Just Starting to Settle In

I feel like a new man today in this weather, that’s all it takes for the dead to come back to life! In the lower seventies and a gentle wind makes for a fine day. Had the first official calf of the year born sometime last night out in the neighbor’s corn stubble field and its a beautiful Red Baldie! A little heifer, a keeper for the herd. Those gals are some of the best cows I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen allot of cows in my time! Nothing like raising a herd of beef cows to satisfy a man! Plus they taste good to boot! Which reminds me that barbecue season is upon us and I’d better get to grilling some of that beef!

Oh Lord, it does feel good to work without mud rubbers and insulated clothing! A whole new outlook on life to say the least! And many, many less pounds of clothing to carry around on a body all day long working. The new sunburn and windburn feels kinda nice too, cause it sure beats frostbite!  Now as the days go by this blog will be taking over all of my other ones. The others will just be left alone and this is where anything and everything will be at. It will take some time to get the links all up to order and such, but slowly it will get done. I started to put this blog on blogger but remembered that Brad can’t get blogger so switched it to WordPress and that should take care of that!

So, as the days go by the other blogs will be winding down and I’ll be getting this one up and running smoothly, (I hope), and we’ll see where it goes from here!

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