this way).

    Hope I didn’t cause to much of a shock shutting down NF blog but it is time. I sure do appreciate all you’ve done that way for the last few years too. It’a been shut down allot sooner if you hadn’t helped out, like the first year πŸ™‚

    Another thing I just discovered, a high powered battery fencer. Gonna rig up a solar panel to a battery and this fencer is equal to a New Zealand weed burner and can be in remote pastures. The calves are in for a shock! The figuring here is the solar panel should keep up, and if it can’t quite do it a feller can always switch batteries once in a while.

    Lots of news here and the world is getting green from the gentle rains. All is well!

    Glad to hear from you!

  5. Hi Tom,

    New to these parts (this blog) but looks like you have it well in hand here. Congratulations on the new blog, and hope the droughts stay away for a good while.

    God bless.


  6. Howdy William!

    Glad you found this place and more glad I found yours now! You can bet that I’ll be a regular stopping in over on your blog! Lookin good!

    God Bless You and Yours!

  7. Well thanks Tom,

    We are struggling along, learning as we go. Luckily I have a family that is loving it as much as I do.

    God bless.


  8. Morning William!

    Trust me, we’re all struggling as we go in farming. A person never knows it all, or even a good majority of it, just gotta trust in God and work hard πŸ™‚ Same could be said about the faith side of things. Its a huge blessing having a family that loves it as much as you do!

    God Bless!

  9. Hey Tom!

    Sounds like finally the ‘cold’ weather is leaving ya.
    Just a couple days ago, we had a dusting of snow up above us in the mountains. Just been cold at our place, but warms up once the sun comes out. PTL for the sun!

    Just about ready to start more of that corn we got from you. Each year we learn a little bit more about ‘how to’. PTL.

    Look forward to reading your thoughts, as usual.

    Blessings on your days & calving season!


  10. Hi Kris!
    Just cool and windy, but I’ll take these 50s any day over the winter temps! I might be able to continue hauling manure tomorrow because it could be dry enough by then. Corn planting will be in a week or two, I’m not in a rush with that at all at this point.
    By the way, I really enjoy your blog and am sorry I don’t comment very much on other blogs. I think I’ll try and get myself into a habit of commenting on a few of my friend’s blogs as time goes by, especially now that I’m down to one blog πŸ™‚
    Good luck with that corn this year, that seed from last year should be no problem, I was reading in my seed savers book that corn seed stays pretty good for at least ten years!

    God Bless!

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