A Short Post Turned Long

Just got in for the evening here. The rain we had yesterday amounted to a half inch and that’s just about perfect for this time of the year. The hay fields are greening up and so are the pastures which is a dream come true to a short of hay cowman. Looks like we’ll just make it this year with what we have and the 25 or 30 bales I have spoken for from a friend. Those extras should take me into our own hay time easily. Because not all the animals get to graze even in summer. The bulls are penned up till mid July and those guys sure can eat being they ain’t entertaining the ladies! Hmm, guess there ain’t all that much difference between them and people! There’s a breaktime between now and corn planting for us. Many of the neighbors will be hitting the corn planting from now on out, but we wait a bit cause I don’t want it to mature being its for green chop silage. Not all that interested in the grain portion and I sure don’t want to be chopping in late August when its in the 90s outside and about a hundred and fifty inside that old JD 4320’s cab. I think that thing was made before air conditioning became the in thing in tractors. Long before! Good old tractor though, just a big old workhorse. I don’t use it much in winter cause then it does seem to have air conditioning!

Its a bustle around here right now in this in between time. Manure to haul, lots of it, fences to make and repair. This coming weekend will be the start of major cattle moving around here. Cow and the calves already born heading into small starter pastures as the remaining large pastures continue to grow for a few weeks. Plus the pregnant cows go out too and those lucky newborns get to be born out on fresh green grass! Gotta move the steers down the hill to the calving barn for easy loading for weighing, and for easy separation for butchering days. In all over 200 hundred head get shuffled around starting this weekend. But then…… this guy’s chores really get wittled down bigtime! So when a feller is planting corn, well, that’s about it, don’t have to worry about hours of chores except feed a few hens and hogs and our trusty hayburning horse!

Looks like I should make it back to church this Wednesday evening! Yee Haw! But I wonder if anyone remembers me? Man, its been so long I feel like a registered heathen! That old bark of a cough is really taming down these last couple of days and I for one am thankful for that! So it looks at this time that this feller will be back in the doublewide trailer home teaching the young’uns the important stuff. I’m really looking forward to returning to that faithful batch of kids! Then the week after that we miss our church, go to another one and just give a hand with a Hispanic outreach they are doing. Never know how that’ll go, but then again there ain’t one person on this earth that’s 100% sure that they’ll wake up tomorrow morning either. So we take er as it comes I guess!

Ain’t got no Bible verses tonight for the blog, like I say, just got in a bit ago and haven’t had the time to unwind. So this is just an update from the countryside and that’s good enough for me tonight. Or if I was in a bind and needed a Bible verse I guess I could go to the old reliable, John 3:16!

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Can’t go wrong with that one! I once heard Billy Graham say that the whole Bible is summed up in that one verse and I tend to agree with him on that!  Amen! And that is the message that I pray to carry with me where ever I go, what ever I do, what ever I write. The message that “God loves you!” In all the world there is nothing bigger than that, nothing! Don’t matter if a feller was a die hard drunk, God is there waiting for him to come home to Him.  Ok, I guess that verse tripped the wire for me and I’m coming out of the holding pen. Now I read how old Paul said he was the worsed of the sinners. And in Paul’s eyes he was. Just like I look at myself and see a vile piece of sinning garbage that never had a nickels worth of hope. But call on the name of the Lord and the promise is you will be saved. Hmm, no, no, no! I gotta do all this church stuff, I gotta follow the church rules, I gotta follow this or that covenant and dress a certain way and observe this and that or else some elder that’s sinning worse than me can give me the boot out of the church and then I have to come crawling back to a bunch of sinners and earn my way back into salvation!  Or else I gotta sit in a church and listen to a bunch of funeral music all the time and see a bunch of grumps sitting in the pews and figure, wow, so this is what heaven is going to be like!  Any brochures for the alternative place that I can take a look at?

Off subject, but not really, I heard a thing on the radio while driving the nice tractor hauling manure the other day and they were talking about Muslims. About how they never get converted by arguing the points of the Koran to the Bible. But multitudes of them are being converted when the see Christians acting Christlike, for real, and seeing the love of God in action on this earth through them. I wonder how that would work around this region, not with Muslims but with regular country folk that don’t trust the dried up churches. Something to ponder on.

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